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Basic Training

About Basic Training

  • Released on November 01, 1985
  • Comedy

Melinda comes to Washington DC to visit her friend Debbie, and to find a job in government, where she hopes to do her part to make it better. She gets a lower echelon administrative position at the Pentagon, and finds things pretty slack. Her boss seems to be more interested in getting into her pants than trying to find lost data on the Russians. Melinda resists his advances and begins working her way up in the Pentagon, finding subtle ways of getting her policies implemented by manipulating the slovenly males that populate the Pentagon, including finding a way to defuse the mounting conflict with the Russians

Full Cast of Basic Training

Ann Dusenberry
plays Melinda

Rhonda Shear
plays Debbie

Angela Aames
plays Cheryl

Will Nye
plays Lt. Cranston

Walter Gotell
plays Nabokov

Marty Brill
plays General Strombs

William A. Forester
plays General Kane

Christopher Pennock
plays Major Magnum

Mark Withers
plays Captain Drysdale

Mark Withers as Captain Drysdale

Mark Withers was born on June 25, 1947 and is currently 76 years old.

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Gerard Prendergast
plays Bill Slater

Marty Cohen
plays Michael

Orly Oh
plays Tanya

Linda Hoy
plays Miss Perkins

Kenny Ellis
plays Sidney

Gerald Berns
plays Steve

Lynn Griffis
plays Reporter #1

John Ochoa
plays Reporter #2

Michael Greene
plays Dimitri

Mark Lowenthal
plays Vladimir

Sam Scarber
plays SWAT Leader

Ari Barak
plays Abdul

Sammy Warren
plays Shoeshine Man

Donald Fullilove
plays Typewriter Man

Donald Fullilove as Typewriter Man

Donald Fullilove was born on May 16, 1958 and is currently 66 years old.

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Cynthia Frost
plays Cleaning Woman

Barbara Peckinpaugh
plays Salesgirl #1

Erika Dockery
plays Salesgirl #2

Fred Saxon
plays TV Newscaster

Patrick Dollaghan
plays Handsome Man

Gilbert Adler
plays Security Guard

Ruth Jones
plays Elevator Operator

Ellen Hughes
plays Stewardess (uncredited)

Crew of Basic Training

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