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The long-awaited live-action Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has finally hit the theaters and it's a must-watch for both children and adults alike. The movie features an all-star cast, including the talented Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. With their impeccable comedic timing and undeniable chemistry, the duo brings to life these iconic dolls in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Set in the vibrant and whimsical world of Barbie Land, the movie follows Barbie and Ken as they go about their picture-perfect lives. The set design is a visual feast, with every frame bursting with color and detail. From the candy-colored houses to the sparkling beaches, Barbie Land is a dream come true for anyone who has ever played with a Barbie doll. However, as perfect as it seems, the world of Barbie Land is not without its flaws. As the story unfolds, we see that the inhabitants of Barbie Land are expected to conform to a certain standard of beauty and behavior, which can be stifling and limiting.

When Barbie and Ken get the chance to venture into the real world, they jump at the opportunity. The real world is a stark contrast to the shiny, plastic world of Barbie Land. It's messy, chaotic, and often unpredictable. However, it's also full of joy, diversity, and real human connections. Barbie and Ken learn to navigate this new world, making mistakes along the way, but ultimately growing as individuals. The movie is a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and the importance of being true to oneself. It's a heartwarming and entertaining story that will leave you with a smile on your face and a newfound appreciation for the world around you.

Full Cast of Barbie

Margot Robbie
plays Barbie

Margot Robbie as Barbie
Margot Robbie's portrayal of Barbie in the movie 'Barbie' is nothing short of iconic. She brings a fresh and modern take to the classic character, infusing her with warmth, humor, and depth. Robbie's performance is not just about looking the part - she embodies the spirit of Barbie, capturing her optimism, kindness, and adventurous nature. Her chemistry with co-star Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, is electric, adding an extra layer of charm to the film. Overall, Robbie's performance is a delightful tribute to the beloved doll, making 'Barbie' a must-watch for fans of all ages. See Margot Robbie's other roles

Ryan Gosling
plays Ken

Ryan Gosling as Ken
Ryan Gosling's performance as Ken in 'Barbie' is a delightful surprise. Known for his serious roles, Gosling brings a fresh and humorous energy to the iconic doll character. His portrayal is both endearing and hilarious, as he perfectly captures Ken's naivety and charm. Gosling's commitment to the role is evident, as he fully embraces the character's quirks and mannerisms, making Ken a standout character in the film. See Ryan Gosling's other roles

America Ferrera
plays Gloria

America Ferrera as Gloria
In the movie 'Barbie', America Ferrera delivers a standout performance as Gloria, a character who is initially introduced as a shy and insecure doll, but later transforms into a confident and empowered individual. Ferrera's portrayal is both nuanced and heartfelt, as she expertly captures Gloria's emotional journey from self-doubt to self-discovery. Her ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from sadness and vulnerability to joy and determination, adds depth and authenticity to the character. Overall, Ferrera's performance as Gloria is a testament to her acting prowess and serves as a highlight of the film. See America Ferrera's other roles

Ariana Greenblatt
plays Sasha

Ariana Greenblatt as Sasha
Ariana Greenblatt's portrayal of Sasha in 'Barbie' is truly delightful. She brings a refreshing energy and enthusiasm to the role, making Sasha a standout character. Greenblatt's performance is marked by her natural charisma and impressive comedic timing, which add depth and humor to the film. Her on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast is also noteworthy, contributing to the overall dynamic of the movie. Overall, Greenblatt's performance as Sasha is a testament to her talent and versatility as a young actress. See Ariana Greenblatt's other roles

Issa Rae
plays Barbie

Issa Rae as Barbie

Jo-Issa Rae Diop, known as Issa Rae (born January 12, 1985), is an American actress, writer, director, producer, and ...

See Issa Rae's other roles

Kate McKinnon
plays Barbie

Kate McKinnon as Barbie
Kate McKinnon's performance as Weird Barbie in the movie 'Barbie' is a standout delight. She brings her signature comedic timing and quirky charm to the role, creating a character that is both hilarious and endearing. McKinnon's Weird Barbie is a breath of fresh air, offering a unique and unexpected perspective within the Barbie universe. Her ability to make even the most absurd situations feel genuine and relatable is a testament to her talent as an actress. Overall, McKinnon's performance is a highlight of the film and a must-see for fans of her work. See Kate McKinnon's other roles

Alexandra Shipp
plays Barbie

Alexandra Shipp as Barbie

Alexandra Ruth Shipp is an American actress and singer who rose to prominence for portraying singer Aaliyah in the Li...

See Alexandra Shipp's other roles

Emma Mackey
plays Barbie

Emma Mackey as Barbie

Emma Margaret Marie Tachard-Mackey (born 4 January 1996) is a French-British actress. Following minor roles in indepe...

