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"Black Panther" is a groundbreaking superhero movie that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The film is set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, a secluded and technologically advanced country that has never been colonized. T'Challa, played by the late Chadwick Boseman, is the king of Wakanda and the Black Panther, a superhero who derives his powers from a heart-shaped herb that only grows in Wakanda.

When T'Challa returns home after the death of his father, he is immediately thrown into a power struggle for the throne. Factions within Wakanda, including his own cousin N'Jadaka, also known as Erik "Killmonger" Stevens, challenge his rule. Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is a villain with a complex backstory and a compelling motive. He was born in the United States but has Wakandan heritage, and he believes that Wakanda should use its advanced technology to help oppressed people around the world.

The movie is not just a superhero film but also a thought-provoking exploration of themes such as colonialism, isolationism, and identity. The characters are well-developed, and the actors bring them to life with nuanced performances. The film's stunning visuals, from the vibrant costumes to the detailed set design, create a fully realized world that is both fantastical and believable. With its thrilling action sequences, memorable characters, and important social commentary, "Black Panther" is a must-watch for any movie fan.

Black Panther is part of the Black Panther Collection, together with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever .

Full Cast of Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman
plays T'Challa / Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa / Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman delivers a powerful and commanding performance as King T'Challa / Black Panther in the movie 'Black Panther'. His portrayal of the character is both regal and relatable, as he balances the responsibilities of being a king with the personal struggles of a man seeking justice for his people. Boseman's physicality and charisma are on full display, making him a compelling and dynamic presence on screen. His performance is a highlight of the film and a fitting tribute to the legacy of the character. See Chadwick Boseman's other roles

Michael B. Jordan
plays Erik Killmonger

Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger
Michael B. Jordan delivers a captivating performance as N'Jadaka / Erik 'Killmonger' Stevens in the movie 'Black Panther'. His portrayal of the complex, ruthless villain is both intense and nuanced, making Killmonger one of the most compelling antagonists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jordan's performance brings depth to the character, as he expertly conveys Killmonger's tragic backstory and his burning desire for justice and equality. The actor's powerful on-screen presence and undeniable charisma make it impossible to look away, even as Killmonger's actions become increasingly dangerous. Overall, Jordan's performance is a standout in the film and a testament to his talent as an actor. See Michael B. Jordan's other roles

Lupita Nyong'o
plays Nakia

Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia
Lupita Nyong'o delivers a captivating performance as Nakia in the movie 'Black Panther'. Her portrayal of the strong-willed and independent Wakandan spy is both powerful and nuanced. Nyong'o brings a depth to the character that makes her a standout in the film, and her chemistry with Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa is electric. She brings a sense of grace and strength to the role, making Nakia a truly memorable character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. See Lupita Nyong'o's other roles

Danai Gurira
plays Okoye

Danai Gurira as Okoye
Danai Gurira's portrayal of Okoye in 'Black Panther' is nothing short of remarkable. As the head of the Dora Milaje, the elite all-female special forces of Wakanda, Gurira brings a fierce intensity and unwavering loyalty to the role. Her physical prowess is on full display in the film's action sequences, where she showcases her combat skills with grace and precision. But it's not just her physicality that stands out; Gurira also imbues Okoye with a deep sense of honor and duty, making her one of the most compelling characters in the film. Her performance is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress, and it's no wonder she's become a fan favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. See Danai Gurira's other roles

Martin Freeman
plays Everett K. Ross

Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross
In the movie 'Black Panther', Martin Freeman delivers a compelling performance as Everett K. Ross, a CIA agent who finds himself entangled in the world of Wakanda. Freeman brings a unique blend of humor and seriousness to the role, making Ross a relatable and engaging character. His interactions with the other characters, particularly Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa, are a highlight of the film, showcasing Freeman's ability to hold his own in a star-studded cast. Overall, Freeman's performance adds a layer of depth and realism to the fantastical world of 'Black Panther', making it a must-watch for any movie fan. See Martin Freeman's other roles

Daniel Kaluuya
plays W'Kabi

Daniel Kaluuya as W'Kabi
Daniel Kaluuya delivers a compelling performance as W'Kabi in 'Black Panther'. His character, a close friend and confidant of T'Challa, adds depth to the film with his complex loyalties and motivations. Kaluuya's portrayal is nuanced, showcasing W'Kabi's internal struggle between his allegiance to his friend and his desire for justice. His performance is a standout, adding to the rich tapestry of characters that make 'Black Panther' a must-watch. See Daniel Kaluuya's other roles

Letitia Wright
plays Shuri

Letitia Wright as Shuri

Letitia Michelle Wright (born 31 October 1993) is a Guyanese-British actress. Beginning her professional career in 20...

See Letitia Wright's other roles

Winston Duke
plays M'Baku

Winston Duke as M'Baku

Winston Duke (born 15 November 1986) is a Trinbagonian–American actor. He started acting in theatre productions for P...

See Winston Duke's other roles

Sterling K. Brown
plays N'Jobu

Sterling K. Brown as N'Jobu

After graduating from college, Brown acted in a series of roles in the regional theater. He has also appeared on nume...

See Sterling K. Brown's other roles

Angela Bassett
plays Ramonda

Angela Bassett as Ramonda

Angela Evelyn Bassett (born August 16, 1958) is an American actress. Known for her work in film and television since ...

