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Teens P.J. and Goose get their thrills on BMX bikes, performing hair-raising tricks all across Sydney, Australia. Along with their new friend Judy, they discover a box of walkie-talkies -- and find out that a gang of criminals intends to use them to monitor police signals during a bank robbery. When the young trio snatches the devices, it propels them on a hair-raising adventure in which their pedaling skills might just save their necks.

Full Cast of BMX Bandits

Nicole Kidman
plays Judy

Nicole Kidman as Judy

Nicole Mary Kidman AC (born 20 June 1967) is an American-Australian actress and producer. Known for her work across v...

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James Lugton
plays Goose

Angelo D'Angelo
plays PJ

David Argue
plays Whitey

John Ley
plays Moustache

Bryan Marshall
plays The Boss

Brian Sloman
plays The Creep

Peter Browne
plays Police Constable

Bill Brady
plays Police Sergeant

Linda Newton
plays Police Woman

Bob Hicks
plays Heavy #1

Guy Norris
plays Heavy #2

Chris Hession
plays Heavy #3

Norman Hodges
plays The Drunk

Anthony Alafaci
plays Fat Kid

Crew of BMX Bandits

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