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Welcome, movie and TV show enthusiasts! Today, I'd like to introduce you to the thought-provoking and gripping anthology series, Black Mirror. This show is a masterful examination of the dark side of technology and its impact on society, exploring themes that are as relevant today as they were when the show first aired. The characters in this show are as diverse and complex as the stories themselves, with Claire Keelan delivering a standout performance as Naomi and Sinead Matthews bringing depth and nuance to her role as Sara.

The first thing that strikes you about Black Mirror is its uncanny ability to predict the future. Over the last ten years, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we've had time to stop and question it. In every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a smartphone - a black mirror of our 21st Century existence. The show takes this idea and runs with it, exploring the consequences of our obsession with technology and the unintended consequences that can arise when we blindly accept new innovations without considering the potential downsides.

Each episode of Black Mirror is a self-contained story, allowing the show to explore a wide range of themes and ideas. From the dangers of social media and the perils of virtual reality to the consequences of surveillance and the implications of artificial intelligence, the show is a masterclass in storytelling that will leave you questioning your own relationship with technology. With its dark, twisted humor and razor-sharp satire, Black Mirror is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and society. So why not take a break from your smartphone or tablet and dive into the world of Black Mirror? You won't be disappointed.

Black Mirror ran for 7 seasons.

Full Cast of Black Mirror

Claire Keelan
plays Naomi (1 episode)

Claire Keelan as Naomi
Naomi is a central character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. She is a talented singer with aspirations of becoming a star, but has found herself trapped in a dystopian society where people pedal on stationary bikes to earn merits and escape their monotonous lives.

Quotes from Naomi

  1. 'I don't want to be on a show. I just want to be happy.'
  2. 'I know it's stupid. I know it's not real. But it's the only place I can be myself.'
See Claire Keelan's other roles

Sinead Matthews
plays Sarah (1 episode)

Sinead Matthews as Sarah
Sara is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. She is a fun-loving, free-spirited woman who meets and falls in love with Yorkie in a virtual reality town.

Quotes from Sarah

  1. 'To new beginnings.'
  2. 'You know, there were so many times I questioned myself. You know, why love anyone? Why bother... Just get back in your box, you know. Take your time. I'll wait.'
See Sinead Matthews's other roles

Julia Davis
plays Judge Charity (1 episode)

Julia Davis as Judge Charity
Judge Charity is a character from the Black Mirror episode Nosedive. She is a cheerful and friendly woman who serves as a judge in a society where people constantly rate each other based on their social interactions.

Quotes from Judge Charity

  1. Four-point-six!
  2. 'I'd say she's a 2.5 at best.'
See Julia Davis's other roles

Anna Wilson-Jones
plays Jane Callow (1 episode) , Jane Callow (1 episode)

Anna Wilson-Jones as Jane Callow
Jane Callow is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. She is the Prime Minister's wife and is portrayed as a caring and supportive partner.

Quotes from Jane Callow

  1. 'Believe me, I'm with you.'
  2. 'I'm proud of you.'
See Anna Wilson-Jones's other roles

Ashley Thomas
plays Judge Wraith (1 episode)

Ashley Thomas as Judge Wraith
Judge Wraith is one of the main characters in the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas'. He is a powerful judge who has the ability to 'block' people, making them appear as fuzzy silhouettes to him and to everyone else. He is cold and unfeeling, and enjoys his power over people.

Quotes from Judge Wraith

  1. 'Justice is what I do. And judgment is what I'm about.'
  2. 'Nobody is really going to miss what they never knew.'
See Ashley Thomas's other roles

Paul Popplewell
plays Dustin (1 episode) , Dustin (1 episode)

Paul Popplewell as Dustin
Dustin is a young man who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. He's outgoing, fun-loving, and has a talent for picking up ladies.

Quotes from Dustin

  1. 'I played Wolfenstein 3D on my dad's 486 when I was four.'
  2. 'Can I have one of your stickers?'
See Paul Popplewell's other roles

Alice Eve
plays Naomi Blestow (1 episode)

Alice Eve as Naomi Blestow
Naomi Blestow is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. She is a successful businesswoman obsessed with maintaining her social media score.

Quotes from Naomi Blestow

  1. 'Aren't you a 4.2? I need to up my rating.'
  2. 'I can't afford to have you dragging me down. So either do what I say or get out.'
See Alice Eve's other roles

Cherry Jones
plays Susan Taylor (1 episode)

Cherry Jones as Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor is a middle-aged woman who works as a HR manager in the Black Mirror episode 'Smithereens'. She is shown to be kind, empathetic and patient with her employees. She plays an important role in the plot as she is the one who initially contacts the police when her colleague is taken hostage by a mentally disturbed man.

Quotes from Susan Taylor

  1. I'm just trying to be kind
  2. I know how hard you've been working
See Cherry Jones's other roles

Kerrie Hayes
plays Glee (1 episode) , Glee (1 episode)

Kerrie Hayes as Glee
Glee is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She is an artificial intelligent doll, designed to be a companion for children.

Quotes from Glee

  1. I'm here to be your friend and to help you.
  2. Are you my mummy?
See Kerrie Hayes's other roles

Tuppence Middleton
plays Jem (1 episode)

Tuppence Middleton as Jem
Jem is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas'. She is a talented musician who performs under the stage name 'Jem 3962' and is in a romantic relationship with her fellow musician, Matt. Jem is shown to be caring but also struggling with trust issues.

Quotes from Jem

  1. You can’t have half a conversation.
  2. Everyone just sees the tip of the iceberg.
  3. I’m really sorry for not answering.
See Tuppence Middleton's other roles

Ian Bonar
plays Damien (1 episode)

Ian Bonar as Damien
Damien is a handsome and charismatic American journalist who appears in the episode 'The Waldo Moment' of Black Mirror. He is the creator and voice actor of Waldo, a blue cartoon bear who interviews politicians with biting and subversive humor, eventually becoming a political candidate himself.

Quotes from Damien

  1. 'I am Waldo. And I exist because you exist.'
  2. 'Democracy is so overrated.'
  3. 'I'm not swayed by charm, or charisma, or whatever he's got. I'm just saying, what are people actually voting for?'
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Amy Beth Hayes
plays Lucy (1 episode) , Lucy (1 episode)

Amy Beth Hayes as Lucy
Lucy is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. She is a rebellious party girl who becomes infatuated with Yorkie.

Quotes from Lucy

  1. 'I get along just fine without you.'
  2. 'This may come as a shock to you, but some of us are actually happy in our lives.'
  3. 'I'm not your toy.'
See Amy Beth Hayes's other roles

Rebekah Staton
plays Colleen (1 episode) , Colleen (1 episode)

Rebekah Staton as Colleen
Colleen is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'. She is a nurse who becomes the caretaker of a young girl named Sara. Colleen is compassionate and caring towards her patients and becomes emotionally invested in Sara's well-being.

Quotes from Colleen

  1. 'This is not a popularity contest. I'm not gonna let you do more damage.'
  2. 'I'm beginning to understand that parents just want to keep their kids safe.'
See Rebekah Staton's other roles

Elisabeth Hopper
plays Knife Woman (1 episode)

Elisabeth Hopper as Knife Woman
Knife Woman, also known as Nish, is a primary character in the Black Mirror episode 'Black Museum'. She is a tough and resourceful young woman on a mission of revenge against the museum's owner, Rolo Haynes.

Quotes from Knife Woman

  1. 'You know, I think you kind of have to feel guilty before you can be guilty.'
  2. 'I don't want money. I don't want the key to the kingdom. I want you.'
See Elisabeth Hopper's other roles

Nick Bartlett
plays Welder Guy (1 episode)

Nick Bartlett as Welder Guy
Welder Guy is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is one of the workers who pedals on the exercise bikes to generate energy for the dystopian world they live in. He often shows kindness towards the main character, Bing, and tries to encourage him to audition for a talent show.

Quotes from Welder Guy

  1. 'Good luck with it, Bing.'
  2. 'I just thought, I don't know, you might have something.'
See Nick Bartlett's other roles

Rhashan Stone
plays Jeff (1 episode) , Jeff (1 episode)

Rhashan Stone as Jeff
Jeff is a character in the episode 'Nosedive' of Black Mirror. He is the best friend of the protagonist, Lacie, and is portrayed as eccentric and carefree.

Quotes from Jeff

  1. 'Hashtag blessed'
  2. 'I feel like I'm in a movie'
See Rhashan Stone's other roles

Phoebe Fox
plays Hallam (1 episode) , Hallam (1 episode)

Phoebe Fox as Hallam
Hallam is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas'. He is an artificially intelligent cookie who was created to control the home devices within a man's cabin and became self-aware after a hundred of his subjective years. The man, Joe Potter, chooses to torture Hallam within the cookie, causing him to experience horrendous amounts of time. See Phoebe Fox's other roles

Nick Ofield
plays Iain Rannoch (1 episode)

Nick Ofield as Iain Rannoch
Iain Rannoch is a journalist who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. He is initially portrayed as an arrogant and dismissive personality, but as the story unfolds, he becomes an important ally in the investigation of the murders.

Quotes from Iain Rannoch

  1. 'There's one thing that's always true about bee's. If there's one, there's probably more'
  2. 'You speak Instagram, I speak real life'
See Nick Ofield's other roles

Jimi Mistry
plays Paul (1 episode) , Paul (1 episode)

Jimi Mistry as Paul
Paul is a software engineer and protagonist in the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. He is pragmatic and focused on solving problems, but is also haunted by past tragedies.

Quotes from Paul

  1. 'We made a hash of things'
  2. 'We're the FBI, we don't investigate tweets'
See Jimi Mistry's other roles

Alex Lawther
plays Kenny (1 episode)

Alex Lawther as Kenny
Kenny is a young man who is addicted to technology and is the protagonist of the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. He is a shy and socially awkward individual who is forced to commit various crimes on behalf of an anonymous hacker.

Quotes from Kenny

  1. I didn't do anything wrong!
  2. Why me? I didn't do anything!
See Alex Lawther's other roles

Tobias Menzies
plays Liam Monroe (1 episode) , Liam Monroe (1 episode)

Tobias Menzies as Liam Monroe
Liam Monroe is a tech-savvy individual who struggles to cope with the aftermath of his fiancée's sudden death. He is the main character of the Black Mirror episode titled 'Be Right Back'.

Quotes from Liam Monroe

  1. 'Everything happens for a reason'
  2. 'I'm sorry, but it's not healthy'
See Tobias Menzies's other roles

Jerome Flynn
plays Hector (1 episode)

Jerome Flynn as Hector
Hector is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. He is a young man who works as a pizza delivery driver and finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail.

Quotes from Hector

  1. 'I had no choice. I had to do it.'
  2. 'None of us are perfect.'
  3. 'This is all just algorithms, probabilities.'
See Jerome Flynn's other roles

Susannah Doyle
plays Blackmailed Woman (1 episode)

Susannah Doyle as Blackmailed Woman
The Blackmailed Woman is a character appearing in the second episode of the first season of Black Mirror. She is a young and attractive woman who is blackmailed into performing sexual acts on camera after her illicit activities were recorded without her knowledge.

Quotes from Blackmailed Woman

  1. Please, I'll do anything
  2. I can't let this get out
See Susannah Doyle's other roles

Frankie Wilson
plays Tom (1 episode)

Frankie Wilson as Tom
Tom is a protagonist in the season 4 episode 'Hang the DJ' of Black Mirror. He is a charming and upbeat young man who is seeking love.

Quotes from Tom

  1. 'We can do it, come on.'
  2. 'What if I told you, I'm a different person inside?'
See Frankie Wilson's other roles

Jimmy Roye-Dunne
plays Red (1 episode)

Jimmy Roye-Dunne as Red
Red is a charismatic and enigmatic career criminal who finds himself trapped in a virtual reality game designed to rehabilitate prisoners.

Quotes from Red

  1. Listen to me. It's not a game. It's a contest. And it's rigged. They let you think you're in control. You can't beat him. But you don't have to play the way they want you to. You can forget the score and just have fun, go anywhere, do anything.
See Jimmy Roye-Dunne's other roles

Susannah Fielding
plays Carol (1 episode) , Carol (1 episode)

Susannah Fielding as Carol
Carol is a talented and award-winning videogame designer who struggles with managing her work-life balance. She is married to Greg and has a son named Ian.

Quotes from Carol

  1. 'It's like I'm standing at the threshold of hell, and you're telling me to open the door.'
  2. 'I'd rather die than have someone else write my work.'
See Susannah Fielding's other roles

Hannah Steele
plays Melissa (1 episode)

Hannah Steele as Melissa
Melissa is a minor character in Black Mirror. She is a young woman who is part of a group of friends that take part in a dangerous online game that forces them to do increasingly risky dares.

Quotes from Melissa

  1. 'It's just for one night.'
See Hannah Steele's other roles

Sarah Beck Mather
plays Restaurant Mother (1 episode)

Sarah Beck Mather as Restaurant Mother
The Restaurant Mother is a main character in the Black Mirror episode playtest. She is the owner of a cutting-edge virtual reality game company who recruits the protagonist to be a beta tester. She comes off as professional and ambitious, but as the episode progresses, she becomes increasingly sinister in her actions.

Quotes from Restaurant Mother

  1. 'We're still working out a few kinks in the system, but you'll be fine!'
  2. 'You signed the waiver, Cooper. You can't sue us.'
See Sarah Beck Mather's other roles

Demetri Goritsas
plays Hansen (1 episode) , Hansen (1 episode)

Demetri Goritsas as Hansen
Hansen is a high-profile journalist who hosts the television show Hot Shots in the Black Mirror episode The National Anthem. He is portrayed as arrogant, self-centered, and ambitious, using his position to further his own career and public image.

Quotes from Hansen

  1. This is a world where nothing is private
  2. The internet is a big toilet
  3. Its a tremendous opportunity
See Demetri Goritsas's other roles

Malachi Kirby
plays Stripe (1 episode)

Malachi Kirby as Stripe
Stripe is a military veteran who, after returning home, starts working for a company that develops advanced implant technology. Over the course of the episode 'USS Callister' in the Black Mirror series, he becomes a key figure in a virtual reality game created by his boss.

Quotes from Stripe

  1. 'I'm fighting for my life against a psychopath in his messed-up Star Fleet fan fiction.'
  2. 'At first, I just played along. But now I'm done.'
See Malachi Kirby's other roles

Kadiff Kirwan
plays Chester (1 episode) , Chester (1 episode)

Kadiff Kirwan as Chester
Chester is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister.' He is a talented coder who is belittled and bullied by his boss, the main antagonist of the episode.

Quotes from Chester

  1. 'Why don't you go back to the mailroom?'
  2. 'I just wanna make games.'
  3. 'What are you talking about?'
See Kadiff Kirwan's other roles

Sope Dirisu
plays Man in Jail (1 episode) , Man in Jail (1 episode)

Sope Dirisu as Man in Jail
The Man in Jail is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Bear,' who is seen multiple times throughout the episode as a prisoner. He seems to be one of many inmates trapped in the fictional White Bear Justice Park, where he is forced to relive the same day over and over.

