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  • Released on October 13, 2005
  • Soap

Binnelanders is a captivating and engaging South African Afrikaans soap opera that has been entertaining viewers since 2005. The show is set in and around the fictional private hospital, Binneland Kliniek, located in the heart of Pretoria. The hospital serves as the backdrop for the wide range of storylines, providing a unique and intimate setting where the characters' lives intertwine and unfold.

The characters in Binnelanders are diverse and multi-dimensional, bringing depth and complexity to the show. One of the central characters is Zoey Matsekwa, played by the talented Maggie Benedict. Zoey is a bright and ambitious young doctor who is determined to make a difference in the lives of her patients. Throughout the series, viewers watch as Zoey navigates the challenges of her personal and professional life, including relationships, rivalries, and the demands of her medical career.

Another key character is Dr. Dylan Fourie, played by the accomplished Carl Beukes. Dylan is a brilliant and dedicated surgeon who is known for his sharp mind and quick wit. Despite his professional success, Dylan struggles with personal demons, including a troubled past and a complicated love life. Through his character, the show explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the human capacity for growth and change.

In addition to its well-developed characters, Binnelanders is also known for its compelling storylines, which center around the trials, trauma, and tribulations of the staff and patients of Binneland Kliniek. From medical emergencies and ethical dilemmas to romantic entanglements and family dramas, the show covers a wide range of topics that are both relevant and relatable to its audience. With its engaging storytelling and talented cast, Binnelanders has become a beloved and enduring part of the South African television landscape.

Main Cast of Binnelanders

Hans Strydom
plays Dr. At Koster (4852 episodes)

Reynardt Hugo
plays Dr. Tertius Jonker (4163 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Binnelanders

Gys de Villiers
plays Dr. Zieg Combrink (159 episodes)

Sandi Schultz
plays Dr. Jennifer Adams (1788 episodes)

Hykie Berg
plays Dr. Conrad Bester (2247 episodes)

Jurgen Hellberg
plays Kitte Muller (897 episodes)

Milan Murray
plays Frankie van Niekerk (205 episodes)

Dawid Minnaar
plays Dr. Franz Basson (1826 episodes)

Ramey Short
plays Dr. Quinton Meyer (2104 episodes)

Justin Strydom
plays Wickus Steyn (52 episodes)

Rolanda Marais
plays Stefanie Malherbe (520 episodes) , Stefanie Louw (897 episodes)

Hanli Rolfes
plays Sonja Mostert (622 episodes)

Desiré Gardner
plays Daleen Jonker (818 episodes) , Daleen Oosthuizen (1002 episodes)

James Alexander
plays Dr. Rico Maartens (400 episodes)

Elma Postma
plays Bea Basson (292 episodes) , Bea Delport (520 episodes)

Lindie Stander
plays Elise Kruger (1522 episodes)

Stefan Ludik
plays Dr. Gustav Kemp (844 episodes)

Neels Van Jaarsveld
plays Dr. Gideon Basson (1080 episodes)

Elzette Maarschalk
plays Karla Combrink (88 episodes)

Tobie Cronje
plays Kallie Koster (787 episodes)

Sarahann Doherty
plays Roelien Verwey-Koster (471 episodes)

Nick Boraine
plays Oliver Knight (260 episodes)

Michelle Botes
plays Ingrid Louw-Koster (822 episodes)

Terence Bridgett
plays Warrick Paulse (549 episodes)

Antony Coleman
plays Michael Lennox (291 episodes)

Karl Thaning
plays Dr. Nathan Richards (319 episodes)

Sonja Engelbrecht
plays Nikki Combrink (88 episodes)

Lika Berning
plays Hannah Rossouw (262 episodes)

Fatima Abdool
plays Matrone Ria de Witt (660 episodes)

Carl Beukes
plays Dr. Dylan Fourie (310 episodes)

Jan Ellis
plays Dr. Steve (120 episodes)

Ruvan Avenant
plays Werner Combrink (99 episodes)

Phillip C Henn
plays Dr. Chris van Deventer (621 episodes)

