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Bellman and True

About Bellman and True

Hiller, a computer expert, was bribed by group of bank robbers to obtain details of the security system at a newly-built bank. Having obtained the information, he thought he'd seen the last of the robbers. But now they've traced him and his son to London. They hold the son hostage and force Hiller to decode the information about the alarm and then to take part in the robbery.

Full Cast of Bellman and True

Bernard Hill
plays Hiller

Bernard Hill as Hiller

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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Derek Newark
plays Guv'nor

Richard Hope
plays Salto

Richard Hope as Salto

Richard Hope is a British actor who gained recognition from Brideshead Revisited as the doltish junior officer, Hoope...

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Ken Bones
plays Gort

Ken Bones as Gort

Ken Bones is an English actor. He is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Frances Tomelty
plays Anna

Frances Tomelty as Anna

Frances Tomelty (born 6 Oct 1948 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish actress and the first wife of Stin...

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Kieran O'Brien
plays The Boy

Kieran O'Brien as The Boy

O'Brien grew up in nearby Royton and was educated at the Bishop Henshaw Roman Catholic Memorial High School in Rochda...

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John Kavanagh
plays Donkey

Arthur Whybrow
plays The Peterman

Peter Howell
plays The Bellman

Jim Dowdall
plays The Wheelman

Kate McEnery
plays Mo

Anne Carroll
plays Pauline

Richard Strange
plays Man with Walkman

Peter Jonfield
plays Security Sergeant

Andrew Paul
plays Young Security Guard

Andrew Paul as Young Security Guard

Andrew Paul was born on March 17, 1961 and is currently 63 years old.

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Richard Walsh
plays Security Driver

Camilla Nash
plays Anna's Lover

Badi Uzzaman
plays Shopkeeper

William Sleigh
plays Hotel Clerk

Stephen Churchett
plays Commercial Traveller

Michael Bertenshaw
plays Steward

Alisa Bosschaert
plays Ticket Check In Clerk

Alan Downer
plays Immigration Official

Crew of Bellman and True

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