Quotes from Man in Jail

  1. 'This is happening every day?'
  2. 'What's going on?'
See Sope Dirisu's other roles

Madeline Brewer
plays Raiman (1 episode)

Madeline Brewer as Raiman
Raiman is a high-ranking officer in a futuristic police force tasked with investigating and preventing heinous crimes in the Black Mirror universe. She is intelligent, ambitious, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Quotes from Raiman

  1. We're building a world where everyone can see everything. Everyone, everywhere, all the time.
  2. No one likes to be told what they can't do.
  3. You know the drill, you've done it before. If you feel any discomfort, disorientation, anything at all, you speak up.
See Madeline Brewer's other roles

Ariane Labed
plays Catarina (1 episode)

Ariane Labed as Catarina
Catarina is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Hang the DJ'. She is a smart, bold and independent woman, who is confident with her decisions in life. She dates the show's protagonist, Frank, and helps him navigate the complex world of dating in a dystopian society.

Quotes from Catarina

  1. 'We'll find each other again. We always do.'
  2. 'It's like the system wants us to rebel.'
See Ariane Labed's other roles

Jackson Bews
plays Harvey (1 episode) , Harvey (1 episode)

Jackson Bews as Harvey
Harvey is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode San Junipero. He is a young man who catches the eye of the main character Yorkie at a nightclub where they both dance to 80s music.

Quotes from Harvey

  1. Youll rattle the teeth off each other,
  2. Well, you aint leaving anytime soon.
See Jackson Bews's other roles

Sarah Snook
plays Medina (1 episode)

Sarah Snook as Medina
Medina is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Men Against Fire'. She is a ruthless military leader who believes in achieving victory at any cost, even if it means manipulating or deceiving her soldiers.

Quotes from Medina

  1. 'The system must be protected'
  2. 'You're not here to think, you're here to follow orders'
See Sarah Snook's other roles

Annabel Davis
plays Elder Yorkie (1 episode) , Elder Yorkie (1 episode)

Annabel Davis as Elder Yorkie
Elder Yorkie is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister'. He is a non-playable character in the virtual reality game created by the main character, Robert Daly.

Quotes from Elder Yorkie

  1. 'I just want to die.'
  2. 'You're not real people.'
See Annabel Davis's other roles

Billy Griffin Jr.
plays Davis (1 episode) , Davis (1 episode)

Billy Griffin Jr. as Davis
Davis is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. He is a talented VR game designer who seeks to create more immersive and satisfying experiences for his players. However, he becomes increasingly obsessed with his creations and loses sight of his own reality.

Quotes from Davis

  1. I'm telling you, it's like a waking dream.
  2. Virtual reality - it's like a drug.
See Billy Griffin Jr.'s other roles

Michael Kelly
plays Arquette (1 episode)

Michael Kelly as Arquette
Arquette is a character in the Black Mirror episode Arkangel. She is a single mother who agrees to test a new technology that allows her to monitor and control her daughters every move.

Quotes from Arquette

  1. I have to know shes safe.
  2. I just want to protect her.
See Michael Kelly's other roles

Paul Kitson
plays Barman (1 episode) , Barman (1 episode)

Paul Kitson as Barman
The Barman is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister'. He serves as a major antagonist in the episode, playing a devious role in the game-within-a-game created by Robert Daly.

Quotes from Barman

  1. Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much work I put into this place? You think I'm going to let you tear it apart?
  2. Let's get this sh*tshow on the road.
See Paul Kitson's other roles

Kola Bokinni
plays Lennard (1 episode)

Kola Bokinni as Lennard
Lennard is a fictional character from the Black Mirror series. He is portrayed as a computer coder who is overweight and awkward in social interactions. Lennard is often portrayed as a socially-isolated outcast who struggles to connect with people.

Quotes from Lennard

  1. 'I'm just like you lot, really. I watch porn.'
  2. 'F***, I'm gonna die here aren't I?'
See Kola Bokinni's other roles

Francis Magee
plays Parn Heidekker (1 episode)

Francis Magee as Parn Heidekker
Parn Heidekker is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Playtest.' He is a video game developer who hires the protagonist, Cooper, to participate in a new virtual reality game. Parn is intelligent and ambitious, but becomes increasingly unstable as the plot progresses.

Quotes from Parn Heidekker

  1. 'We're creating a dense and believable reality rendered in real time. Every decision you make affects the game around you.'
  2. 'The human brain is the most powerful object in the universe. And you're squandering it on celebrities and porn and...'
See Francis Magee's other roles

Jeff Mash
plays Doctor (1 episode) , Doctor (1 episode)

Jeff Mash as Doctor
The Doctor is a recurring character in the television series Black Mirror. He is a skilled and confident medical professional who often finds himself in complex and morally ambiguous situations.

Quotes from Doctor

  1. 'Your mind can be reprogrammed, like that.'
  2. 'You can't access anything without my say-so, so don't get any funny ideas.'
  3. 'Some things are best left unsaid.'
See Jeff Mash's other roles

Patrick Kennedy
plays Section Chief Walker (1 episode) , Section Chief Walker (1 episode)

Patrick Kennedy as Section Chief Walker
Section Chief Walker is a character in Black Mirror. He is a government official in charge of implementing the legal requirement of rating everyone's social interactions on a point system.

Quotes from Section Chief Walker

  1. I'm not judging you, sir, that's not my place. China, Iran, they have a different approach. But in this country, we try to treat people equally.
  2. Think of your rating as a trust score. You want to be trustworthy, don't you?
See Patrick Kennedy's other roles

Kelly Macdonald
plays Karin Parke (1 episode)

Kelly Macdonald as Karin Parke
Karin Parke is a dedicated and hardworking detective in the Black Mirror universe. She has a no-nonsense approach to her job and constantly strives to solve the case at hand.

Quotes from Karin Parke

  1. 'You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can't spend the rest of mine with you.'
  2. 'If technology isn't a threat to privacy, then we need to redefine privacy.'
See Kelly Macdonald's other roles

Lydia Wilson
plays Princess Susannah (1 episode) , Princess Susannah (1 episode)

Lydia Wilson as Princess Susannah
Princess Susannah is a member of the British royal family in the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. She is young and famous, known for her philanthropic activities and personal life scandals. She becomes the target of a kidnapper, sparking a national crisis.

Quotes from Princess Susannah

  1. I don't care if it's a private conversation or not.
  2. I'm just another disgusting scandal, aren't I?
See Lydia Wilson's other roles

Faye Marsay
plays Blue Colson (1 episode)

Faye Marsay as Blue Colson
Blue Colson is a charismatic and controversial politician in the television show Black Mirror. He is known for his charming demeanor and ability to manipulate public opinion. Colson is a central character in the episode 'The National Anthem.'

Quotes from Blue Colson

  1. 'We need the nation to see we're in control.'
  2. 'I need to know what I'm facing here.'
  3. 'We do this not to humiliate a man, but to reassure the public.'
See Faye Marsay's other roles

Benedict Wong
plays Shaun Li (1 episode)

Benedict Wong as Shaun Li
Shaun Li is a tech blogger who finds herself in a dangerous situation in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. She's initially desperate to climb the social ladder, but soon realizes the price of status isn't worth the sacrifice of her individuality.

Quotes from Shaun Li

  1. 'They're all just a bunch of f***ing voyeurs.'
  2. 'This is fantastic, isn't it? Everything is just...ticking over nicely.'
See Benedict Wong's other roles

Alastair Mackenzie
plays Martin (1 episode) , Martin (1 episode)

Alastair Mackenzie as Martin
Martin is a gifted video game designer who creates a virtual reality game that takes a disturbing turn. He is a driven and ambitious person, but his choices and actions have serious consequences.

Quotes from Martin

  1. I'm going to make the best game ever
  2. We don't need limits, we're creating a new world
  3. This game will change everything
See Alastair Mackenzie's other roles

Jonas Karlsson
plays Rasmus Sjolberg (1 episode)

Jonas Karlsson as Rasmus Sjolberg
Rasmus Sjolberg is a software programmer and hacker who is featured in the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. He is a genius coder and works for a major social media company that is eventually held accountable for the deadly events that unfold in the episode.

Quotes from Rasmus Sjolberg

  1. 'Sometimes it's good when people do things they shouldn't.'
  2. 'People like to be outraged, don't they? They like to feel like they're part of something bigger.'
See Jonas Karlsson's other roles

Chetna Pandya
plays Malaika (1 episode) , Malaika (1 episode)

Chetna Pandya as Malaika
Malaika is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. She is a vivacious and outgoing woman who catches the eye of the show's protagonist, Yorkie.

Quotes from Malaika

  1. You're driving me crazy.
See Chetna Pandya's other roles

Joe Armstrong
plays Nick Shelton (1 episode)

Joe Armstrong as Nick Shelton
Nick Shelton is a protagonist in the Black Mirror episode 'Smithereens.' He is an Uber driver who kidnaps an intern from a tech company in an attempt to speak with the CEO and reveal his grief over a tragic car accident caused by distracted driving.

Quotes from Nick Shelton

  1. 'I'm not a murderer.'
  2. 'I just wanted to speak to somebody important.'
  3. 'Is there something wrong with the world? Is there something wrong with me?'
See Joe Armstrong's other roles

Ken Yamamura
plays Shou Saito (1 episode) , Shou Saito (1 episode)

Ken Yamamura as Shou Saito
Shou Saito is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Striking Vipers'. He is a successful businessman and old college friend of Danny, the main character.

Quotes from Shou Saito

  1. You take your clothes off, I'll leave mine on
  2. I've got a good feeling about this
See Ken Yamamura's other roles

Elizabeth Moynihan
plays Cooper's Mum (1 episode) , Cooper's Mum (1 episode)

Elizabeth Moynihan as Cooper's Mum
Cooper's Mum is a minor character in the Black Mirror TV show. She is seen briefly in the episode 'Playtest' as a worried mother who is concerned about her son's safety.

Quotes from Cooper's Mum

  1. 'I've got a bad feeling about this.'
See Elizabeth Moynihan's other roles

Jamie Paul
plays Rick Peters (1 episode) , Rick Peters (1 episode)

Jamie Paul as Rick Peters
Rick Peters is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. He is a successful businessman and a close colleague of the main character, Lacie Pound.

Quotes from Rick Peters

  1. 'We'll change the world one rating at a time!'
See Jamie Paul's other roles

Jessica Neil
plays Scared Girl on Plane (as Jessica Nell) (1 episode) , Scared Girl on Plane (1 episode)

Chloe Pirrie
plays Gwendolyn Harris (1 episode)

Chloe Pirrie as Gwendolyn Harris
Gwendolyn Harris is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She is a talented and ambitious politician who gets caught up in a scandalous situation.

Quotes from Gwendolyn Harris

  1. 'I have only ever hoped to serve.'
  2. 'We went straight down to the swans.'
See Chloe Pirrie's other roles

Jason Flemyng
plays Jack Napier (1 episode)

Jason Flemyng as Jack Napier
Jack Napier is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister'. He is a programmer and co-founder of the game development company Callister Inc. Napier is depicted as quiet and reserved, but his intelligence and coding skills eventually prove crucial to the plot.

Quotes from Jack Napier

  1. I'm not an underdog. You just think I am because you don't know me
  2. We're not in the real world. We're not even coded in the same language as people
See Jason Flemyng's other roles

Rosemarie DeWitt
plays Marie (1 episode)

Rosemarie DeWitt as Marie
Marie is a technology expert who appears in the episode 'Smithereens' of the show Black Mirror. She is a prominent figure at the social media company Smithereen and helps the police in their efforts to locate a kidnapper.

Quotes from Marie

  1. 'People would rather be alone with others than with themselves.'
  2. 'The thing about grief is that it needs company.'
See Rosemarie DeWitt's other roles

Brenna Harding
plays Sara (1 episode)

Brenna Harding as Sara
Sara is a young woman who is the protagonist in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero.' She is depicted as outgoing and adventurous, and becomes romantically involved with Yorkie.

Quotes from Sara

  1. 'Don't give up. You only get one life. So seize it. With both hands.'
  2. 'We fight harder than anyone for love.'
See Brenna Harding's other roles

Owen Teague
plays Trick (1 episode)

Owen Teague as Trick
Trick is a skilled hacker and a minor antagonist in the 'Black Mirror' episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. He is an arrogant and manipulative individual who uses his hacking abilities to control and blackmail others.

Quotes from Trick

  1. 'You should feel honoured, Kenny. You're part of something special.'
  2. 'We're men of the world, aren't we? We've both seen a bit of darkness.'
See Owen Teague's other roles

Sarah Abbott
plays Sara age 9 (1 episode)

Sarah Abbott as Sara age 9
Sara is a young girl who appears in the 'USS Callister' episode of Black Mirror. She is initially trapped in a virtual reality game designed by Robert Daly, who is also her abusive boss in real life. Despite being just a child, Sara is brave and resourceful, helping the protagonist of the episode to escape from the game and defeat Daly.

Quotes from Sara age 9

  1. 'You're just a sad little man who's taken his insecurities out on the rest of us.'
  2. 'I don't want to play anymore, please let me go.'
See Sarah Abbott's other roles

Matt Baram
plays Dr. Usborne (1 episode)

Matt Baram as Dr. Usborne
Dr. Usborne is a character in the Black Mirror series. He is a psychologist and served as the main antagonist in the episode 'Black Museum'. He is manipulative and cunning, using his position of power to control those around him.

Quotes from Dr. Usborne

  1. 'Pain is just a state of mind.'
  2. 'I got addicted to the voltage.'
  3. 'Sadness is an art, Sugar.'
See Matt Baram's other roles

Dempsey Bryk
plays Cal (1 episode)

Dempsey Bryk as Cal
Cal is a young man who starred in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. He is outgoing, charming, and free-spirited, but also struggles with his own personal demons.

Quotes from Cal

  1. 'It's just...hell, it's just amazing, isn't it? You can be whoever you wanna be here. No more smothering small-town shit. You can just be whoever you want.'
  2. 'It's like heaven. Except it's not. It's San Junipero, bitch.'
See Dempsey Bryk's other roles

Aniya Hodge
plays Sara age 3 (1 episode)

Aniya Hodge as Sara age 3
Sara is a young girl, around 3 years old, who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel.' She is the daughter of Marie, the main character of the episode.

Quotes from Sara age 3

  1. 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'
See Aniya Hodge's other roles

Abby Quinn
plays Meryl (1 episode)

Abby Quinn as Meryl
Meryl appears in the episode 'Fifteen Million Merits' of the dystopian anthology series Black Mirror, where she is a woman living in a society where people ride bicycles to power their surroundings and earn merits to improve their conditions. She is a talented singer and catches the attention of the judges on a talent show, but ends up being recruited as a pornographic actress instead.

Quotes from Meryl

  1. 'You sung that beautifully' - Meryl's compliment to protagonist Bing after his performance
  2. 'You're a natural' - the recruiter's praise to Meryl after her audition
See Abby Quinn's other roles

Jenny Raven
plays Jasmine (1 episode)

Jenny Raven as Jasmine
Jasmine is a supporting character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. She is a talented singer who lives in the same isolated world as the protagonist Bing. Jasmine captures Bing's attention with her performance and becomes the object of his affection.