Maggie Benedict
plays Zoey Matsekwa (260 episodes)

Paul du Toit
plays Malan Koster (1359 episodes)

Ricci Niekerk
plays Leandré (280 episodes)

Albert Pretorius
plays Ulrich Moolman (260 episodes)

Antonio Summerton
plays Brendan George (271 episodes)

Robyn Olivia Heaney
plays Belinda "Billy" Cooper (264 episodes)

Esmeralda Bihl
plays Faye Becker (603 episodes)

Franci Swanepoel
plays Toeks Joubert (1188 episodes)

Jana Cilliers
plays Joeke Rossouw (260 episodes)

Michelle Pienaar
plays Yvette Stuurman (540 episodes)

Chantelle Gertse
plays Veronica Williams (1417 episodes)

Jason Kennett
plays Emilio Castignani (260 episodes)

Vilje Maritz
plays Gys Eloff (408 episodes)

Christl Weinbeck
plays Nadia Da Costa (260 episodes)

Charmaine Weir Smith
plays Rebecca Lennox (270 episodes)

Wayne Van Rooyen
plays Gary Abrahams (260 episodes)

Marvin-Lee Beukes
plays Lorenzo (260 episodes)

Erik Holm
plays Rian Malherbe (1263 episodes)

Ben Kruger
plays Okkert Ferreira (2130 episodes)

Quanita Adams
plays Zadie September (446 episodes)

Pascal Pienaar
plays Karli du Preez (931 episodes)

Zeena Edwards
plays Adelyn Jacobs (550 episodes)

Brümilda van Rensburg
plays Jana du Preez (815 episodes)

Je-ani Swiegelaar
plays Naomi Koster (1560 episodes) , Naomi Ferreira (1636 episodes)

Leandie du Randt
plays Ivanka Gouws (372 episodes)

David Conrad
plays Dr. Herman du Preez (260 episodes)

Clint Brink
plays Dr. Steve Abrahams (2395 episodes)

Germandt Geldenhuys
plays Louis Koster (2080 episodes)

Bradley Olivier
plays Danny Jantjies (1168 episodes)

Luandri Reynders
plays Karen Kriel (1040 episodes)

Maude Sandham
plays Gabriella Toerien (549 episodes)

Cindy Swanepoel
plays Dr. Annelize Roux (1953 episodes)

Melinda Viljoen
plays Tracy Smit (1045 episodes)

David Viviers
plays Dr. Liam Vorster (520 episodes)

Nadia Valvekens
plays Pippa Liebenberg (9 episodes) , Pippa Malherbe (880 episodes) , Pippa Venter (1937 episodes)

Lindsey Abrahams
plays Chanel Samuels (897 episodes)

Ilne Nienaber
plays Dr. Elana Bester (631 episodes)

Simoné Pretorius
plays René Spies (260 episodes)

Kara du Toit
plays Dr. Maya Gosslin (260 episodes)

Kate Roothman
plays Dr. Nicolette Nortje (520 episodes)

Pietie Beyers
plays Dr. Deon Visser (344 episodes)

Kim Cloete
plays Bronwyn Abrahams (316 episodes)

Gerald Steyn
plays Dr. Uys Wagener (480 episodes)

Hannelie Warren
plays Ilse Delport (215 episodes) , Ilse Ferreira (1875 episodes)

Odelle de Wet
plays Delia Richter (760 episodes)

Cobus Rossouw Jnr
plays Dr. Hugo Vos (23 episodes)

Philicity Reeken
plays Busi Khumalo (425 episodes)

Drikus Volschenk
plays Coen (275 episodes)

Anel Alexander
plays Nina (32 episodes)

Susanne Beyers
plays Yvonne Basson (63 episodes)

Adriana Faling
plays Nanette (22 episodes)

Antoinette Kellerman
plays Bets Kellerman (25 episodes)

Méla Swanepoel
plays Nina Jonker (33 episodes)

Antoinette Modise
plays Bonnie Jacobs (212 episodes)

Charlie Bouguenon
plays Jacques (33 episodes)