See Angela Bassett's other roles

Forest Whitaker
plays Zuri

Forest Whitaker as Zuri

Forest Steven Whitaker (born July 15, 1961) is an American actor, producer, director, and activist. He is the recipie...

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Andy Serkis
plays Ulysses Klaue

Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue

Andrew Clement Serkis (born 20 April 1964) is an English actor, director and producer of Iraqi and Armenian descent. ...

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Florence Kasumba
plays Ayo

Florence Kasumba as Ayo

Florence Kasumba (born 26 October 1976) is a German actress of Ugandan origin. She is known for playing the role of A...

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John Kani
plays T'Chaka

David S. Lee
plays Limbani

David S. Lee as Limbani

David was born in 1971. David's career started in theater in South Africa in 1990. His most recent stage credits incl...

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Nabiyah Be
plays Linda

Isaach De Bankolé
plays River Tribe Elder

Isaach De Bankolé as River Tribe Elder

Isaach or Isaac de Bankolé (born 12 August 1957; Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire) is an Ivorian actor. De Bankolé was born in...

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Connie Chiume
plays Mining Tribe Elder

Dorothy Steel
plays Merchant Tribe Elder

Dorothy Steel as Merchant Tribe Elder

Dorothy Steel (February 23, 1926 – October 15, 2021) was an American film and television actress who was known for st...

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Danny Sapani
plays Border Tribe Elder

Danny Sapani as Border Tribe Elder

Danny Sapani is a British-Ghanaian actor. He is best known for appearing in Misfits, Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, The ...

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Sydelle Noel
plays Dora Milaje

Marija Abney
plays Dora Milaje

Zola Williams
plays Dora Milaje

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard
plays Dora Milaje

Maria Hippolyte
plays Dora Milaje

Maria Hippolyte as Dora Milaje

Maria Hippolyte is a British stunt performer, acrobat and film actress.

See Maria Hippolyte's other roles

Marie Mouroum
plays Dora Milaje

Marie Mouroum as Dora Milaje

Marie Mouroum was born on July 6, 1992 and is currently 31 years old.

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Jénel Stevens
plays Dora Milaje

Sope Aluko
plays Shaman

Sope Aluko as Shaman

Sope Aluko ("Shaw-peh Ah-loo-koh") was born in Nigeria (West Africa). Sope is a multilingual, dual citizen of both th...

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Stan Lee
plays Thirsty Gambler

Stan Lee as Thirsty Gambler

Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018) was an American comic book writer, edito...

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Atandwa Kani
plays Young T'Chaka

Ashton Tyler
plays Young T'Challa

Denzel Whitaker
plays James / Young Zuri

Shaunette Renée Wilson
plays Dora Milaje (1992)

Christine Hollingsworth
plays Dora Milaje (1992)

Lucy Hockings
plays BBC Reporter

Bambadjan Bamba
plays Militant Leader

Roland Kilumbu
plays Young Militant

Jermaine Holt
plays Driver

Dominique Elijah Smith
plays Cargo Truck Militant

Jalil Jay Lynch
plays Nigerian Militant #1

Vaughndio Forbes
plays Nigerian Militant #2

Sasha Morfaw
plays Nigerian Woman #1

Alexis Louder
plays Nigerian Woman #2

Francesca Faridany
plays Museum Director

Francesca Faridany as Museum Director

Francesca Faridany was born on July 15, 1969 and is currently 54 years old.

See Francesca Faridany's other roles

Mark Ashworth
plays Security Guard

Mark Ashworth as Security Guard

Mark Ashworth (born 16 December 1976) is an English actor.

See Mark Ashworth's other roles

Seth Carr
plays Young Killmonger

Seth Carr as Young Killmonger

Seth Carr was born August 16, 2007 in Anaheim, California. He started his career when he was just three months old as...

See Seth Carr's other roles

Jeremy Sample
plays Jabari Fisherman

Chad Crumley
plays South African Tough

Alexis Rhee
plays Elderly Woman (Sophia)

Danny Chung
plays Dealer

Liz Elkins Newcomer
plays CIA Agent

Tony Sears
plays French Ambassador

Alex C. Riley Hughes
plays Basketball Kid (1992)

Clifford Gay
plays Basketball Kid (1992)

Shamel Heath
plays Basketball Kid (1992)

De'Jon Watts
plays Hot Dog Kid

Alex R. Hibbert
plays Young Oakland Kid

Tristan Timmons
plays Oakland Kid

Tyler Timmons
plays Oakland Kid

Abraham Clinkscales
plays Oakland Kid

Thabo Moropane
plays Wakandan Child

Zani Mogodi
plays Wakandan Child

Zenzi Williams
plays Jabari Woman

Trevor Noah
plays Griot (voice)

Trevor Noah as Griot (voice)

​Trevor Noah is a South African actor, presenter, comedian and radio DJ who began his career with a cameo role on the...

See Trevor Noah's other roles

T. Love
plays Jabari Warrior (uncredited)

Sebastian Stan
plays James 'Bucky' Barnes / Winter Soldier (uncredited)

Sebastian Stan as James 'Bucky' Barnes / Winter Soldier (uncredited)

Sebastian Stan (born August 13, 1982) is a Romanian and American actor. He gained recognition for his role as Bucky B...

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Kent Wagner
plays UN Press Reporter (uncredited)

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