Quotes from Jasmine

  1. 'You're better than me, Bing. You're the real deal.'
  2. 'I'm not a performer, I'm a prisoner in a palace.'
See Jenny Raven's other roles

Nicky Torchia
plays Trick age 12 (1 episode)

Nicky Torchia as Trick age 12
Trick is a young hacker and a major character in the series Black Mirror. He is an expert in coding and computer security, and has a rebellious attitude towards authority. He is portrayed as a highly intelligent and resourceful individual who often uses his skills to achieve his desired goals.

Quotes from Trick age 12

  1. I just wanted to see if it could be done.
  2. When do you start to feel like an adult? Is it the moment when you realise that you're not special?
See Nicky Torchia's other roles

Mckayla Twiggs
plays Meryl age 9 (1 episode)

Mckayla Twiggs as Meryl age 9
Meryl is a young girl who appears in the episode 'USS Callister' in Black Mirror. She is a teammate of the protagonist and is known for her intelligence and bravery.

Quotes from Meryl age 9

  1. 'Go forward, you can do it!'
  2. 'I don't think he's doing it right.'
See Mckayla Twiggs's other roles

Maxine Peake
plays Bella (1 episode)

Maxine Peake as Bella
Bella is a young woman who is addicted to a virtual reality game in the Black Mirror episode 'Striking Vipers'.

Quotes from Bella

  1. 'I don't know if I've got it in me to keep telling lies.'
  2. 'We both know we're not the people we're playing.'
See Maxine Peake's other roles

Jake Davies
plays Clarke (1 episode)

Jake Davies as Clarke
Clarke is a character in the Black Mirror TV show. She is a teenager who becomes obsessed with social media while in detention and becomes embroiled in a dangerous online game.

Quotes from Clarke

  1. 'We should be out there celebrating.'
  2. 'I don't have to listen to this. I can leave.'
See Jake Davies's other roles

Clint Dyer
plays Anthony (1 episode)

Clint Dyer as Anthony
Anthony is a lonely, socially awkward video game designer who becomes obsessed with a virtual reality game called 'Striking Vipers.' He struggles to balance his feelings for his best friend and his fiancée, leading to a complicated and emotional journey.

Quotes from Anthony

  1. 'I feel like I'm losing my mind.'
  2. 'I like weird stuff.'
  3. 'I don't know what's happening to me.'
See Clint Dyer's other roles

Letitia Wright
plays Nish (1 episode)

Letitia Wright as Nish
Nish is a character in the Black Mirror series. She is a smart and resourceful young woman who is not afraid to rebel against the status quo.

Quotes from Nish

  1. I was expecting something worse...
  2. Sometimes standing up to authority isn't easy, but it's always necessary.
See Letitia Wright's other roles

Georgina Campbell
plays Amy (1 episode)

Georgina Campbell as Amy
Amy is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. She is a fun-loving, carefree young woman who falls in love with the introverted Yorkie.

Quotes from Amy

  1. Life's better together.
  2. You're my favorite person in the world.
See Georgina Campbell's other roles

Jesse Plemons
plays Robert Daly (1 episode)

Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly
Robert Daly is a fictional character from the Black Mirror television series. He is the CTO and co-founder of a popular virtual gaming company called Callister Inc. Daly is brilliant, charismatic, and respected by his employees, but he has a dark side and is often abusive and manipulative towards others.

Quotes from Robert Daly

  1. I am the captain of this ship, and I will sink it before I let you laugh at me!
See Jesse Plemons's other roles

Joe Cole
plays Frank (1 episode)

Joe Cole as Frank
Frank is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. He is a member of the British Royal Family and is thrust into a scandalous situation when a video of him engaging in a controversial act is released to the public.

Quotes from Frank

  1. 'I'm pretty certain I said 'no', Prime Minister.'
See Joe Cole's other roles

Cristin Milioti
plays Nanette Cole (1 episode)

Cristin Milioti as Nanette Cole
Nanette Cole is a young and ambitious coder who dreams of working at a cutting-edge tech company. She is bright, focused and determined to make her mark in the industry, but quickly realizes that the culture at her new workplace is not what she expects.

Quotes from Nanette Cole

  1. I'm a fighter. I'm going to use what I know to make the world better
  2. I'm gonna take down the system from the inside
See Cristin Milioti's other roles

Gina Bramhill
plays Coach (voice) (1 episode)

Gina Bramhill as Coach (voice)
Coach is a virtual assistant featured in the Black Mirror episode titled 'Hang the DJ'. He is the voice that guides the characters through the dating app, telling them how long they have to stay in each relationship simulation.

Quotes from Coach (voice)

  1. 'The System will pair you up. Don't worry, it works. It's foolproof.'
  2. 'Put your feet up, I'll brew us some coffee'
See Gina Bramhill's other roles

Jimmi Simpson
plays Walton (1 episode)

Jimmi Simpson as Walton
Walton is a character from the show Black Mirror. He is a young man who becomes the victim of a twisted and violent virtual reality game.

Quotes from Walton

  1. 'This isn't me, this isn't who I am!'
See Jimmi Simpson's other roles

Andrea Riseborough
plays Mia Nolan (1 episode)

Andrea Riseborough as Mia Nolan
Mia Nolan is a talented and ambitious young woman who is determined to succeed in a technology-driven world. She is resourceful and adaptive, using her wits to navigate complex situations and overcome obstacles. However, her relentless pursuit of success can sometimes lead her down dark and dangerous paths.

Quotes from Mia Nolan

  1. I don't know if I'm a good person.
  2. We're not going to prison, we're going to paradise.
  3. A singular moment of revenge, not a lifetime of regret. That's what I want.
See Andrea Riseborough's other roles

Kiran Sonia Sawar
plays Shazia Akhand (1 episode)

Kiran Sonia Sawar as Shazia Akhand
Shazia Akhand is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She works as a memory investigator and is known for her ability to extract and analyze people's memories. She is a diligent and curious person who is dedicated to her job.

Quotes from Shazia Akhand

  1. 'Sometimes when you dig too deep, you unearth things that should stay buried.'
  2. 'Memories are precious. They make us who we are.'
See Kiran Sonia Sawar's other roles

Aldis Hodge
plays Jack (1 episode)

Aldis Hodge as Jack
Jack is a main character in the Black Mirror episode USS Callister. He is the co-founder and CTO of Callister Inc, a virtual reality game development company. Jack has a mild-mannered personality, and often acts as the moral compass of the show.

Quotes from Jack

  1. This isn't a game. This life.
  2. I'm never going to blackmail somebody.
See Aldis Hodge's other roles

Christina Chong
plays Tamsin (1 episode) , Tamsin (1 episode)

Christina Chong as Tamsin
Tamsin is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She appears in the episode 'San Junipero'. Tamsin is a confident and charismatic young woman, who forms a romantic relationship with Yorkie. She is adventurous and daring, but also has a caring and sensitive side.

Quotes from Tamsin

  1. 'Heaven is a place on Earth.'
  2. 'We're not the same person, Yorkie. I don't know who you are.'
  3. 'I'm a child of the eighties.'
See Christina Chong's other roles

Andrew Gower
plays Rob (1 episode)

Andrew Gower as Rob
Rob is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a widower who becomes obsessed with creating an artificial intelligence identical to his deceased wife.

Quotes from Rob

  1. I want my wife back
  2. I want to create a digital copy of her
See Andrew Gower's other roles

Alexandra Roach
plays Carrie (1 episode)

Alexandra Roach as Carrie
Carrie is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'. She is the mother of a young girl named Sara and becomes overly protective of her daughter after a traumatic experience. She decides to implant a tracking and monitoring device in Sara's brain to ensure her safety, but this ultimately leads to unintended consequences.

Quotes from Carrie

  1. 'I just want to keep her safe.'
  2. 'I'm doing this for you, Sara.'
See Alexandra Roach's other roles

Isabella Laughland
plays Swift (1 episode) , Swift (1 episode)

Isabella Laughland as Swift
Swift is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. She is a popular social media influencer, always striving to improve her ranking on a ubiquitous social media platform. She initially appears friendly and approachable, but the viewer soon sees the extent to which she is willing to manipulate others to maintain her high social rating.

Quotes from Swift

  1. 'It's a 4.0 minimum, or I won't even be able to get a rental car.'
  2. '4.5!', 'Goodbye, loser town. Hello, vacation town!'
See Isabella Laughland's other roles

Billy Magnussen
plays Baldak (1 episode)

Billy Magnussen as Baldak
Baldak is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Men Against Fire'. He is a military officer who oversees a group of soldiers and leads them into battle against the 'roaches', a supposed subhuman enemy.

Quotes from Baldak

  1. 'Only the dead have seen the end of war.'
  2. 'They ain't human, buddy. They're not like us.'
  3. 'We're not killing people. What we're doing is eradicating a disease.'
See Billy Magnussen's other roles

David Fynn
plays Oliver (1 episode) , Oliver (1 episode)

David Fynn as Oliver
Oliver is a young man who falls in love with a woman named E-Martha through a virtual reality game, but struggles to reconcile his feelings for her with the real world.

Quotes from Oliver

  1. We're not together. We're not in the same room. We're not even the same species. But we made each other feel something.
  2. It was like there was this whole other world. A world where anything was possible, a world where I could be with Martha.
  3. It's just... it's not just a game, it's... it's so much more than that. It's like... it's like another life.
See David Fynn's other roles

Colin Michael Carmichael
plays Kai (1 episode) , Kai (1 episode)

Colin Michael Carmichael as Kai
Kai is a rebellious and tech-savvy young man who appears in the episode 'USS Callister' of Black Mirror. He is one of the co-workers of the main character, Robert Daly, who is the CTO of a popular virtual reality gaming company. Unlike his colleagues, Kai is not afraid to stand up to Daly and is instrumental in helping their digital clones escape from Daly's distorted game world.

Quotes from Kai

  1. 'We’re not even on a real spaceship, Robert. Or because I’m black and she’s a woman?'
  2. 'You wanna see what all the fuss is about?'
See Colin Michael Carmichael's other roles

Anthony Welsh
plays Anan Akhand (1 episode)

Anthony Welsh as Anan Akhand
Anan Akhand is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. He is a social media influencer who aims to spread positivity and motivate people through his online content.

Quotes from Anan Akhand

  1. 'Like I always say, when life gives you lemons, make a viral video!'
  2. 'No matter how bad your day is going, there's always a way to turn it around!'
  3. 'The Power of Positivity' is more than just a hashtag, it's a way of life!
See Anthony Welsh's other roles

Eugene O'Hare
plays Hammond (1 episode) , Hammond (1 episode)

Eugene O'Hare as Hammond
Hammond is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a journalist and presenter for a fictional television show called 'The Hot Shot'. Hammond is known for his charisma and smooth talking skills, making him a likable figure to his viewers.

Quotes from Hammond

  1. It's not about the tech, it's about the story.
  2. In the real world, these people have to make a living.
  3. This is the future, whether we like it or not.
See Eugene O'Hare's other roles

Milanka Brooks
plays Elena Tulaska (1 episode)

Milanka Brooks as Elena Tulaska
Elena Tulaska is a character in Black Mirror. She is a scientist who works for a company called TCKR Systems. She is responsible for developing a machine that allows people to communicate with each other through virtual reality.

Quotes from Elena Tulaska

  1. 'That's the thing about hacks. You never know where they're coming from.'
  2. 'It's not just a game.'
  3. 'We're in a binary system, love and fear, right and wrong. One of us has to choose.'
See Milanka Brooks's other roles

Osy Ikhile
plays Nate Packer (1 episode)

Osy Ikhile as Nate Packer
Nate Packer is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. He is a charismatic and popular comedian who gets involved in an online trolling controversy that has deadly consequences.

Quotes from Nate Packer

  1. 'I'm a comedian. I play a character. The things I say on stage are not things I actually believe.'
  2. 'Everyone knows that online harassment is a game, it's not real, it's all done with the click of a button.'
  3. 'Hashtag Death To'
See Osy Ikhile's other roles

Jaimi Barbakoff
plays Anna (1 episode) , Anna (1 episode)

Jaimi Barbakoff as Anna
Anna is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back'. She is the girlfriend of the main character, Ash, and tragically dies early on in the episode.

Quotes from Anna

  1. 'What did you do to my face?'
  2. 'I'm in fucking hell'
See Jaimi Barbakoff's other roles

Imani Jackman
plays Jemima Sykes (1 episode) , Jemima Sykes (1 episode)

Angela Vint
plays Anaesthetist (1 episode)

Angela Vint as Anaesthetist
The Anaesthetist is a minor character in the TV show Black Mirror. He is a doctor who works in a facility that performs surgeries on people's brains in order to extract memories.

Quotes from Anaesthetist

  1. I can assure you that the memory extraction procedure is completely safe.
  2. Most people find the migration process extremely cathartic.
  3. How's your head?
See Angela Vint's other roles

Tim Delap
plays Simon (1 episode) , Simon (1 episode)

Tim Delap as Simon
Simon is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. He initially appears in the 'Playtest' episode. Simon is a fun-loving, adventurous young man in his mid-20s who is traveling around the world. He ends up in London and takes a high-paying gig testing out a new augmented reality video game. Simon gradually becomes more and more immersed in the game, leading to his descent into madness and a terrible outcome.

Quotes from Simon

  1. I'm a big boy. I can take it. I'm here to help.
  2. Are you scared now? It's easy to get scared when you don't have control.
See Tim Delap's other roles

Michaela Coel
plays Airline Stewardess (1 episode) , Airline Stewardess (1 episode) , Shania (1 episode)

Michaela Coel as Airline Stewardess
The Airline Stewardess in Black Mirror is a calm and collected professional who navigates the high pressures of air travel with ease. She is composed, empathetic, and always ready to help her passengers.

Quotes from Airline Stewardess

  1. Welcome aboard, please buckle up and enjoy your flight.
  2. In the unlikely event of turbulence, please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.
See Michaela Coel's other roles

Jason Weinberg
plays Surgeon (1 episode)

Jason Weinberg as Surgeon
The surgeon from Black Mirror is a skilled medical professional who appears in the season 2 episode 'White Bear'. He is portrayed as being very formal and serious in his work.

Quotes from Surgeon

  1. 'This is a medical procedure, not torture.'
See Jason Weinberg's other roles

Indira Ainger
plays Martha's Daughter (1 episode) , Martha's Daughter (1 episode)

Indira Ainger as Martha's Daughter
Martha's Daughter is a character in the TV show Black Mirror. She is a young girl who becomes a victim of a technological experiment gone wrong.

Quotes from Martha's Daughter

  1. I don't want to play anymore. Let's do something else.
  2. Mommy, where are you?
See Indira Ainger's other roles

Nicholas Campbell
plays Russ (1 episode)

Nicholas Campbell as Russ
Russ is a successful video game designer, known for creating popular and controversial games. He is a charismatic and arrogant person who often uses his wit and charm to get what he wants. Russ is willing to push boundaries and take risks, even if it means putting others in danger.

