Cast and Crew of Bloodhounds

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About Bloodhounds

Two young boxers band together with a benevolent moneylender to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate.

Bloodhounds ran for 1 season.

Full Cast of Bloodhounds

Woo Do-hwan
plays Kim Gun-woo (8 episodes)

Lee Sang-yi
plays Hong Woo-jin (8 episodes)

Heo Joon-ho
plays President Choi (8 episodes)

Park Sung-woong
plays Kim Myeong-gil (8 episodes)

Kim Sae-ron
plays Cha Hyeon-ju (8 episodes)

Choi Si-won
plays Hong Min-beom (8 episodes)

Ryu Soo-young
plays Lee Doo-young (8 episodes)

Park Hoon
plays Moon Gwang-mu (8 episodes)

Yoon Yoo-sun
plays Yoon So-yeon (8 episodes)

Choi Young-jun
plays Min Gang-yong (8 episodes)

Tae Won-seok
plays Kang In-beom (8 episodes)

Cho Wan-ki
plays Kim Jun-min (8 episodes)

Ha Soo-ho
plays Im Jang-do (8 episodes)

Hong Jun-young
plays Chief Jeong (8 episodes)

Park Min-jung
plays Ms. Im (8 episodes)

Min Kyung-jin
plays Oh In-muk (8 episodes)

Jeong Da-eun
plays Oh Da-min (8 episodes)

Crew of Bloodhounds