Megan Troskie
plays Thalia Ferreira (91 episodes)

Sean Else
plays Henk Venter (42 episodes)

Richard van der Westhuizen
plays Dirk Venter (55 episodes)

Claudia Jones
plays Febé Bernard (127 episodes)

Anelma Meiring
plays Milan Els (19 episodes)

Deon Lotz
plays Dr. Dawid Opperman (78 episodes)

Janel Jordaan
plays Stephanie Stander (15 episodes)

Natasha Sutherland
plays Birdy (30 episodes)

Lowis Mabunda
plays Jackson (23 episodes)

Ceylonia Bekker
plays Shonda Williams (5 episodes)

Kim Windvogel
plays Kristien (12 episodes)

Peter Butler
plays Gert de Witt (29 episodes)

Helen de Jongh
plays Elna (7 episodes)

Tanya van Graan
plays Roxy (150 episodes)

Mark Simpson
plays Danny (2 episodes)

Jacqui Carpede
plays Doria (30 episodes)

Albert Maritz
plays Braam Olivier (20 episodes)

Nkosinathi Danda
plays Nkosi (28 episodes)

Johan Baird
plays Peet (76 episodes)

Heinz Winckler
plays Dr Andreas Geldenhuys (53 episodes)

Zetske van Pletzen
plays Kara van Deventer (74 episodes)

Neil Sandilands
plays PJ Bellingham (24 episodes)

Neil Sandilands as PJ Bellingham

Neil Sandilands was born on May 1, 1975 and is currently 49 years old.

See Neil Sandilands's other roles

Elsabe Zietsman
plays Maggie (18 episodes)

Andrew Thompson
plays Benjamin van Deventer (18 episodes)

Natasja Jacobs
plays Nadine Jooste (7 episodes)

Estelle Kriek
plays Annie (5 episodes) , Michelle (10 episodes)

Dirk Stoltz
plays kapt. Ferdie Liebenberg (195 episodes)

Caiden Bouwer
plays Ruan Bester (46 episodes)

Roxanne Bornman
plays Vicky Bester (54 episodes)

Louis Auret
plays Brian (20 episodes)

Tertius Meintjes
plays Buks (12 episodes)

Anriette van Rooyen
plays Zelda (38 episodes)

Natania van Heerden
plays Lola (12 episodes)

Ameera Patel
plays Mariaan Eloff (2 episodes)

Hélène Truter
plays Sofia Kruger (31 episodes)

Danie Putter
plays Johan (10 episodes)

Isabella Mostert
plays Marike (27 episodes)

Marlee van der Merwe
plays Marissa Vermaak (13 episodes) , Dr. Ella Swart (24 episodes)

Chris Chameleon
plays Thomas Badenhorst (32 episodes)

Miracle O. Omoike
plays Zanele (20 episodes)

Jacques Broodryk
plays Sersant Odendaal (4 episodes)

Carmen Pretorius
plays Lucinda (32 episodes)

Anna-Mart van der Merwe
plays Leonora Hanekom (18 episodes)

Elmé Churr
plays Jasmyn (4 episodes)

Camilla Waldman
plays Fabiana Castignini (47 episodes)

André Lotter
plays Lukas Richter (63 episodes)

Johan Scholtz
plays Osie Oosthuizen (37 episodes)

Tiffany Kelly
plays Tilda Oosthuizen (32 episodes)

Jana Strydom
plays Dr. Lisa du Toit (34 episodes)

Mandi du Plooy
plays Bianca (12 episodes)

Tarryn Lamb
plays Desiree Stuurman (16 episodes)

Charles Bouguenon
plays Leonard (11 episodes)

Ruan Wessels
plays Morné Gericke (521 episodes)

Michelle Bradshaw
plays Dr. Michelle Butler (23 episodes)

Amor Tredoux
plays Lydia Jonker (36 episodes)

Christel Van den Bergh
plays Liani (20 episodes)

Karin van der Laag
plays Janneke Martens (29 episodes)