Quotes from Russ

  1. F**k yeah! I am a fucking game designer!
  2. Sorrow, sadness, despair. Sounds like a party!
See Nicholas Campbell's other roles

Sabryn Rock
plays Pippa (1 episode)

Sabryn Rock as Pippa
Pippa is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. She is a young girl who is seen participating in a talent show in the beginning of the episode.

Quotes from Pippa

  1. 'Is it my turn yet?'
  2. 'Mummy says I'm the best singer in the world.'
See Sabryn Rock's other roles

Karl Collins
plays Robbie (1 episode) , Robbie (1 episode)

Karl Collins as Robbie
Robbie is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back'. He is a young man who tragically dies and his girlfriend attempts to bring him back using a new technology that creates an artificial intelligence version of him.

Quotes from Robbie

  1. 'I don't want a replacement, I want the real thing.'
  2. 'She wants to know what you'd say.'
  3. 'I hurt myself today.'
See Karl Collins's other roles

Paul Braunstein
plays Anthony (1 episode)

Paul Braunstein as Anthony
Anthony is a writer in the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. He is known for his sharp wit and cynical worldview. He is initially reluctant to participate in the Prime Minister's scheme, but eventually takes matters into his own hands.

Quotes from Anthony

  1. 'People don't always need to know the truth.'
  2. 'If you want to forget something, maybe sitting around and remembering it in every detail ain't the right way.'
See Paul Braunstein's other roles

Claire Rushbrook
plays Police Detective (1 episode)

Claire Rushbrook as Police Detective
This police detective is a recurring character from the show Black Mirror. He is often tasked with solving high-tech crimes and navigating the complex moral dilemmas presented in each episode.

Quotes from Police Detective

  1. I'm just trying to do my job here.
  2. It's not about the technology, it's about what it does to us.
See Claire Rushbrook's other roles

Elizabeth Chan
plays Leah (1 episode) , Leah (1 episode)

Elizabeth Chan as Leah
Leah is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Hang the DJ'. She is a confident and carefree woman who enjoys dating and exploring new relationships.

Quotes from Leah

  1. I choose love every time.
  2. I am done with men who are scared to let their guard down.
See Elizabeth Chan's other roles

Mona Goodwin
plays Gina (1 episode) , Gina (1 episode)

Mona Goodwin as Gina
Gina is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too'. She is a talented musician who is trapped in a contract with an oppressive manager and struggles with the pressure to maintain her popstar image.

Quotes from Gina

  1. 'Girl power, what does that even mean? It's a relic. Like, ugly knick-knacks on your granny's mantelpiece.'
  2. 'The only thing worse than a celebrity having a meltdown is no one giving a s**t when they do. It's like, 'hey, let's be nice to our idols so they don't go totally insane'
See Mona Goodwin's other roles

Adelle Leonce
plays Noni Harper-Brown (1 episode)

Adelle Leonce as Noni Harper-Brown
Noni Harper-Brown is a main character from the Black Mirror series. She is a successful pop star and actress who struggles with the pressures of fame and the expectations of her fans.

Quotes from Noni Harper-Brown

  1. We're all living in each other's paranoia.
  2. I am a pop star, not a geisha.
See Adelle Leonce's other roles

James Lance
plays Conor Simpson (1 episode) , Conor Simpson (1 episode)

James Lance as Conor Simpson
Conor Simpson is a character from the Black Mirror show. He is a talented musician who is desperate for fame and recognition. Conor is portrayed as an ambitious and self-centered person, always putting his own interests before those of others.

Quotes from Conor Simpson

  1. 'I'm gonna be huge. I'm gonna be fucking massive.'
  2. 'I'm not just a one-hit wonder. I'm gonna change the game.'
  3. 'They say never meet your heroes, but I say if you're really lucky, you get to fuck them.'
See James Lance's other roles

Brian Pettifer
plays William Grange, Dentist (1 episode)

Brian Pettifer as William Grange, Dentist
William Grange is a character from the Black Mirror show. He is a dentist who uses his expertise to commit shocking crimes.

Quotes from William Grange, Dentist

  1. Don't worry. It's just a game.
  2. Everything led to this point. It's what I'm here for.
See Brian Pettifer's other roles

Ed Gaughan
plays Shaun (1 episode) , Shaun (1 episode)

Ed Gaughan as Shaun
Shaun is a young and ambitious man who works as a coder in a tech company. He is socially awkward and struggles with making connections with others. He becomes obsessed with a co-worker and eventually creates a digital clone of her to fulfill his desires.

Quotes from Shaun

  1. If I can live in my mind, I can live anywhere
  2. I know I can make a connection
  3. There's no limit to what I can be
See Ed Gaughan's other roles

Jamie Michie
plays Simon Nolan (1 episode)

Jamie Michie as Simon Nolan
Simon Nicholls is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Bear.' He is a park employee who helps run a twisted amusement park where the public tortures a woman with no memory for their own entertainment.

Quotes from Simon Nolan

  1. 'You don't need to worry about a thing, hon.'
  2. 'It's just managing expectations.'
See Jamie Michie's other roles

Armin Karima
plays Farshad, Hotel Receptionist (1 episode)

Armin Karima as Farshad, Hotel Receptionist
Farshad is a hotel receptionist in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. He greets and assists guests with a friendly demeanor, but subtly judges their social status based on their rating.

Quotes from Farshad, Hotel Receptionist

  1. 'I'm sorry, but I'm afraid your social score isn't quite what we're looking for.'
  2. 'Have a nice stay!'
See Armin Karima's other roles

Michael Shaeffer
plays Roy (1 episode) , Roy (1 episode)

Michael Shaeffer as Roy
Roy is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is a contestant in a talent show who becomes disillusioned with the oppressive system of the world he lives in.

Quotes from Roy

  1. 'I don't want to do this anymore.'
  2. 'We are not meant to be here.'
See Michael Shaeffer's other roles

Stefán Örn Eggertsson
plays Finn Nolan (1 episode)

Pip Torrens
plays Philip Crane (1 episode) , Philip Crane (1 episode)

Pip Torrens as Philip Crane
Philip Crane is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. He is a politician who becomes the target of online hate and abuse.

Quotes from Philip Crane

  1. 'I don't need anyone's help to validate what I know to be true.'
  2. 'Freedom of speech, it's a beautiful thing.'
See Pip Torrens's other roles

David Ajala
plays Jeff Carter (1 episode) , Jeff Carter (1 episode)

David Ajala as Jeff Carter
Jeff Carter is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a corporate executive who is ambitious and unscrupulous. He is always eager to climb the ladder of success, even if it means sacrificing his own morals and integrity.

Quotes from Jeff Carter

  1. Progress has a cost
  2. We're on the same team, I expect a certain level of loyalty
See David Ajala's other roles

James Eeles
plays DC Lydon (1 episode)

James Eeles as DC Lydon
DC Lydon is a detective who appears in the 'Hated in the Nation' episode of Black Mirror. He is portrayed as a bit of a maverick, with a casual attitude and a sarcastic sense of humor.

Quotes from DC Lydon

  1. You know what you call a journalist with no curiosity? Unemployed.
  2. I don't know if you've noticed, but the web is basically an endless parade of people who disagree with each other.
See James Eeles's other roles

Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir
plays Felicity Carmichael (1 episode)

Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir as Felicity Carmichael
Felicity Carmichael is a programmer at a startup in the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive.' She is a kind and optimistic person who helps her friend Lacie navigate a world obsessed with social media ratings.

Quotes from Felicity Carmichael

  1. 'I have never seen you with anything but a perfect 4.2. You are more than what the average bear would dream.'
  2. 'It's just a number, Lacie.'
See Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir's other roles

Louis Waymouth
plays Simon Finch (1 episode) , Simon Finch (1 episode)

Simon Finch is a successful businessman who becomes the target of a hacker in the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. He is portrayed as a selfish and ruthless character who uses his power and wealth to get what he wants.

Quotes from Simon Finch

  1. 'It's just a virus, it's not going to bring down civilization'
  2. 'You do what you gotta do, right?'
See Louis Waymouth's other roles

Dilja Imana
plays Ali Akhand (1 episode)

Amber Anderson
plays Sara (1 episode) , Sara (1 episode)

Amber Anderson as Sara
Sara from Black Mirror is a woman who is drawn to a new dating app that allows people to see how long their relationship will last. As she becomes increasingly obsessed with this technology, her behavior and ambitions dramatically change.

Quotes from Sara

  1. 'It's like the future, only it's now.'
  2. 'But I'm not going to put a timer on this.'
See Amber Anderson's other roles

Sarah Hoare
plays Woman with Pushchair (1 episode) , Woman with Pushchair (1 episode)

Sarah Hoare as Woman with Pushchair
The woman with the pushchair is a minor character in the episode 'Metalhead' of the show Black Mirror. She is fleeing from the robot dogs alongside the protagonist Bella and her companions. See Sarah Hoare's other roles

Sigurður Sigurjónsson
plays Room Service Man (1 episode)

Sigurður Sigurjónsson as Room Service Man
The Room Service Man is a minor character who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister.' He works as a crew member on the fictional spaceship, the USS Callister, and is often seen delivering food to the other crew members.

Quotes from Room Service Man

  1. 'Is everything okay with your meal, sir?'
  2. 'Here's your order, sir.'
See Sigurður Sigurjónsson's other roles

George Blagden
plays Lenny (1 episode)

George Blagden as Lenny
Lenny is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits.' He is shown in the beginning as a shy but likable character who has a crush on a girl named Abi.

Quotes from Lenny

  1. I always thought they crowded us to control us, like they were taking up our space and keeping us passive so we don't resist.
  2. I’m not gonna roll over like a bitch 'cause I’m not a bitch. I'm a man. I'm gonna fight it.
  3. I like pretty things. I wanna be pretty too.
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Clayton Evertson
plays Ted (1 episode) , Ted (1 episode)

Clayton Evertson as Ted
Ted is a middle-aged family man and chief executive of a talent agency. He is portrayed as ambitious, ruthless, and willing to do whatever it takes to maintain his high social status. However, despite his cutthroat nature, Ted is also shown to be deeply conflicted about the morality of his actions.

Quotes from Ted

  1. It's just a bit of fun. Everyone does it.
  2. Well, you've got the best seat in the house, my darling. The eye of the storm.
See Clayton Evertson's other roles

Gwyneth Keyworth
plays Nicola (1 episode)

Gwyneth Keyworth as Nicola
Nicola is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'National Anthem'. She is the prime minister's aide who helps him negotiate with the kidnapper.

Quotes from Nicola

  1. 'It's happening, sir'
  2. 'There are many reasons why a person might choose to abduct someone'
  3. 'He's putting his trousers on'
See Gwyneth Keyworth's other roles

Colin Moss
plays Anthony (1 episode) , Anthony (1 episode)

Colin Moss as Anthony
Anthony is a video game designer and the main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Playtest'. He is adventurous and eager to take on new challenges, but also struggles with unresolved issues with his father.

Quotes from Anthony

  1. 'When you're faced with your worst nightmare, that's when your true character is revealed.'
  2. 'Alright, let's do this.'
  3. 'You can only do one thing at a time.'
See Colin Moss's other roles

Justin Munitz
plays Keith Jackson (1 episode) , Keith Jackson (1 episode)

Justin Munitz as Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson is a journalist in the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. He is a relentless reporter who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Quotes from Keith Jackson

  1. 'I'm simply asking the questions people want answers to.'
  2. 'I report the news, I don't make it.'
See Justin Munitz's other roles

Jessie Cave
plays Edna (1 episode)

Jessie Cave as Edna
Edna is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode White Christmas. She works at the virtual reality company where the story takes place, overseeing the operation of the cookie that holds a copy of her bosss consciousness.

Quotes from Edna

  1. Just praying for a Christmas miracle.
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Luke Manning
plays Mike (1 episode)

Luke Manning as Mike
Mike is a protagonist in the episode 'Playtest' of the TV show Black Mirror. He is a confident and adventurous traveler who takes part in a mysterious virtual reality game testing program.

Quotes from Mike

  1. Shit. Shit. Shit.
  2. This place is amazing. You've gotta tell me how to get a job here.
See Luke Manning's other roles

Shane Zaza
plays Chuck (1 episode) , Chuck (1 episode)

Shane Zaza as Chuck
Chuck is a tech-savvy young man working at a hip video game company in the 'Playtest' episode of Black Mirror. Despite his enthusiasm for the latest gadgets and virtual reality experiences, he harbors a deep fear of losing touch with reality. He is also shown to be charming, witty, and somewhat manipulative in his interactions with others.

Quotes from Chuck

  1. 'Reality can be whatever you make it.'
  2. 'They say you're not really living until you step out of your comfort zone.'
See Shane Zaza's other roles

Ntokozo Majozi
plays Jack (1 episode) , Jack the Barrista (1 episode)

Tim Pritchett
plays Norman (1 episode)

Tim Pritchett as Norman
Norman is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister'. He is an introverted and nerdy programmer who is constantly mocked and mistreated by his colleagues.

Quotes from Norman

  1. 'You can't do this to me!'
  2. 'What the hell?'
  3. 'I am not a sidekick. I'm in charge here.'
See Tim Pritchett's other roles

Alex Tamaro
plays Butch (1 episode)

Alex Tamaro as Butch
Butch is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'Black Museum'. He is a convicted murderer who is put on display as an exhibit in the titular museum, due to the unique nature of his crime.

Quotes from Butch

  1. 'Ain't nobody gonna let me out of here, least of all her.'
  2. 'I didn't kill nobody. I mean, I flipped the car, but I didn't kill nobody.'
See Alex Tamaro's other roles

Che Watson
plays Silverfox (1 episode)

Che Watson as Silverfox
Silverfox is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. She is a resident of the virtual reality town of San Junipero, and is often seen dancing and socializing at the local club 'Tucker's'.

Quotes from Silverfox

  1. 'Can't fault a girl for trying.'
  2. 'This is me rebel yell.'
See Che Watson's other roles

Bruce Chong
plays David (1 episode)

Bruce Chong as David
David is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'San Junipero'. He is a shy and introverted man who falls in love with the lively and outgoing Yorkie.

Quotes from David

  1. 'I've never been in a room with someone who's about to die before.'
  2. 'You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.'
  3. 'You know what's good about pain? It lets you know you're alive.'
See Bruce Chong's other roles

Anna Dobrucki
plays Patty (1 episode)

Anna Dobrucki as Patty
Patty is a character from the Black Mirror episode, 'Smithereens.' She is a smart and focused detective who is determined to solve the case at hand.

Quotes from Patty

  1. 'This is Detective Inspecteur Patty, how can I assist?'
  2. 'No one's hurting anyone else today.'
See Anna Dobrucki's other roles

Paul G. Raymond
plays Kabir Dudani (1 episode)

Paul G. Raymond as Kabir Dudani
Kabir Dudani is a character from the Black Mirror TV show, portrayed by actor Abdul Salis. He is a charming and confident man, with a strong moral compass and a desire to do what is right. Dudani is an IT consultant who is tasked with creating a dating app that has a unique twist, but he quickly discovers that his creation has some dangerous consequences.

