Cast and Crew of Child's Play

Cast of
Child's Play

About Child's Play

  • Released on November 09, 1988
  • Horror

A single mother gives her son a beloved doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

Full Cast of Child's Play

Catherine Hicks
plays Karen Barclay

Chris Sarandon
plays Mike Norris

Alex Vincent
plays Andy Barclay

Brad Dourif
plays Chucky (voice) / Charles Lee Ray

Brad Dourif as Chucky (voice) / Charles Lee Ray

Bradford Claude "Brad" Dourif is an American film and television actor who gained early fame for his portrayal of Bil...

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Dinah Manoff
plays Maggie Peterson

Tommy Swerdlow
plays Jack Santos

Jack Colvin
plays Dr. Ardmore

Neil Giuntoli
plays Eddie Caputo

Neil Giuntoli as Eddie Caputo

Neil Giuntoli was born on December 20, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

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Juan Ramírez
plays Peddler

Alan Wilder
plays Mr. Criswell

Richard Baird
plays News Reporter at Toy Store

Ray Oliver
plays Dr. Death

Aaron Osborne
plays Orderly

Tyler Hard
plays Mona

Ted Liss
plays George

Roslyn Alexander
plays Lucy

Bo Kane
plays Male TV Newscaster

Leila Lee Olsen
plays Female TV Newscaster

Lena Sack
plays Bellevue Patient

Tommy Gerard
plays Bellevue Patient

Michael Chavez
plays Bellevue Patient

Jamie Gray
plays Bellevue Patient

Erin Munz
plays Bellevue Patient

Jana Twomey
plays Bellevue Patient

Suaundra Black
plays Bellevue Patient

Edan Gross
plays Friendly Chucky / Kid in Animated Commercial (voice)

John Franklin
plays Walkabout Chucky (voice)

Michael Patrick Carter
plays Kid in Animated Commercial (voice)

Crew of Child's Play

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