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  • Released on September 24, 2014
  • Comedy

A family man struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood.

Main Cast of black-ish

Secondary Cast of black-ish

Jeff Meacham
plays Josh Oppenhol (13 episodes) , Josh (49 episodes)

Katlyn Nichol
plays Olivia (1 episode) , Olivia Lockhart (13 episodes)

Berlin Gross
plays DeVante Johnson (13 episodes) , Devante Johnson (17 episodes)

August Gross
plays DeVante Johnson (13 episodes) , Devante Johnson (17 episodes)

Hector Osorio
plays Pedro/Eric (1 episode)

Ken Jenkins
plays Bernie (1 episode)

Amber Rose
plays Dominique (1 episode)

Aloe Blacc
plays Aloe Blacc (1 episode)

Fonzworth Bentley

Trevor Jackson
plays Aaron (1 episode)

Harrison Holzer
plays Wes (1 episode)

Prestyn Bates
plays Cole (1 episode)

Daniel Lee Robertson III
plays Patron (1 episode)

Christopher Jefferson
plays Student (1 episode)

Hunter Wayne Pratt
plays Boy at Animal Kingdom Park (1 episode)

Kellee Stewart
plays Angela Strong (1 episode)

Amanda Seales
plays Barbara (2 episodes)

Monique A. Green
plays Niecy (1 episode)

Katt Williams
plays Perry (1 episode)

Quvenzhané Wallis
plays Kyra (4 episodes)

Mandell Maughan
plays Amy Copeland (1 episode)

Geffri Maya Hightower
plays Zion (1 episode)

LaVar Ball
plays LaVar Ball (1 episode)

Aiden Lewandowski
plays Raymond Bautista (1 episode) , Raymond (1 episode)

Jill Marie Jones
plays Lisa (1 episode)

Persia White
plays Robin (1 episode)

Jennie Pierson
plays Miss Biggs (1 episode) , Ms. Davis (1 episode)

Scott Mosenson
plays Dr. Feinberg (1 episode)

Joelle Better
plays Emily (1 episode)

Mia Ronn
plays Savannah (1 episode)

Baron Vaughn
plays Doug (2 episodes)

Taylor Leigh Edwards
plays Marie (1 episode)

Tyree Brown
plays Colin (1 episode)

Nayah Damasen
plays Sasha (1 episode)

Eric Davis
plays Mr. Williams (1 episode)

Alanna Fox
plays Rita (1 episode)

Gillian White
plays Tanya (1 episode)

Liz Jenkins
plays Ms. Biggs (1 episode) , Miss Biggs (2 episodes) , Principal Biggs (3 episodes)

Anthony Alabi
plays Lewis (1 episode)

Madison Shamoun
plays Lily (1 episode)

Kelly Vrooman
plays Miranda (1 episode)

Cleo Fraser
plays Sophie (2 episodes)

Eric Garcetti
plays Eric Garcetti (1 episode)

Emerson Min
plays Mason (6 episodes)

Matt Braunger
plays Jeremy (1 episode)

Chloe Bailey
plays Jazz Forster (1 episode)

Nathan Morris
plays Nathan Morris (1 episode)

Wanya Morris
plays Wanya Morris (1 episode)

Shawn Stockman
plays Shawn Stockman (1 episode)

Sanai Victoria
plays Cousin Diamond (1 episode)

Joshua Caleb Johnson
plays Jalen (2 episodes)

Gavin White
plays Quinn (1 episode)

Notlim Taylor
plays Cousin Cha-Cha (1 episode)

Maui Kai Malone
plays Jedi Girl (1 episode)

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