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  • Released on January 01, 1988

This autobiographical story about a love affair between two men was filmed on location in inner-city Auckland. Richard an astronomy-obsessed worrier spends his time fantasising about outerspace and the cosmos, an activity which antagonises friends and family. Then one day he meets Johnny, a handsome Italian man, with an enormous appetite for life, whose idea of a holiday involves breaking into the nearest small holiday home. He offers him love and an escape from the monotony of work. This short New Zealand film is a joyous celebration of the love between two eccentrics. It is also a refreshingly matter-of-fact and comic treatment of a romance between two men who both have their sights aimed firmly amongst the stars. Released on the compiliations: Boys on Film Volume 3 (1994)

Full Cast of Beyond Gravity

Guy Boyce
plays Harry

Willy de Wit
plays Dick

Gilbert Goldie
plays Lance

Stephen Hall
plays Kevin/Swami

Lucy Sheehan

Annabel Lomas
plays Faye

Sheila Summers
plays Denise

Alex Van Dam
plays Pete

David Weatherley
plays Planetarium Voice

David Weatherley as Planetarium Voice

David Weatherley was born on March 1, 1939 and is currently 85 years old.

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Crew of Beyond Gravity

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