Helena van Urk
plays Louisa Gericke (321 episodes)

Luan Jacobs
plays Kobus Mulder (11 episodes)

Anton Schmidt
plays Brett Adler (179 episodes)

Al Karaki
plays Yamamoto (4 episodes)

Carmin Coetzer
plays Kaylee (8 episodes)

Neels Clasen
plays Jan Gericke (295 episodes)

Jody Abrahams
plays Nick Brits (10 episodes)

Jenna Dunster
plays Hestie Erasmus (77 episodes)

Anica Russouw
plays Celeste Liebenberg (67 episodes)

Lorraine Burger
plays Annetjie Strauss (125 episodes)

Nadia Beukes
plays Nerina Franks (21 episodes)

Renate Stuurman
plays Dr. Charnay Adams (430 episodes)

Cobus Visser
plays Prof Charles Surmon (35 episodes)

Donovan Borne
plays Adam (25 episodes)

Sarah Richard
plays Sara (24 episodes)

Nandi Horak
plays Vicky Mostert (82 episodes)

Katie Groves
plays Lucy (4 episodes)

Francois van Rensburg
plays Louis (7 episodes)

Tessa Jubber
plays Julia (15 episodes)

Marisa Drummond
plays Alexa (23 episodes)

Shareen Swart
plays Irene Greyling (15 episodes)

Duane Behrens
plays Duncan (2 episodes)

Julie Strijdom
plays Breggie van Tonder (122 episodes)

Christina Storm
plays Saskia (5 episodes)

Tessa Denton
plays Janie (10 episodes) , Jenny (28 episodes)

Garth Collins
plays Eric King (12 episodes)

Anelle Bester
plays Tineke Mostert (18 episodes)

Andre Odendaal
plays Andries Richter (47 episodes)

David Mello
plays David (126 episodes)

Merveline Ferris
plays Ronel Arendse (71 episodes)

Craig Hawks
plays Martin (19 episodes)

David Rees
plays Theuns Mostert (8 episodes)

Paul Lückhoff
plays Wimpie du Toit (312 episodes)

Marga van Rooy
plays Ruda Goosen (1 episode)

Craig Urbani
plays Keith Harris (6 episodes) , Jeremy Gavins (53 episodes)

Gert van Niekerk
plays Patrick Myburgh (42 episodes)

Mari Michael
plays Frieda Viljoen (11 episodes)

Mignon Claassen
plays Simone Viljoen (9 episodes)

Phillip Moolman
plays Hennie Lotter (10 episodes)

Nana Stapelberg
plays Maggie Smit (15 episodes)

Angelique Pretorius
plays Yolandi Botha (42 episodes)

Danielle Steynvaardt
plays Jessie (38 episodes)

Jakkie Groenewald
plays Freek (7 episodes)

Joey de Koker
plays Ouma Isabel (14 episodes)

Dirk Vermeulen
plays Lourens (2 episodes)

Lumé Vorster
plays Nina Jonker (78 episodes)

Elizabeth Nisbet
plays Brenda Kriek (31 episodes)

Elize Cawood
plays Susanna Meyer (109 episodes)

Fredia Roux
plays Barbara (6 episodes)

Francois Lensley
plays Dr. Henry Louw (32 episodes)

Nicole Bailey
plays Eileen Mulder (9 episodes)

Ilana Cilliers
plays Rita Nortier (9 episodes)

Brandon White
plays Shaun Harris (4 episodes)

Robert Hobbs
plays Dr. Brian Els (23 episodes) , Brian Els (3 episodes)

Mieke-Nell van Rensburg
plays Charnay (1 episode)

Garth Breytenbach
plays Sam (10 episodes)

Flip van der Merwe
plays Bokkie (1 episode)

Mary-Ann Barlow
plays Dr. Vivienne Armandt (10 episodes)

Juanita de Villiers
plays Dr. Marlien Thiart (20 episodes)

Hughan Butler
plays Ruben (23 episodes)

Deanre Reiners
plays Emil (64 episodes)

Steve Peralta
plays Dave (2 episodes)

