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Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin

About Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin

Joe Nation wants to go viral on YouTube and reach Internet fame. But things take a turn for the worse when he mistakenly hires Bob Thunder, a cold-blooded killer, to help him.

Full Cast of Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin

Joe Nation
plays Self / Bob Thunder

Brock Baker
plays Self

Brock Baker as Self

Brock Baker was born on March 7, 1986 and is currently 38 years old.

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Evelina Barry
plays Evelinicutza

Greg Benson
plays Lawyer

Joe Bereta
plays Self

Jennifer Bond
plays Robot Jen

Lauren Bond
plays Robot

Andy Brosseau
plays Self

Meghan Camarena
plays Strawburry17

Christiann Castellanos
plays Marcy

Hank Chen
plays Self

David Choi
plays Self

Iman Crosson
plays Self

Alki David
plays Mr. Network

Shane Dawson
plays Self

Adorian Deck
plays Self

Janice Dickinson
plays Self

John Patrick "Jack" Douglass
plays Pippen

Luke Brandon Field
plays Self

Jacob Fu
plays Robot Jacob

Michael J. Gallagher
plays Self

James Gan
plays Japanese Executive #1

Dominic Geges
plays Jehovah's Witness #1

Peter Gilroy
plays Self

Michelle Glavan
plays Amber

Josh Golden
plays Self

Joey Graceffa
plays Self

Jason Horton
plays Self

Quinton Jackson
plays Self

Kato Kaelin
plays Record Label Executive

Olga Kay
plays Self

Sean Klitzner
plays Self

Chris Kwan
plays Japanese Executive #3

Andrew Garrett Lange
plays Self

Shira Lazar
plays Self

Donovan Lee
plays Japanese Executive #4

Nikki Limo
plays Self

Jess Lizama
plays Dr. Jess Lizama

Shanna Malcolm
plays Self

Elliott Morgan
plays Self

William Morse
plays Self

Brennan Murray
plays Jehova's Witness #2

Danny Mydlack
plays Dr. Kenneth Browley

Ethan Newberry
plays Self

Dana Pacheco
plays Robot Dana

Rich Rotella
plays Rick Steel

Richard Ryan
plays Self

Ruvim Savin
plays Male Nurse

Lisa Schwartz
plays Self

Chester See
plays Himself

Adi Shankar
plays The Scientist

Jarrett Sleeper
plays Self

Brittani Taylor
plays Self

Dahlia Tequali
plays Creepy Twin #1

Dia Tequali
plays Creepy Twin #2

Adande 'Swoozie' Thorne
plays Self

Toby Turner
plays Self

Toby Turner as Self

Toby Joseph Turner (born March 3, 1985), also known by his stage name Tobuscus, is an American internet personality, ...

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Charity Vance
plays Self

Irina Voronina
plays Bikini Girl

Jesse Wellens
plays Self

Katie Wilson
plays Katie

J.D. Witherspoon
plays Self

Henry Yamada
plays Japanese Executive #2

Steve Zaragoza
plays Self

Tay Zonday
plays Self

Bree Essrig
plays Self

Steve Greene
plays Detective #1

Crew of Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin

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