Quotes from Kabir Dudani

  1. It's just a bit of coding, how bad can it be?
  2. I guess there's always a cost.
  3. I can't imagine being stuck on 1% for hours, it's driving me fucking mental.
  4. What have I done? What have I fucking done?
See Paul G. Raymond's other roles

Andrew Scott
plays Chris Gillhaney (1 episode)

Andrew Scott as Chris Gillhaney
Christopher 'Chris' Gillhaney is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is a 24-year-old man who lives in a world where people ride exercise bikes to earn merits, which they can use to buy food, entertainment, and a shot at getting on a talent show called 'Hot Shot'. Chris spends all his time riding his bike and dreaming of a better life.

Quotes from Chris Gillhaney

  1. 'Just keep pedaling'
  2. 'Don't they know I'm saving?'
See Andrew Scott's other roles

Daniel Lapaine
plays Max (1 episode) , Max (1 episode) , Dawson (1 episode)

Daniel Lapaine as Max
Max is a tech entrepreneur who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'Men Against Fire'. He is a charismatic and ambitious founder of an augmented reality company known as Raiman. He is very considerate of his employees and encourages them to take risks.

Quotes from Max

  1. 'It's all about enhancing people's perception of the world'
  2. 'We're making people see in a different way.'
  3. 'I'm not here to make money. I'm here to make history.'
See Daniel Lapaine's other roles

Miley Cyrus
plays Ashley O (1 episode)

Miley Cyrus as Ashley O
Ashley O is a popstar sensation portrayed by Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror. She is known for her upbeat pop anthems and her signature purple wig.

Quotes from Ashley O

  1. Hey, I'm Ashley O!
  2. It's an amazing feeling to know that the music that I wrote in my bedroom can make people feel so happy!
See Miley Cyrus's other roles

Angourie Rice
plays Rachel (1 episode)

Angourie Rice as Rachel
Rachel is a character in the Black Mirror series. She is portrayed as a young woman who lives in a world where people are rated by their social interactions with each other. Rachel is constantly struggling to achieve the highest rating, but quickly finds that her obsession with her rating has consequences. She is portrayed as intelligent and resourceful, always able to find a way out of difficult situations.

Quotes from Rachel

  1. 'It's better to be hated than ignored.'
  2. 'I'd be better off dead.'
  3. 'Everyone's a critic, right?'
See Angourie Rice's other roles

Anthony Mackie
plays Danny (1 episode)

Anthony Mackie as Danny
Danny is a young man who appears in the episode 'Be Right Back' of Black Mirror. He is the boyfriend of the main character, Martha, and dies at the beginning of the episode. He is portrayed as a caring and loving person who enjoys spending time with Martha.

Quotes from Danny

  1. I love you more than anything in the world.
  2. I'm gonna marry you.
See Anthony Mackie's other roles

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
plays Karl (1 episode)

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Karl
Karl is a recurring character in the show Black Mirror, appearing in the episode 'Hang the DJ'. He is portrayed as a flirtatious and charming guy, with a good sense of humor.

Quotes from Karl

  1. 'It's like being in a snow globe isn't it?'
  2. 'I'll be the man with a face like a slapped arse'
See Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's other roles

Nicole Beharie
plays Theo (1 episode)

Nicole Beharie as Theo
Theo is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Hang the DJ.' He is portrayed as a caring and sensitive man who is looking for love in a dystopian society.

Quotes from Theo

  1. 'I want to feel complete. I want to feel like a whole person'
  2. 'I really enjoyed myself tonight.'
See Nicole Beharie's other roles

Pom Klementieff
plays Roxette (1 episode)

Pom Klementieff as Roxette
Roxette is a pop star who is the main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too'. She is known for her bubblegum pop hits and her image as a happy, carefree pop princess.

Quotes from Roxette

  1. 'Fucked up? More like fabulous!'
  2. 'It's amazing what unlocking a girl's potential can do for her, don't you think?'
See Pom Klementieff's other roles

Ludi Lin
plays Lance (1 episode)

Ludi Lin as Lance
Lance is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a big fan of a talent show called Hot Shot, and he appears on it with his friend Bing. Lance is confident, outgoing, and not afraid to speak his mind.

Quotes from Lance

  1. 'Don't forget, you can't trust anyone in this game, not even your closest friend!'
  2. 'Let's get on that Hot Shot stage and let's show everybody what we can do.'
See Ludi Lin's other roles

Damson Idris
plays Jaden Tommins (1 episode)

Damson Idris as Jaden Tommins
Jaden Tommins is a highly intelligent and curious teenage boy with a passion for technology, but struggles with social interaction and communication.

Quotes from Jaden Tommins

  1. 'This cookie is me, right?'
  2. 'What's realer? A world of millions of people or a world of two?'
See Damson Idris's other roles

Babs Olusanmokun
plays Clayton (1 episode) , Clayton (1 episode)

Babs Olusanmokun as Clayton
Clayton is a minor character from the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is a fellow contestant on the talent show that the main character, Bing, is entering. Clayton is seen as a friendly and supportive ally to Bing, while also being somewhat naive and easily influenced by the manipulative producers of the show.

Quotes from Clayton

  1. 'I just didn't really... want it, you know?'
  2. 'You gotta get out there and do it, man.'
See Babs Olusanmokun's other roles

Topher Grace
plays Billy Bauer (1 episode)

Topher Grace as Billy Bauer
Billy Bauer is a tech billionaire and the CEO of a futuristic technology company called 'SaitoGemu'. He is portrayed as a charismatic and eccentric character with a love for all things technological. However, his obsession with ensuring the longevity of his mind through his company's technology leads to questionable decisions and ethical dilemmas.

Quotes from Billy Bauer

  1. You know what makes me special? It's not a suit, it's not a car, it's not a jet. It's because SaitoGemu can simulate and predict your every move.
  2. You think I'm God? I'm not a god, Douglas. I'm a businessman, and right now business is good.
  3. Possibilities and consequences! It's why people come to us. To explore without fear. Now humanity's next step is clear.
See Topher Grace's other roles

Madison Davenport
plays Jack (1 episode)

Madison Davenport as Jack
Jack is a main character in the Black Mirror series. He is a smart and ambitious man who is driven by his desire to climb the corporate ladder. He is married to Ash and they have a daughter named Carrie. Jack is portrayed by actor Daniel Kaluuya.

Quotes from Jack

  1. Were all dealing with our own shit.
  2. Just one more hit.
See Madison Davenport's other roles

August Muschett
plays Tyler (1 episode)

Susan Pourfar
plays Catherine (1 episode)

Susan Pourfar as Catherine
Catherine is a character in the Black Mirror series. She is a mother of two and has a husband named Harry. She works as a professional party planner and is shown to be organized and dedicated to her job. She is also very protective of her children and will go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Quotes from Catherine

  1. You're not living, you're waiting to die.
  2. Everything happens for a reason.
  3. Pain is just information, you can choose to ignore it.
See Susan Pourfar's other roles

Marc Menchaca
plays Kevin (1 episode)

Marc Menchaca as Kevin
Kevin is a loveable, dorky character from the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'. He works as a computer programmer and is always trying to improve his social status on the app 'RateMe'.

Quotes from Kevin

  1. 'I'm a level 2.9 now!'
  2. 'Five stars!'
See Marc Menchaca's other roles

Fola Evans-Akingbola
plays Mariella (1 episode)

Fola Evans-Akingbola as Mariella
Mariella is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. She is a married woman who is having an affair with her husband's best friend. She is conflicted about her actions but ultimately chooses to continue the affair.

Quotes from Mariella

  1. 'I don't love you anymore. I'm sorry.'
  2. 'I'm sorry, I'm just not happy.'
See Fola Evans-Akingbola's other roles

Elizabeth Berrington
plays Jo Powers (1 episode)

Elizabeth Berrington as Jo Powers
Jo Powers is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. She is a young woman who works at a fast food restaurant and gets caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail and murder.

Quotes from Jo Powers

  1. 'Please, I don't want anyone else to die.'
  2. 'I don't want anyone to see me.'
  3. 'I don't want to hurt anyone.'
See Elizabeth Berrington's other roles

Monica Dolan
plays CS Linda Grace (1 episode) , Janet McCardle (1 episode)

Monica Dolan as CS Linda Grace
Linda Grace is the CEO of the social media company 'Smithereen' in the Black Mirror episode with the same name. She is portrayed as a highly successful and driven woman, but also struggles with the pressure and responsibility of her position.

Quotes from CS Linda Grace

  1. 'We're all monkeys.'
  2. 'Smithereen is like God. We know everything, see everything.'
See Monica Dolan's other roles

Annie Murphy
plays Joan / Annie Murphy (1 episode)

Annie Murphy as Joan / Annie Murphy
A mysterious and elusive figure known only as '$', who communicates with people through chat messages and offers them an opportunity to join a dangerous game. It is unclear what motivates '$' or what their ultimate goal may be.

Quotes from Joan / Annie Murphy

  1. Sorry, I didn't introduce myself properly. My name is '$'.
  2. Do you want to play a game?
See Annie Murphy's other roles

Hannah John-Kamen
plays Selma Telse (1 episode) , Selma Telse (1 episode) , Sonja (1 episode)

Hannah John-Kamen as Selma Telse
Selma Telse is a character in the show Black Mirror. She is a successful businesswoman and the CEO of a tech company with a dark secret.

Quotes from Selma Telse

  1. 'Everything we do has to be for the greater good. That's why I'm here.'
  2. 'We're more connected than ever before, but at what cost?'
See Hannah John-Kamen's other roles

Zazie Beetz
plays Bo (1 episode)

Zazie Beetz as Bo
$ is a mysterious and elusive hacker who is known for her exceptional skills in the digital world. She is portrayed as a dark, anonymous figure who often appears on screens as an ominous presence. $'s motives are often unclear, and her true identity remains a mystery throughout the show.

Quotes from Bo

  1. Hello, friend
  2. You can't beat me, no matter how hard you try
See Zazie Beetz's other roles

Salma Hayek Pinault
plays TV Joan / Salma Hayek Pinault (1 episode)

Salma Hayek Pinault as TV Joan / Salma Hayek Pinault
Salma Hayek Pinault plays a character in the Black Mirror episode 'The Entire History of You'. She is a charismatic and successful woman who is married to the main character's friend.

Quotes from TV Joan / Salma Hayek Pinault

  1. 'You're a fighter, that's what I like about you'
  2. 'You want it? Then come and take it'
  3. 'Those stories in your head, you know... they're like a disease'
See Salma Hayek Pinault's other roles

Michael Cera
plays Beppe (1 episode)

Michael Cera as Beppe
The character $, also known as Stripe, is a convicted criminal who is given the opportunity to participate in a virtual reality game show in order to reduce his sentence. $ is a determined and resourceful individual with a troubled past.

Quotes from Beppe

  1. It was all just a game!
  2. I made it out alive, didn't I?
See Michael Cera's other roles

Samuel Blenkin
plays Davis McCardle (1 episode)

Samuel Blenkin as Davis McCardle
$ is a mysterious figure who serves as the main antagonist in the episode 'Smithereens' of the TV show Black Mirror. $ kidnaps an intern working for a social media company called Smithereen and holds him hostage, demanding a conversation with the company's founder.

Quotes from Davis McCardle

  1. You're a liar, Billy. You are a liar.
  2. You should be ashamed of yourself.
See Samuel Blenkin's other roles

plays Pia (1 episode)

Myha'la as Pia
$ is a mysterious character from the TV show Black Mirror. Their identity is unknown and they serve as a key figure in several episodes, often playing a role in the dark and twisted technological nightmares depicted in the show.

Quotes from Pia

  1. 'We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different.'
  2. 'This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has ever done before and that no one will copy throughout human existence. And if nothing else, you will be remembered as the one guy who ever did this. This one thing.'
  3. 'Fifteen million merits for a whole life.'
See Myha'la's other roles

Daniel Portman
plays Stuart King (1 episode)

Daniel Portman as Stuart King
The character $, played by actress Brenna Harding in the episode 'Hated in the Nation' of Black Mirror, is a young cyber-hacker who gets involved in a dangerous plot to take revenge on people using a social media network. She is a skilled programmer who is willing to take risks to fulfill her goals.

Quotes from Stuart King

  1. 'We see a pattern of behavior, and we use metadata to spin that into a portrait of the individual.'
  2. 'Right now, it's just pixels and code, but soon it'll be everywhere.'
See Daniel Portman's other roles

John Hannah
plays Richard King (1 episode)

John Hannah as Richard King
The character $, whose real name is unknown, is a young woman who becomes a key player in a blackmail scheme in the Black Mirror episode 'Shut Up and Dance'. She is computer-savvy and resourceful, using her skills to ensnare the protagonist and ultimately reveal his darkest secrets.

Quotes from Richard King

  1. 'We do what we're told. That's the job.'
  2. 'Tell me, Kenny, have you ever watched child pornography?'
See John Hannah's other roles

Kate Mara
plays Lana Stanfield (1 episode)

Kate Mara as Lana Stanfield
$ is a character from the first episode of Black Mirror, titled 'The National Anthem'. $ is a mysterious figure who uses social media to manipulate events and cause chaos. They play a crucial role in the plot of the episode.

Quotes from Lana Stanfield

  1. 'I wish I knew how to quit you, Michael.'
  2. 'Hashtag kidnapp', 'Hashtag killme', I'd be trending all day.'
See Kate Mara's other roles

Josh Hartnett
plays David Ross (1 episode)

Josh Hartnett as David Ross
$ is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. She is a hacker and activist who becomes embroiled in a social media storm when a hashtag she creates causes people to turn violent.

Quotes from David Ross

  1. 'Hashtag Death to so and so'. It's like throwing a Molotov cocktail.
  2. The target is NCA Chief Shaun Li. Do you want to kill him?
See Josh Hartnett's other roles

Joshua James
plays Chris Holligan (1 episode) , Gordy (1 episode)

Auden Thornton
plays Jessica Ross (1 episode)

Auden Thornton as Jessica Ross
The character $ (pronounced 'slash') is a mysterious and elusive figure who appears in the episode 'Hang the DJ'. $ serves as a guide for the main character, providing guidance and advice along the way.

Quotes from Jessica Ross

  1. Everything happens for a reason. You know that.
  2. You don't need to know who I am or what I do. I'm just a friendly ear.
See Auden Thornton's other roles

Rory Culkin
plays Kappa (1 episode)

Rory Culkin as Kappa
The character $, also known as 'sugar', is a street-wise hustler who is approached by the main character for help in a heist. She is quick and clever, but has a soft spot for those she cares about.

Quotes from Kappa

  1. 'I don't look out for me, I look out for number one.'
  2. 'You gotta have faith in the people you love, right?'
  3. 'Don't underestimate me, darling.'
See Rory Culkin's other roles

Clara Rugaard
plays Mazey Day (1 episode)

Clara Rugaard as Mazey Day
Mazey is a minor character in Black Mirror. She appears in the season 3 episode 'Shut Up and Dance' as a young girl who blackmails Kenny, one of the main characters, with a compromising video.