Almarie du Preez
plays Monique (7 episodes)

Danny Ross
plays Nigel (23 episodes)

Tammy Vega
plays Bronwyn (2 episodes)

Valerie Robinson
plays Linda Malherbe (18 episodes)

Melt Sieberhagen
plays Rudi (8 episodes)

Graeme Kriega
plays Vusi (1 episode)

Arno Greeff
plays Krige Vos (132 episodes)

Boitumelo Mothabela
plays Leenta Molefe (15 episodes)

Johnny Potsanyane
plays Katt Molefe (9 episodes)

Gustav Gerdener
plays Roelf Grobler (6 episodes)

Clarice Pieterse
plays Kirsten de Leeuw (6 episodes)

Jaden Cohen
plays Tai de Leeuw (3 episodes)

Duke Motlanthe
plays Kabo Molefe (2 episodes)

Amalia Uys
plays Margot Brink (154 episodes)

Andrew Euan White
plays Frankie Cloete (113 episodes)

Reuel Samson
plays Shelton Salie (16 episodes)

Morne du Toit
plays Justin (37 episodes)

Lily van Niekerk
plays Amalia (5 episodes) , Amalia Richter (16 episodes)

Sheri Brynard
plays Mari Greyling (7 episodes)

Lara Hattingh
plays Lizl (2 episodes)

Morné du Toit
plays Justin (1 episode)

Eduard Horn
plays Marcel Kruger (15 episodes)

Irvine van der Merwe
plays Enzo (1 episode)

Nazli George
plays Dawn September (12 episodes)

Dean Slater
plays Stian (8 episodes)

Diana Haasbroek
plays Bianca (4 episodes)

Antoinette Louw
plays Sandra Gordon (13 episodes)

Cindy van Wyk
plays Tannie Marie (1 episode)

Lian van der Westhuizen
plays Christa Saaiman (14 episodes)

Francois Stemmet
plays Flip (9 episodes)

Lida Botha
plays Bertha Grobbelaar (15 episodes)

Ursula Viviers
plays Margie Gouws (7 episodes)

Danielle Retief
plays Michelle Kemp (31 episodes)

Robbie Wessels
plays Kobus Marais (56 episodes)

Dianne Simpson
plays Carol Kemp (8 episodes)

Gérard Rudolf
plays Tony (34 episodes)

Sonni Chidiebere
plays Felix (1 episode)

Nicola Hanekom
plays Cherilee Gouws (26 episodes)

Mila Guy
plays Zanel Jordaan (16 episodes) , Dr. Zanel Jordaan (44 episodes)

DJ Mouton
plays Nicholas Stegmann (46 episodes)

Vanessa Swartz
plays Valerie (1 episode)

June van Merch
plays Gertrude (5 episodes) , Merle de Villiers (19 episodes)

Jonathan Pienaar
plays Leon (16 episodes)

Brandon Engelbrecht
plays Ronnie (4 episodes)

Marco Spaumer
plays Jean-Pierre (8 episodes)

Grant Towers
plays Dr. Neville Visagie (3 episodes)

Marijke Bezuidenhout
plays Liezl (21 episodes)

Pulane Sekepe
plays Sersant Molefe (20 episodes)

Yvonne Van Den Bergh
plays Maggie Kruger (7 episodes)

Retief van der Liefde
plays Dr. Christiaan du Preez (13 episodes)

Kisha Skeï
plays Lexi Abrahams (30 episodes)

Anne-Mart Bekink
plays Lani (2 episodes)

Michelle Ayden
plays Yssen (3 episodes)

Werner Botes
plays Du Preez (2 episodes)

Andile Thombeni
plays Ayanda Sedane (5 episodes)

Avril Scheepers
plays Caroline (1 episode)

Emile Hager
plays Wessel (17 episodes)

Wilson Dunster
plays Rodney (5 episodes)

Rika Niewoudt
plays Joline Hofmeyer (12 episodes)

Francois Jacobs
plays Wynand (11 episodes) , Esra van der Stryd (29 episodes)

