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Suzu is a 17-year-old high-school student living in a rural town with her father. Wounded by the loss of her mother at a young age, Suzu one day discovers the massive online world "U" and dives into this alternate reality as her avatar, Belle. Before long, all of U's eyes are fixed on Belle, when, suddenly, a mysterious, dragon-like figure appears before her.

Full Cast of Belle

Kaho Nakamura
plays Suzu Naito / Belle (voice)

Ryo Narita
plays Shinobu Hisatake (voice)

Ryo Narita as Shinobu Hisatake (voice)

Ryo Narita is a model and actor from Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

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Shota Sometani
plays Shinjiro 'Kamishin' Chikami (voice)

Shota Sometani as Shinjiro 'Kamishin' Chikami (voice)

Shota Sometani (染谷 将太 Sometani Shōta, born 3 September 1992) is a Japanese actor from Koto, Tokyo. He is known for hi...

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Tina Tamashiro
plays Ruka Watanabe (voice)

Lilas Ikuta
plays Hiroka 'Hiro' Betsuyaku (voice)

Lilas Ikuta as Hiroka 'Hiro' Betsuyaku (voice)

ikura, real name Lilas Ikuta, is a Japanese vocalist. She is part of the music duo YOASOBI alongside music producer A...

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Ryoko Moriyama
plays Yoshitani (voice)

Michiko Shimizu
plays Kita (voice)

Fuyumi Sakamoto
plays Okumoto (voice)

Yoshimi Iwasaki
plays Nakai (voice)

Sachiyo Nakao
plays Hatanaka (voice)

Toshiyuki Morikawa
plays Justin (voice)

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Justin (voice)

Toshiyuki Morikawa is a Japanese voice actor. He was formerly affiliated with Arts Vision until he co-founded his own...

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Mamoru Miyano
plays Muitaro Hitokawa / Guttokoraemaru (voice)

Mamoru Miyano as Muitaro Hitokawa / Guttokoraemaru (voice)

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has also appeared as Prince Ismir in the stage production "Cre...

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Sumi Shimamoto
plays Suzu's Mother (voice)

Koji Yakusho
plays Suzu's Father (voice)

Koji Yakusho as Suzu's Father (voice)

Koji Yakusho was born on January 1, 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

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Ken Ishiguro
plays Kei and Tomo's Father (voice)

plays Peggie Sue (voice)

plays Tomo / Angel (voice)

Takeru Satoh
plays Kei / Dragon (voice)

Kenjiro Tsuda
plays Jellinek (voice)

Kenjiro Tsuda as Jellinek (voice)

Kenjiro Tsuda (津田 健次郎, Tsuda Kenjirō) is a Japanese voice actor, stage actor, and narrator affiliated with Amuleto an...

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Mami Koyama
plays Swan (voice)

Mami Koyama as Swan (voice)

Mami Koyama was born on January 17, 1955 and is currently 69 years old.

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Mitsuru Miyamoto
plays Fox (voice)

Asami Miura
plays Announcer (voice)

Taichi Masu
plays Announcer (voice)

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