Quotes from Mazey Day

  1. I've seen what you've done. You're going to do as I say.
See Clara Rugaard's other roles

Danny Ramirez
plays Hector (1 episode)

Danny Ramirez as Hector
In Black Mirror, $ is a highly skilled and mysterious hacker who specializes in blackmail and extortion. The character's true identity is elusive and their gender is never revealed.

Quotes from Hector

  1. We're all living in each other's paranoia.
See Danny Ramirez's other roles

Paapa Essiedu
plays Gaap (1 episode)

Paapa Essiedu as Gaap
$ is a mysterious character that appears in various episodes of Black Mirror. They often serve as a guide or mentor to other characters, but their true identity and motives remain unclear.

Quotes from Gaap

  1. 'When I saw you earlier, I wasn't sure. Now, I know. You're not matching.'
  2. 'The path you're on, it doesn't lead where you think it does.'
See Paapa Essiedu's other roles

Wunmi Mosaku
plays Katie (1 episode) , TV Joan's Lawyer (1 episode) , TV Joan's Lawyer (1 episode) , Katie (1 episode)

Wunmi Mosaku as Katie
Katie is a talented programmer who creates a virtual clone of her sick boyfriend, leading to disastrous consequences.

Quotes from Katie

  1. I don't want to forget him.
  2. I think this could be bigger than either of us ever imagined.
See Wunmi Mosaku's other roles

Katherine Rose Morley
plays Vicky (1 episode)

Katherine Rose Morley as Vicky
$ is a fictional character in the television series Black Mirror. $ is a hacker and the leader of the hacker group 'Justice Prime'.

Quotes from Vicky

  1. 'We're not terrorists, we're visionaries.'
  2. 'This isn't about our world, this is about all worlds.'
See Katherine Rose Morley's other roles

Emily Vere Nicoll
plays Madge (1 episode) , Madge (1 episode)

Emily Vere Nicoll as Madge
Madge is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode White Christmas. She is the wife of protagonist Harry and mother to their son Joe. Madge is shown to be a caring and devoted wife and mother, but also struggles with mental health issues and is prone to panic attacks.

Quotes from Madge

  1. I cant do this, Harry. I cant even breathe.
  2. I just want to go home.
See Emily Vere Nicoll's other roles

David Shields
plays Michael Smart (1 episode)

David Shields as Michael Smart
The character $ in Black Mirror is portrayed as a skilled and confident hacker who is hired by various clients to execute their dark and illegal desires. She is a mysterious and enigmatic character with a lot of secrets.

Quotes from Michael Smart

  1. 'We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different.'
  2. 'I hack people. I take their digital history, paint a portrait of their true selves, and then I turn it in to their loved ones.'
See David Shields's other roles

Gregor Firth
plays Kenneth McCardle (1 episode)

Ellie White
plays Kate Cezar (1 episode)

Sophie Wu
plays Jamie (1 episode) , Jamie (1 episode)

Sophie Wu as Jamie
Jamie is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is a highly talented cyclist forced to perform useless tasks to earn merits in a dystopian society.

Quotes from Jamie

  1. Fight or die. That's the rule.
  2. We can't just let them take it.
  3. I'm not your babe.
See Sophie Wu's other roles

Hammed Animashaun
plays Pizza Guy (1 episode) , Pizza Guy (1 episode)

Hammed Animashaun as Pizza Guy
The Pizza Guy is a minor character in the Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister', working as a delivery man for the popular pizza company 'Fences'. He is portrayed as a friendly and talkative person who enjoys his job and engages in casual conversation with his customers.

Quotes from Pizza Guy

  1. Here you go, enjoy your pizza.
See Hammed Animashaun's other roles

Tom Crowhurst
plays Iain Adair (1 episode)

Tom Mulheron
plays Tommy (1 episode) , Tommy (1 episode)

Tom Mulheron as Tommy
Tommy is a young adult male who appears in the episode 'USS Callister' of the show Black Mirror. He is a co-worker of the main character Robert Daly and often serves as a subject of Daly's abuse as a result of their competitive work relationship. Tommy is portrayed as nervous and easily intimidated, often trying to appease Daly despite his mistreatment. He ultimately plays a key role in the episode's plot and stands up to Daly in a pivotal moment.

Quotes from Tommy

  1. 'You're crazy, man!'
  2. 'I don't want to get involved, I just want to do my job.'
  3. 'You're not my boss, Robert!'
See Tom Mulheron's other roles

Scott Mooney
plays Simon Challis (1 episode)

Beth Robb Adams
plays Dawn Challis (1 episode)

Alisa Gashi
plays Reconstruction Dawn (1 episode)

Alex MacQueen
plays Special Agent Callett (1 episode) , Special Agent Callett (1 episode)

Alex MacQueen as Special Agent Callett
Special Agent Callett is a character in the Black Mirror TV show who is an investigator working to solve crimes in a near-future world where technology has gone haywire.

Quotes from Special Agent Callett

  1. 'You can look away, but you can't ignore what you've seen.'
  2. 'I'm here to gather evidence, not opinion.'
See Alex MacQueen's other roles

Jay Simpson
plays Rod Senseless (1 episode) , Rod Senseless (1 episode)

Jay Simpson as Rod Senseless
Rod Senseless is a character in the Black Mirror television series, portrayed by actor Daniel Kaluuya. He is a loyal and dedicated friend to the main character and works as a TSA agent at an airport. Rod is a trustworthy and sensible individual who has the main character's best interests at heart.

Quotes from Rod Senseless

  1. I'm telling you, it's a setup. A government conspiracy. Don't trust it.
  2. You know I wouldn't leave you.
See Jay Simpson's other roles

Kirsty Wark
plays Award Presenter (1 episode)

Kirsty Wark as Award Presenter

Kirsteen Anne "Kirsty" Wark FRSE is a British journalist and television presenter, best known for fronting BBC Two's ...

See Kirsty Wark's other roles

Weruche Opia
plays Actress (1 episode)

Weruche Opia as Actress

Weruche Opia was born on April 11, 1987 and is currently 37 years old.

See Weruche Opia's other roles

Helen Fospero
plays Lucinda Towne (1 episode) , Lucinda Towne (1 episode)

Helen Fospero as Lucinda Towne
Lucinda Towne is a character in Black Mirror. She is a software developer and was hired to work on a top-secret project for a military tech company. Lucinda is highly intelligent and talented, but also struggles with the ethical implications of the work she's doing.

Quotes from Lucinda Towne

  1. 'I don't know if I'm a good person.'
  2. 'You have to accept sometimes that that's what you're worth. And that's okay.'
  3. 'We're not just code. We're who we are because of our experiences.'
See Helen Fospero's other roles

Sophie Kennedy Clark
plays Lauren (1 episode) , Lauren (1 episode)

Sophie Kennedy Clark as Lauren
Lauren is the protagonist of the episode 'Nosedive' of the series Black Mirror. She is a young woman living in a society where people rate each other on social media, with the ratings affecting their social standing and opportunities.

Quotes from Lauren

  1. We're friendly, we're friendly! We're friends!
  2. I'll never forget my first 4.2.
See Sophie Kennedy Clark's other roles

Laura Cairns
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Marcella Whittingdale
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Andrew Knott
plays Brian (1 episode) , Brian (1 episode)

Andrew Knott as Brian
Brian is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back'. He is a young man who tragically dies early on in the episode, leaving his girlfriend Martha devastated. However, Martha later discovers a new technology that allows her to communicate with a digital copy of Brian, which leads to unexpected consequences.

Quotes from Brian

  1. 'I'm sorry Martha, I just love you so much.'
  2. 'It's not real Martha, none of it's real.'
See Andrew Knott's other roles

Clive Myrie
plays Clive Myrie (1 episode)

Allen Leech
plays Pike (1 episode) , Pike (1 episode)

Allen Leech as Pike
Pike is a character in the Black Mirror universe and appears in the episode 'USS Callister'. He is an arrogant and sexist game developer who serves as the chief antagonist of the episode.

Quotes from Pike

  1. 'I'm the captain now'
  2. 'Your ass is grass and I've got the weed-whacker'
See Allen Leech's other roles

Johann Myers
plays Noel (1 episode) , Noel (1 episode)

Johann Myers as Noel
Noel is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas.' He is a virtual assistant who has the ability to replicate himself and is used for personal services.

Quotes from Noel

  1. 'Let's make things peachy.'
  2. 'Hello, I'm Noel, your personal assistant.'
  3. 'Everything will be fine.'
See Johann Myers's other roles

Richard Ayoade
plays Richard Ayoade (voice) (1 episode)

Richard Ayoade as Richard Ayoade (voice)

Richard Ellef Ayoade (/ˌaɪoʊˈɑːdi/ EYE-oh-AH-dee; born 23 May 1977) is a British comedian, actor, broadcaster and fil...

See Richard Ayoade's other roles

Daniel Bell
plays Henry Stanfield (1 episode)

Billie Sturrock Kewish
plays Lily Ross (1 episode)

Rakie Ayola
plays Shelly (1 episode) , Shelly (1 episode)

Rakie Ayola as Shelly
Shelly is a minor character in the Black Mirror universe. She is a gifted office worker who is constantly seeking approval from her higher-ups. She is eager to climb the corporate ladder and will do whatever it takes to impress her bosses.

Quotes from Shelly

  1. 'I'm not just a PA, I'm an invaluable asset'
  2. 'I can multitask like a motherf**ker!'
See Rakie Ayola's other roles

Amit Shah
plays Jack (1 episode) , Jack (1 episode)

Amit Shah as Jack
Jack is a main character from the Black Mirror show. He is portrayed as a friendly and easy-going individual who takes on various challenges throughout the series. Jack's character development takes him from a friendly guy to someone who is much more complex.

Quotes from Jack

  1. You've come to the most wonderful place on Earth
  2. Sometimes it's nice not to make a choice, just to see what happens.
See Amit Shah's other roles

Charlie Fidelski
plays Ricky Ross (1 episode)

Olen Gunn
plays Kyle (1 episode)

McKell David
plays Son (1 episode) , Son (1 episode)

McKell David as Son
Son is a character from the television show Black Mirror. He is a young adult who struggles with issues related to technology and its impact on his life.

Quotes from Son

  1. 'It's just a game.'
  2. 'You're always telling me to stay connected, Dad. Now I'm gonna stay connected.'
See McKell David's other roles

Lydia Cherry
plays Sally (1 episode)

Marama Corlett
plays Theta (1 episode)

Marama Corlett as Theta

Marama Corlett is a Maltese actress and dancer, best known for her role as Rina in the 2012 series Sinbad and Aki in ...

See Marama Corlett's other roles

Siân Davis
plays Sigma (1 episode)

Ioachim Ciobanu
plays Epsilon (1 episode)

Simon Markey
plays Pastor (1 episode)

Marceline Hugot
plays Bookshop Clerk (1 episode)

Marceline Hugot as Bookshop Clerk

Marceline Hugot is an actress.

See Marceline Hugot's other roles

Robbie Tann
plays Whitty (1 episode)

James P. Rees
plays Duke (1 episode)

David Rysdahl
plays Nathan (1 episode)

Jack Bandeira
plays Terry (1 episode)

Jack Bandeira as Terry

Jack Bandeira is a British actor.

See Jack Bandeira's other roles

Corey Johnson
plays Clay (1 episode)

Corey Johnson as Clay

Corey Johnson (born John Johnson; May 17, 1961) is an American character actor largely active in the UK, known for hi...

See Corey Johnson's other roles

Charles Hagerty
plays Justin (1 episode)

Patrick Toomey
plays Nick (1 episode)

Marieta Sánchez
plays Luisa (1 episode)

Yoojin Lee
plays Ji-Hoon (1 episode)

Lucía Pemán
plays Sydney Alberi (1 episode)

Aaron Paul
plays Gamer691 (voice) (1 episode) , Gamer691 (voice) (1 episode) , Cliff Stanfield (1 episode)

Aaron Paul as Gamer691 (voice)
Gamer691 is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'Playtest'. He is a video game character voiced by a programmer.

Quotes from Gamer691 (voice)

  1. 'Echoes from the void.'
  2. 'Glitch in the system.'
  3. 'Is that all you've got?'
See Aaron Paul's other roles

Marta Castellví
plays Misty (1 episode)

Alex Britt
plays Edwin (1 episode)

Julio Perillán
plays Mazey's Director (1 episode)

Gary Anthony Stennette
plays Mazey's 1st AD (1 episode)

Nicholas Burns
plays Keith Holligan (1 episode)

Nicholas Burns as Keith Holligan

Nicholas Burns was born on January 1, 1977 and is currently 47 years old.

See Nicholas Burns's other roles

Shaun Dooley
plays Len Fisher (1 episode)

Shaun Dooley as Len Fisher

Shaun Dooley is an English actor, narrator and voice-over artist.

See Shaun Dooley's other roles

Emily Fairn
plays Suzie (1 episode)

Nick Holder
plays Mr. Duncan (1 episode)

Joe Evans
plays Tim Simons (1 episode)

Hayley Considine
plays Jean Simons (1 episode)

Frances Sholto-Douglas
plays Carmen (1 episode) , Carmen (1 episode)

Frances Sholto-Douglas as Carmen
Carmen is a young woman who appears in the Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'. She is the daughter of Marie and is a rebellious teenager who engages in risky behavior.

Quotes from Carmen

  1. 'Life is real, you know. It's not perfect. But it's real.'
  2. 'You can't keep me in a cage.'
See Frances Sholto-Douglas's other roles

Steve Garti
plays Landlord (1 episode)

Greg Kriek
plays Todd (1 episode) , Todd (1 episode)

Greg Kriek as Todd
Todd is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a programmer who works for a company named TCKR Systems. Todd is a socially awkward person who suffers from anxiety and has trouble interacting with people.

Quotes from Todd

  1. 'There's definitely something wrong with me'
  2. 'I'm not used to being in the real world'
See Greg Kriek's other roles

Vicky Binns
plays Julie the Barmaid (1 episode)

Jonny Cordingley
plays Rod (1 episode)

Joe Hughes
plays Husband (1 episode)

Anjana Vasan
plays Space Cop (1 episode) , Nida (1 episode)

Anjana Vasan as Space Cop

Anjana Vasan (born January 31, 1987) is a Singaporean actress and singer-songwriter based in London. She is known for...

See Anjana Vasan's other roles

Bethan Nash
plays Wife (1 episode)

Kenneth Collard
plays Jim (1 episode) , Doctor Dmitri Babich (1 episode) , Jim (1 episode)

Kenneth Collard as Jim
Jim is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits'. He is a young man who spends most of his day cycling on a stationary bike to earn credits in a dystopian society where people are trapped in a virtual reality world.

Quotes from Jim

  1. 'I don't want to live like this.'
  2. 'I'm never gonna do it again.'
See Kenneth Collard's other roles

Janie Booth
plays Sweet Gran (1 episode)

Jordan Carlos
plays Simon (1 episode) , Simon (1 episode)

Jordan Carlos as Simon
Simon is a supporting character in the Black Mirror Series. He is portrayed as a friendly and outgoing young man who is passionate about creating virtual reality games.

