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About Bella

  • Released on January 01, 1998
  • Drama

This is the story of Bella, a defiantly proud transsexual and part-time tattooist, whose mere presence arouses the ire of one of the prison guards. But the guard's taunts are more complicated than they appear.

Full Cast of Bella

Mitch Thomas
plays Bella

Tim Gordon
plays Officer Goff

David Rare
plays Elvis

Gilbert Goldie
plays Chief McGinty

John Watson
plays Seaman

Siniša Ćopić
plays Mangin

Kim McLeod
plays Guard

Jason Hoyte
plays Guard

Peter Bell
plays Guard

Stephen Max Cooper
plays Bird

Thomas Tino
plays Inmate

Wesley Priest
plays Inmate

Bill Payne
plays Inmate

Mikki Te Amo
plays Inmate

Baine Huggett
plays Inmate

Barry Te Hira
plays Inmate

Wilson Cullen
plays Inmate

Harold Makoare
plays Inmate

James Pihama
plays Inmate

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