Gerben Kamper
plays Bartho Struwig (11 episodes)

Marissa Claasen
plays Sharon Basson (7 episodes)

Eloise Clasen
plays Julia Vos (4 episodes)

Tumelo Matlala
plays Senzo (2 episodes)

Ronel Nel
plays Mev Struwig (1 episode)

Mike van der Bijl
plays Noah du Omar (1 episode)

Jacques Gombault
plays Flip Kirsten (11 episodes) , Jonas van der Stryd (38 episodes)

Marinda Botha
plays Lana Swart (10 episodes)

Bianca Amato
plays Andrea Hayden (28 episodes)

plays Radamel (14 episodes)

Matthew Dylan Roberts
plays Diego (16 episodes)

Mia-Anne O'Kennedy
plays Margie Naude (14 episodes)

Brendan Murray
plays Thomas (19 episodes)

Alonso Grandio
plays Julio (2 episodes)

Rika Sennett
plays Laetitia Snyman (19 episodes)

Jose Domingos
plays Stem (1 episode)

Stephanie Sandows
plays Jazzy (26 episodes)

Rian Terblanche
plays Clive Westner (7 episodes)

Linda Sokhulu
plays Geraldine (2 episodes)

Benjamin Williams
plays Riley (2 episodes)

Dimpho Thuhloane
plays Maitre'd (1 episode)

Louise Osmond
plays Amy (5 episodes)

Veronique Breugelmans
plays Mary Struben (1 episode)

Elani Dekker
plays Monique Cilliers (24 episodes)

Liesl Harris Kruger
plays Ronel (2 episodes)

Adrian Steyn
plays Ruben Cloete (133 episodes)

Daniah De Villiers
plays Trudie Ferreira (80 episodes)

Tayla Tolmay
plays Milan (3 episodes)

Eduan van Jaarsveldt
plays Boeta Ferreira (22 episodes)

Le-Anche van den Berg
plays Nina Jonker (21 episodes)

Jovan Muthray
plays Zac (21 episodes)

Lea Vivier
plays Lika Bosch (109 episodes)

Kika Smit
plays Celeste Liebenberg (35 episodes)

Oswald Kotze
plays Lenny (5 episodes)

Sandra Vaughn
plays Renate Ferreira (15 episodes)

Siyabonga Mtshali
plays Ffloyd (1 episode) , Floyd (19 episodes)

Deon Coetzee
plays Piet (20 episodes)

Miskar Chomse
plays Thomas (3 episodes)

Zack Mtombeni
plays Peter (4 episodes)

David Konrad
plays Dr. Herman du Preez (5 episodes)

Euwelia Louw
plays Kim (8 episodes)

Conrad Kemp
plays Charles (21 episodes)

Genius Dube
plays Yogo (3 episodes)

Sesethu Ntombela
plays Mbali Gaba (18 episodes)

Nyaniso Dzedze
plays Odyn (20 episodes)

Lowembo Takoy
plays Richard (9 episodes)

Perebo George
plays Mbo (14 episodes)

Kim Syster
plays Dr. Jax Davids (106 episodes)

Zikhona Bali
plays Pearl (2 episodes)

Marischka Ceaser
plays Jessica (5 episodes)

Saranti Reeders
plays Ami (5 episodes)

Liebe Viljoen
plays Leah Bester (19 episodes)

Cameron Scott
plays Andrew Tarr (8 episodes)

Andreas Damm
plays Chris (7 episodes)

Bartho van Tonder
plays Phillip (4 episodes)

Tim Hulse
plays Fred (1 episode)

Philipa Higgins
plays Carina (8 episodes)

Bertha le Roux-Wahl
plays Gaynor Barker (11 episodes)

Deoudoné van der Merwe
plays Ciska Nortje (15 episodes)

Susan Coetzer
plays Mercia Jooste (29 episodes)

Ruben Waldeck Rossouw
plays Sam Kriek (10 episodes)

Angelica Hattingh
plays Angie (2 episodes)

Zak Hendrikz
plays Eben Nel (15 episodes)

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