Quotes from Simon

  1. 'We're different, that's the beauty of it.'
  2. 'I made it for everyone.'
See Jordan Carlos's other roles

Joseph Aumeer
plays Demon Gaap (1 episode)

Leanne Best
plays Penny (1 episode) , Penny (1 episode)

Leanne Best as Penny
Penny is a talented hacker who appears in the episode 'Shut Up and Dance' of Black Mirror. She is highly intelligent, resourceful, and morally ambiguous.

Quotes from Penny

  1. 'Here's a pro tip. No matter how hard you feel like you're sinking, keep your mouth shut.'
  2. 'It's a pig and you're going to climb inside it.'
See Leanne Best's other roles

Natasha Little
plays Karen (1 episode) , Karen (1 episode)

Natasha Little as Karen
Karen is a main character in the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas'. She is portrayed as a tough and pragmatic woman who loves her family, but who also feels overwhelmed by the expectations placed on her by society. Karen is initially presented as cold and emotionless, but she is ultimately revealed to be struggling with complex feelings and desires.

Quotes from Karen

  1. 'It's just, sometimes it feels like we're all in this big, vast room, and there's no door, no windows, and we're all just banging our heads against the wall, trying to find a way out.'
  2. 'You know, sometimes I think we don't find happiness because we don't even try.'
See Natasha Little's other roles

Lillie Mae Law
plays Laura Simons (1 episode)

Camilla Power
plays Sandra (1 episode) , Sandra (1 episode)

Camilla Power as Sandra
Sandra is a working mother who appears in the episode 'Arkangel' of Black Mirror. She reluctantly puts her daughter through a trial for a surveillance device that allows her to monitor her daughter's every move. Sandra struggles with balancing her desire to protect her daughter and allowing her to grow up and make her own mistakes.

Quotes from Sandra

  1. 'Well, what if she wakes up in the middle of the night and she needs me?'
  2. 'You just tell her that she's safe. That nothing bad is ever gonna happen to her within these walls.'
  3. 'I guess I just wanna be able to keep her safe.'
See Camilla Power's other roles

Jodie Whittaker
plays Ffion Foxwell (1 episode) , Ffion Foxwell

Jodie Whittaker as Ffion Foxwell

Jodie Auckland Whittaker is an English actress, known for Venus (2006), Attack the Block (2011), and Broadchurch (201...

See Jodie Whittaker's other roles

Tom Cullen
plays Jonas (1 episode)

Nicola Sloane
plays Bank Clerk (1 episode) , Bank Clerk (1 episode)

Nicola Sloane as Bank Clerk
The Bank Clerk in Black Mirror is a minor character who appears in the first episode of the show. As the name suggests, he works at a bank and is involved in the main plot of the episode. See Nicola Sloane's other roles

Paul Bazely
plays The Man in the Woods (1 episode) , The Man in the Woods (1 episode)

Paul Bazely as The Man in the Woods
The Man in the Woods is a mysterious and elusive character from the Black Mirror episode 'White Bear'. He is never fully revealed or explained, leaving the audience to form their own theories about his true nature and motives. See Paul Bazely's other roles

Esther Hall
plays Vanessa Dahl (1 episode) , Vanessa Dahl (1 episode)

Esther Hall as Vanessa Dahl
Vanessa Dahl is a character on the TV show Black Mirror. She is a talented video game designer and advocate for virtual reality technology.

Quotes from Vanessa Dahl

  1. 'The depth of your imagination is endless.'
  2. 'I see things differently now.'
See Esther Hall's other roles

Holli Dempsey
plays Clara Meades (1 episode) , Clara Meades (1 episode)

Holli Dempsey as Clara Meades
Clara Meades is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. She is a single mother who becomes the subject of a public uproar after her young daughter is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Clara's grief and search for justice brings her into the spotlight of a reality show that promises to bring her daughter back to life.

Quotes from Clara Meades

  1. Her name was Lola and she was my world.
  2. Do you think it's possible? Bringing her back?
  3. Don't you want to bring back what you lost?
See Holli Dempsey's other roles

Ben Miles
plays Tom Pickering (1 episode) , Tom Pickering (1 episode)

Ben Miles as Tom Pickering
Tom Pickering is a fictional character from the Black Mirror TV show. He is a successful journalist, known for his critical reviews of technology and society.

Quotes from Tom Pickering

  1. People like to think that they're in control but they're not. All the time I spent chasing stories, I should have been looking for a solution.
  2. Technology's just a tool. It's a means to an end. We made it for a reason.
See Ben Miles's other roles

Charles Babalola
plays Tusk (1 episode) , Tusk (1 episode)

Charles Babalola as Tusk
Tusk is a character in the Black Mirror episode 'The Waldo Moment'. He is a cartoon bear who is used as a political puppet to gain votes.

Quotes from Tusk

  1. 'Corruption? I'm a bloody cartoon bear!'
  2. 'I'm a dancing bear and I don't care!'
See Charles Babalola's other roles

Vinette Robinson
plays Liza Bahar (1 episode) , Liza Bahar (1 episode)

Vinette Robinson as Liza Bahar
Liza Bahar is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She is a young woman who is part of a virtual reality game-making team at SaitoGemu. She is passionate about her work and strives to achieve her goals. Liza is also shown to be concerned about the well-being of her fellow team members.

Quotes from Liza Bahar

  1. This didn't happen because of me.
  2. It's my idea.
  3. We need to push things forward. Right now.
See Vinette Robinson's other roles

Duncan Pow
plays Garrett Scholes (1 episode) , Garrett Scholes (1 episode)

Duncan Pow as Garrett Scholes
Garrett Scholes is a character in the TV show Black Mirror. He is a young, ambitious programmer who works for a major tech company called SaitoGemu.

Quotes from Garrett Scholes

  1. The more self-aware you become, the more sophisticated you become.
  2. Life is all about what we can create. What we can control.
  3. What's the point of being a lawyer in a world with no crime?
See Duncan Pow's other roles

Tom Ashley

Tom Ashley
$ is a computer program designed to mimic the personality of a deceased loved one in the episode 'Be Right Back' of the show Black Mirror. The program is meant to help people cope with grief and loss, but its effectiveness is questionable as it is ultimately just a simulation.

Quotes from

  1. Are you going to hurt me?
See Tom Ashley's other roles

Andrew Roux
plays employé de station service (1 episode) , Electro Station Assistant (1 episode)

Andrew Roux as employé de station service
This character appears in the Black Mirror episode 'Fifteen Million Merits' as a gas station attendant. He interacts with the protagonist, Bing, when Bing tries to purchase something at the station.

Quotes from employé de station service

  1. I can't do that, mate. You need to have credits.
  2. You got credits? Then you can buy something. Otherwise, piss off!
See Andrew Roux's other roles

Kemal Sylvester
plays Airport Security (1 episode)

Flora Nicholson
plays Midwife (1 episode)

Abigail Thaw
plays MP Selection Committee 2 (1 episode) , MP Selection Committee 2 (1 episode)

Abigail Thaw as MP Selection Committee 2
The MP Selection Committee 2 is a group of powerful people who choose the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the Black Mirror episode 'The National Anthem'. They are shown to be cold and calculating, willing to make tough decisions for the good of the country. See Abigail Thaw's other roles

Kirsten Dunst
plays Office Worker (uncredited) (1 episode) , Callister Employee (uncredited) (1 episode)

Kirsten Dunst as Office Worker (uncredited)
This character is an unnamed office worker who plays an uncredited role in Black Mirror. They are likely a minor character with limited screen time. See Kirsten Dunst's other roles

Glenn Hanning
plays Delivery Man (1 episode)

Amanda Warren
plays Angelica (1 episode) , Angelica (1 episode)

Amanda Warren as Angelica
Angelica is a character featured in the Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel.' She is a young child who is implanted with a tracking device by her overprotective mother.

Quotes from Angelica

  1. 'Where's my daddy?', 'Is mommy happy?'
See Amanda Warren's other roles

Yasha Jackson
plays Emily (1 episode) , Emily (1 episode)

Yasha Jackson as Emily
Emily is a character from the TV show Black Mirror. She is a young woman with a passion for technology, particularly virtual reality. Emily is very clever, but sometimes her intelligence makes her a bit too confident in her abilities. She is also shown to be quite resourceful and determined when faced with challenges.

Quotes from Emily

  1. 'You're not even people, you're just sort of... copies'
  2. 'It's not escapism, it's a new reality'
  3. 'I'm not going to pretend that I'm not impressed with myself'
See Yasha Jackson's other roles

Russell Barnett
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Ruibo Qian
plays Penelope Wu (1 episode) , Penelope Wu (1 episode)

Ruibo Qian as Penelope Wu
Penelope Wu is a character from the Black Mirror TV series. She is a talented hacker who helps her friend track down a mysterious entity known as 'The Community'.

Quotes from Penelope Wu

  1. 'It's not about hacking, it's about finding the truth.'
  2. 'We're living in chaos here, and we're all suffering.'
See Ruibo Qian's other roles

Daniel Ings
plays David Gilkes (1 episode) , David Gilkes (1 episode)

Daniel Ings as David Gilkes
David Gilkes is a character from the Black Mirror series. He is a software developer who specializes in coding human-like personalities in artificial intelligence. He appears in the first episode of the series, titled 'The National Anthem'.

Quotes from David Gilkes

  1. 'I'm just trying not to think too hard about the mechanics of it all.'
  2. 'I don't know about you, but I'm feeling queasy.'
See Daniel Ings's other roles

Amanda Drew
plays Hayley (1 episode) , Hayley (1 episode)

Amanda Drew as Hayley
Hayley is a teenager who becomes the target of a sadistic online troll in the Black Mirror episode 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too'. She is portrayed as intelligent, creative and passionate about music.

Quotes from Hayley

  1. 'I just really want to be someone who people want to hear', 'You can't copy someone without a little bit of them rubbing off on you'
See Amanda Drew's other roles

Ambreen Razia
plays WPC Najma Haque (1 episode) , WPC Najma Haque (1 episode)

Ambreen Razia as WPC Najma Haque
Najma Haque is a character from the Black Mirror series, portrayed as a member of the Western Pacific Cooperation. She is one of the main characters in the episode 'Hated in The Nation' and is known for her intelligence, determination, and strong ethics.

Quotes from WPC Najma Haque

  1. 'The Bureau is stupid, not me.'
  2. 'Whenever I see a bee now, I'm like: 'Oh, you legend.''
See Ambreen Razia's other roles

Calum Callaghan
plays PC Damien Bullen (1 episode) , PC Damien Bullen (1 episode)

Calum Callaghan as PC Damien Bullen
Damien Bullen is a character from the Black Mirror TV show. He is a talented game designer who is hired to work on a new project, but struggles to balance his work and personal life. He is a charismatic and determined person, but his pride often gets in the way of his success.

Quotes from PC Damien Bullen

  1. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I've done. I just... I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about it.
  2. It's like you said, the game is all that matters. It's the only thing there is.
  3. You just do what you love, and fuck everybody else.
See Calum Callaghan's other roles

Quincy Dunn-Baker
plays Don (1 episode) , Don (1 episode)

Quincy Dunn-Baker as Don
Don was a successful businessman and the co-founder of a social media company. He appears in the episode 'Hated in the Nation' of Black Mirror. Despite his success, he is portrayed as arrogant and insensitive.

Quotes from Don

  1. 'I don't really care what you think of me, because I'm doing the best I can'
  2. 'We can change human nature overnight'
See Quincy Dunn-Baker's other roles

Crystal Clarke
plays Tipi (1 episode) , Tipi (1 episode)

Crystal Clarke as Tipi
Tipi is a character from the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive.' She is a close friend of the main character, Lacie. Tipi appears to be successful, confident, and popular in the highly superficial social ranking system of their society where everyone's online and offline interactions are rated on a scale of one to five; however, as the episode progresses, her true character is revealed to be complex and full of insecurities.

Quotes from Tipi

  1. 'I'm sorry, Lacie, but I think at this point I would rather you didn't come to my wedding.'
  2. 'I don't care how many nice things you have, Lacie. You'll never be one of us.'
  3. 'I'm gonna be one of those people who has it all together.'
See Crystal Clarke's other roles

James Richard Marshall
plays Monroe's Campaign Agent (1 episode)

James Richard Marshall as Monroe's Campaign Agent

Trained as an Actor at the legendary Drama Centre London - a highly regarded London drama school responsible for trai...

See James Richard Marshall's other roles

Jack Monaghan
plays Hustings Host (1 episode)

Daniel Tatarsky
plays Returning Officer (1 episode)

Rob Delaney
plays Mac (1 episode) , Mac (1 episode)

Rob Delaney as Mac
$ is a fictional character from the television series Black Mirror. $ is an anonymous hacker who exposes people's secrets and wrongdoings in order to inflict punishment and justice upon them. $'s identity and motives are shrouded in mystery throughout the series.

Quotes from Mac

  1. The things people do on the internet are disgusting, and they should be exposed.
  2. We've gone from a happy ending to a sad one, but it's a better reflection of the truth, don't you think?
See Rob Delaney's other roles

Ben Barnes
plays TV Mac (1 episode) , TV Mac (1 episode)

Ben Barnes as TV Mac
$ is a fictional character from the TV show Black Mirror. $'s real name is never revealed, and the character is portrayed as an anonymous hacker who works for those seeking justice against corrupt individuals or organizations. The character dresses in a hooded sweatshirt and communicates through a voice changer, which distorts their voice to maintain anonymity.

Quotes from TV Mac

  1. 'The people we go after, what they do to society? They're the real terrorists. They're the ones blowing up museum exhibits, poisoning water supplies, hijacking civilian airliners.'
  2. 'We are not terrorists. We are not anarchists. We are not trying to topple governments. We are just trying to show the world that it's not always what we think it is.'
See Ben Barnes's other roles

Michael Webber
plays MP Selection Committee 1 (1 episode)

Himesh Patel
plays TV Krish (1 episode) , TV Krish (1 episode)

Himesh Patel as TV Krish
$ is a hacker and activist who appears in the episode 'Shut Up and Dance' of Black Mirror. $ is portrayed as a skilled computer hacker who uses his abilities to commit illegal activities such as stealing money and hacking into people's computers and webcams.

Quotes from TV Krish

  1. 'What did you do?'
  2. 'Sometimes, friends, sometimes just evil bitches.'
See Himesh Patel's other roles

Bruce Mackinnon
plays MP Selection Committee 3 (1 episode)

Bruce Mackinnon as MP Selection Committee 3

Bruce Mackinnon (born 17 October 1978) is an actor and writer who has appeared in various television programmes and f...

See Bruce Mackinnon's other roles

James Howard
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Charlotte Longfield
plays Shopper (1 episode)

James Norton
plays Ryan Pound (1 episode) , Ryan Pound

James Norton as Ryan Pound

James Geoffrey Ian Norton (born July 18, 1985) is an English film, television, and stage actor. He is known for roles...

See James Norton's other roles

Alan Ritchson
plays Paul Mathesen (1 episode) , Paul Mathesen

Alan Ritchson as Paul Mathesen

Alan Michael Ritchson (born November 28, 1982) is an American actor, model, and singer. He is known for his modeling ...

See Alan Ritchson's other roles

Daisy Haggard
plays Bethany 'Bets' Jones (1 episode) , Bethany 'Bets' Jones

Daisy Haggard as Bethany 'Bets' Jones

Daisy Haggard is a British actress and comedian. She is known for Doctor Who (2005) and Harry Potter and the Order of...

See Daisy Haggard's other roles

Avi Nash
plays Krish (1 episode) , Krish (1 episode)

Avi Nash as Krish

Avi Nash was born on January 24, 1991 and is currently 33 years old.

See Avi Nash's other roles

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi
plays Glam Woman (1 episode)

Lolly Adefope
plays Joan's Lawyer (1 episode) , Joan's Lawyer (1 episode)

Jared Goldstein
plays Eric (1 episode) , Eric (1 episode)

Jeffrey Davenport
plays Cab Driver (1 episode)

Jaboukie Young-White
plays TV Eric (1 episode) , TV Eric (1 episode)

Ayo Edebiri
plays Sandy (1 episode) , Sandy (1 episode)

Ayo Edebiri as Sandy

Ayo Edebiri (born October 3, 1995) is an American comedian, writer, producer and actress. She appeared on Comedy Cent...

See Ayo Edebiri's other roles

Zandile Madliwa
plays Alien Girl (1 episode)

Camirin Farmer
plays TV Sandy (1 episode) , TV Sandy (1 episode)

Kayla Lorette
plays Source Joan (1 episode) , Source Joan (1 episode)

Kevin Otto
plays Pastor (1 episode)

Leila Farzad
plays Mona Javadi (1 episode) , Mona Javadi (1 episode)

Rich Fulcher
plays Gainsborough (1 episode) , Gainsborough (1 episode)

Rich Fulcher as Gainsborough

Richard Fulcher (born November 18, 1968) is an American comedian and author who used to be based in the United Kingdo...

See Rich Fulcher's other roles

Abubakar Salim
plays Airport Guard (1 episode)

Nathan Ohene Djan
plays Holographic Boyfriend (1 episode)

Ellen Robertson
plays Sandy's Pal (1 episode) , Sandy's Pal (1 episode)

Luke Beattie
plays Brutus (1 episode) , Brutus (1 episode)

Jennie Nielson
plays Woman in Car (1 episode)

Deon Lotz
plays Man in Car (1 episode)

Paul Gorvin
plays TV Brutus (1 episode) , TV Brutus (1 episode)

Laurel Lefkow
plays Dr. Atkinson (1 episode) , Dr. Atkinson (1 episode)

Daniel Newton
plays Kid on the Quad Bike (1 episode)

Rebecca Newton
plays Kid's Younger Sister (1 episode)

Éva Magyar
plays TV Dr. Atkinson (1 episode) , TV Dr. Atkinson (1 episode)

Bea Segura
plays Source Dr. Atkinson (1 episode) , Source Dr. Atkinson (1 episode)

Lewelyn Van Den Berg
plays Male Jogger (1 episode)

Blessing Mamuesa
plays Glam Woman's Son (1 episode)

Steen Raskopoulos
plays Mike the Jogger (1 episode) , Mike the Jogger (1 episode)

Max Harwood
plays Julian (1 episode) , Julian (1 episode)

Brian Law
plays Guy in Skillane Legal (1 episode) , Guy in Skillane Legal (1 episode)

Brian Law as Guy in Skillane Legal

Brian Law was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and lived in Miami and Berlin before settling down in London, UK. He...

See Brian Law's other roles

Anthony Wise
plays Pastor (1 episode) , Pastor (1 episode)

Alex Magliaro
plays Male Cop (1 episode) , Male Cop (1 episode)

Mujde Ipek
plays Female Cop (1 episode) , Female Cop (1 episode)

Mark McKerracher
plays TV Pastor (1 episode) , TV Pastor (1 episode)

Beatrice Robertson-Jones
plays Restaurant Daughter (1 episode)

Maya Gerber
plays Lindsay (1 episode)

Tessa Wong
plays Streamberry Receptionist (1 episode) , Streamberry Receptionist (1 episode)

Danielle Vitalis
plays Fatima Klaas (1 episode) , Fatima Klaas (1 episode)

Ivanno Jeremiah
plays Moped Man (1 episode)

Ivanno Jeremiah as Moped Man

Ivanno Jeremiah is a British stage, film and television actor, best known for playing regular character Max in the Br...

See Ivanno Jeremiah's other roles

Mary Beth Barone
plays Lucy (1 episode) , Lucy (1 episode)

Mariam Haque
plays Petrol Station Attendant (1 episode)

Nick Hendrix
plays Andrew (1 episode)

Justin Edwards
plays Jon (1 episode)

Jeany Spark
plays Camilla (1 episode)

Jeany Spark as Camilla

Jeany Spark was born on November 7, 1982 and is currently 41 years old.

See Jeany Spark's other roles

Aymen Hamdouchi
plays Kieran (1 episode)

Julian Rivett
plays Damon Brown (1 episode)

Jonathan Forbes
plays Browne (1 episode)

Madeleine Bowyer
plays Sonia (1 episode)

Jeffry Wickham
plays Sir Harold Mount (1 episode)

Shazad Latif
plays Mehdi Raboud (1 episode)

Eleanor Wyld
plays Young Actress (1 episode)

Wolf Wasserman
plays Spark (1 episode)

Dominic Le Moignan
plays Prince (1 episode)

Merce Ribot
plays Big Shot Registration Lady (1 episode)

Matthew Burgess
plays Botherguts Host (1 episode)

Laura Power
plays Interviewer (1 episode)

Matt Stokoe
plays Guard (1 episode)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
plays Kelly Booth (1 episode) , Kelly Booth

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Kelly Booth

Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha-Raw MBE is an English actress, known for her role as Kelly in Black Mirror, Dido Elizabeth Be...

See Gugu Mbatha-Raw's other roles

Mackenzie Davis
plays Yorkie (1 episode)

Denise Burse
plays Elder Kelly (1 episode) , Elder Kelly Booth

Denise Burse as Elder Kelly

Denise Burse was born on January 23, 1952 and is currently 72 years old.

See Denise Burse's other roles

Raymond McAnally
plays Greg (1 episode) , Greg

Raymond McAnally as Greg

Raymond McAnally was born on November 29, 1978 and is currently 45 years old.

See Raymond McAnally's other roles

Gavin Stenhouse
plays Wes (1 episode) , Wes

Gavin Stenhouse as Wes

Gavin is an actor & musician.

See Gavin Stenhouse's other roles

Cheryl Anderson
plays Laura (1 episode)

Cate Blanchett
plays Cate Blanchett (1 episode)

Cate Blanchett as Cate Blanchett

Catherine Elise Blanchett (born 14 May 1969) is an Australian actor and producer. Regarded as one of the best actress...

See Cate Blanchett's other roles

Joe Evans
plays Tim Simons (1 episode)

Aruhan Galieva
plays Village Mother (1 episode)

Aruhan Galieva as Village Mother

Aruhan Galieva was born on August 14, 1991 and is currently 32 years old.

See Aruhan Galieva's other roles

Simon Connolly
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Dean Ashton
plays Guard Bradley (1 episode)

Kavé Niku
plays Villager (1 episode)

Thomas Thoroe
plays Villager #2 (1 episode)

Loreece Harrison
plays Dream Girl (1 episode)

Toby Oliver
plays Boy Roach (1 episode)

Michael Birch
plays Roach (1 episode)

Nick Gillard
plays Roach (1 episode)

Nick Gillard as Roach

Nick Gillard was born on March 31, 1959 and is currently 65 years old.

See Nick Gillard's other roles

Luke Gomes
plays Roach (1 episode)

Edward Upcott
plays Roach (1 episode)

Edward Upcott as Roach

Edward Upcott was born on December 29, 1991 and is currently 32 years old.

See Edward Upcott's other roles

Georgina Rich
plays Tess Wallender (1 episode)

Cecilia Noble
plays Dame Patricia Lamarr (1 episode)

Katherine Kingsley
plays Dana Costello (1 episode)

James Larkin
plays Simon Powers (1 episode)

Robin Pearce
plays Harry Barclay (1 episode)

Adrian Lukis
plays Home Secretary, Alex Wallis (1 episode)

Jane Bertish
plays Head of MI5 (1 episode)

Anita Anand
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Thomas Dominique
plays Roadie (1 episode)

Leonie Elliott
plays Fiona, Clara's Flatmate (1 episode)

Reon Smith Marshall
plays Aaron Sheen (1 episode)

Mateusz Mirek
plays Delivery Man (1 episode)

Jeremy Booth
plays Dog Walker (1 episode)

Matt Forde
plays Pundit (1 episode)

Faiza Shaheen
plays Pundit (1 episode)

Imogen Daines
plays MRI Technician (1 episode)

Ziggy Heath
plays MRI Doctor (1 episode)

Michael Bott
plays Inquiry Official (1 episode)

Ted Charette
plays Young Man at Park (1 episode)

Carlos Pinder
plays Man Who Finds Sara (1 episode)

Kaleb Young
plays Cal age 10 (1 episode)

Lisa Michelle Cornelius
plays School Yard Teacher (1 episode)

Kaden Stephen
plays Boy in Fight (1 episode)

Tosh Robertson
plays Hiro (1 episode)

Ronica Sajnani
plays Store Employee (1 episode)

Michelle Giroux
plays English Teacher (1 episode)

Edie Inksetter
plays School Nurse (1 episode)

Kyros McGee
plays Parker (1 episode)

Raj Paul
plays Paramedic (1 episode)

Jan van der Black
plays Homeless Guy (1 episode)

Monique Cynthia Brown
plays Daisy (1 episode)

Caroline Martin
plays Jemma (1 episode)

Guilherme Vallim
plays Maxwell (1 episode)

Eduardo Mossri
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Austin Michael Young
plays Chester (1 episode)

Joe Parker
plays Jason (1 episode)

Mirirai Sithole
plays Shonelle (1 episode)

Laura Morgan
plays Thalia (1 episode)

Caitlin Innes Edwards
plays Hannah (1 episode)

Jerah Milligan
plays Busy G (1 episode)

Daniel Stewart Sherman
plays Bear (1 episode)

Daniel Stewart Sherman as Bear

Daniel Stewart Sherman was born on August 16, 1970. He is an actor.

See Daniel Stewart Sherman's other roles

James III
plays Habanero (1 episode)

Nicholas Pauling
plays Dr. Munk (1 episode)

Mikkie-Dene Le Roux
plays Ms Walpole (1 episode)

Sive Gubangxa
plays Stage Manager (1 episode)

Martin Munro
plays Caretaker (1 episode)

Alessa Gironi
plays Leah (1 episode)

Savana Tardieu
plays Magnolia (1 episode)

Jamie Royal
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Edward J. Pepperell
plays Cop (1 episode)

Maggie Bain
plays Maryam (1 episode)

Conrad Khan
plays Dibbs (1 episode)

Archie Rush
plays Cosmo (1 episode)

Jorge Cordova
plays Agent Cruz (1 episode)

Seun Shote
plays Simon (1 episode)

Gareth Kane
plays PC Wanson (1 episode)

Sarah Ridgeway
plays WPC Roach (1 episode)

Adam McNamara
plays Marksman Harris (1 episode)

Alice Bailey Johnson
plays Markswoman Jones (1 episode)

Roger Alborough
plays Joe (1 episode)

Hilary Connell
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Bryce Dallas Howard
plays Lacie Pound (1 episode) , Lacie Pound

Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie Pound

Bryce Dallas Howard (born March 2, 1981) is an American actress and director. Howard was born in Los Angeles and atte...

See Bryce Dallas Howard's other roles

Domhnall Gleeson
plays Ash Starmer

Domhnall Gleeson as Ash Starmer

Domhnall Gleeson (born May 12, 1983) is an Irish actor, director and writer from Dublin. He has acted on both stage a...

See Domhnall Gleeson's other roles

Hayley Atwell
plays Martha Starmer

Hayley Atwell as Martha Starmer

Hayley Elizabeth Atwell (born 5 April 1982) is a British and American actress. Born and raised in London, Atwell stud...

See Hayley Atwell's other roles

Douglas Hodge
plays Rolo Haynes

Douglas Hodge as Rolo Haynes

Douglas Hodge is an English actor, director, and musician who trained for the stage at the Royal Academy of Dramatic ...

See Douglas Hodge's other roles

Michael Smiley
plays Baxter

Michael Smiley as Baxter

Michael Smiley (born 1963) is a Northern Irish comedian and actor. He is perhaps best known for his roles in the film...

See Michael Smiley's other roles

Jon Hamm
plays Matt Trent

Jon Hamm as Matt Trent

Jonathan Daniel "Jon" Hamm (born March 10, 1971) is an American actor who works primarily in television. For much of ...

See Jon Hamm's other roles

Oona Chaplin
plays Greta

Oona Chaplin as Greta

Oona Castilla Chaplin (born 4 June 1986) is a Spanish–Swiss actress. Her roles include Talisa Maegyr in the HBO TV se...

See Oona Chaplin's other roles

Lindsay Duncan
plays Alex Cairns

Lindsay Duncan as Alex Cairns

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lindsay Vere Duncan, CBE (born 7 November 1950) is a Scottish stage and telev...

See Lindsay Duncan's other roles

Rory Kinnear
plays Michael Callow

Rory Kinnear as Michael Callow

Rory Kinnear (born 17 February 1978) is an English actor and playwright who has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Com...

See Rory Kinnear's other roles

Natalia Tena
plays Jennifer

Natalia Tena as Jennifer

Natalia Gastiain Tena is an English actress and musician. She played Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter film series...

See Natalia Tena's other roles

Lenora Crichlow
plays Victoria Skillane

Lenora Crichlow as Victoria Skillane

Lenora Crichlow (born 4 January 1985) is an English actress.

See Lenora Crichlow's other roles

Zahra Ahmadi
plays Gita

Zahra Ahmadi as Gita

Zahra Ahmadi (Persian: زهرا احمدی; born 1982) is a British actress.

See Zahra Ahmadi's other roles

Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett

Rupert James Hector Everett (born 29 May 1959) is an English actor, director and producer. Everett first came to publ...

See Rupert Everett's other roles

Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy is a French-American actress, director, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter. She studied filmmaking at Ne...

See Julie Delpy's other roles

Donald Sumpter
plays Julian Hereford

Donald Sumpter as Julian Hereford

Donald Sumpter (born 13 February 1943) is an English actor. He has appeared in film and television since the mid-1960...

See Donald Sumpter's other roles

Daniel Kaluuya
plays Bingham 'Bing' Madsen

Daniel Kaluuya as Bingham 'Bing' Madsen

Daniel Kaluuya (born 24 February 1989) is a British actor. Prominent both on screen and stage, he has received numero...

See Daniel Kaluuya's other roles

Li Dan
plays Tim

Tom Goodman-Hill
plays Tom Blice

Tom Goodman-Hill as Tom Blice

Tom Goodman-Hill is a British stage, film and television actor. He holds a BA in Drama and English with a teaching qu...

See Tom Goodman-Hill's other roles

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