See Emma Mackey's other roles

Hari Nef
plays Barbie

Hari Nef as Barbie

Hari Nef (born October 21, 1992) is an American actress, model, and writer. Nef's breakthrough role was Gittel in the...

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Sharon Rooney
plays Barbie

Sharon Rooney as Barbie

Scottish actress best known for the lead role of Rae in Channel 4's My Mad Fat Diary, as Dawn in ITV's Brief Encounte...

See Sharon Rooney's other roles

Ana Cruz Kayne
plays Barbie

Ana Cruz Kayne as Barbie

Ana Kayne is an actress and writer, known for Another Earth, 2011. The Creek When He Came Back, 2016. and Baby Teeth, 2016.

See Ana Cruz Kayne's other roles

Ritu Arya
plays Barbie

Ritu Arya as Barbie

Ritu Arya is a British film and television actress. She holds a BSc in Astrophysics from Southampton University, and ...

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Dua Lipa
plays Barbie

Dua Lipa as Barbie

Dua Lipa (born 22 August 1995) is an English and Albanian singer and songwriter. Possessing a mezzo-soprano vocal ran...

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Nicola Coughlan
plays Barbie

Nicola Coughlan as Barbie

Nicola Mary Coughlan is an Irish actress. She is known for her roles as Clare Devlin in the Channel 4 sitcom Derry Gi...

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Emerald Fennell
plays Midge

Emerald Fennell as Midge

Emerald Lilly Fennell (born 1 October 1985) is an English actress, filmmaker, and writer. She has received many award...

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Simu Liu
plays Ken

Simu Liu as Ken

Simu Liu (born 19 April 1989) is a Canadian actor, writer, and stuntman. He is known for his performance as Jung Kim ...

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Kingsley Ben-Adir
plays Ken

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Ken

Kingsley Ben-Adir (born 28 February 1986) is a British actor. He has performed in several plays in London theatres. H...

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Ncuti Gatwa
plays Ken

Ncuti Gatwa as Ken

Massaro Ncuti Gatwa (born 15 October 1992) is a Rwandan-Scottish actor. He rose to prominence as Eric Effiong on the ...

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Scott Evans
plays Ken

Scott Evans as Ken

Scott Evans (born September 21, 1983) is an American actor known for his roles as police officer Oliver Fish on the A...

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John Cena
plays Ken

John Cena as Ken

John Felix Anthony Cena is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper currently signed to WWE. Widel...

See John Cena's other roles

Michael Cera
plays Allan

Michael Cera as Allan
Michael Cera's portrayal of Allan in 'Barbie' is a delightful surprise, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Cera brings a charming awkwardness to the character, making Allan endearing and relatable. His comedic timing is spot-on, adding a layer of humor that perfectly complements the movie's light-hearted tone. Overall, Cera's performance is a standout in the film, proving once again his talent for bringing unique characters to life. See Michael Cera's other roles

Rhea Perlman
plays Ruth

Rhea Perlman as Ruth

Rhea Jo Perlman (born 31 March 1948) is an American actress and writer. She is best known for her role as head-waitre...

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Helen Mirren
plays Narrator (voice)

Helen Mirren as Narrator (voice)

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren DBE (née Mironoff; born 26 July 1945) is an English actor. The recipient of numerous accolade...

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Will Ferrell
plays Mattel CEO

Will Ferrell as Mattel CEO

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Will Ferrell became interested in performing while a student at ...

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Connor Swindells
plays Aaron Dinkins

Connor Swindells as Aaron Dinkins

Connor Ryan Swindells (born 19 September 1996) is an English actor and model. He gained prominence through his role a...

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Jamie Demetriou
plays Mattel Executive #1

Jamie Demetriou as Mattel Executive #1

James Demetriou (born November 1987) is an English-Cypriot comedian, actor, and screenwriter known for his roles in F...

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Andrew Leung
plays Mattel Executive #2

Andrew Leung as Mattel Executive #2

Andrew Leung is an actor, known for Cruella, Lilting and Containment.

See Andrew Leung's other roles

Will Merrick
plays Young Mattel Employee

Will Merrick as Young Mattel Employee

Will Merrick was born on April 9, 1993 and is currently 31 years old.

See Will Merrick's other roles

Caroline Wilde

Caroline Wilde

Caroline Wilde was born on August 17, 1995 and is currently 28 years old.

See Caroline Wilde's other roles

Hannah Khalique-Brown

Zheng Xi Yong
plays An Even Younger Mattel Employee

Asim Chaudhry
plays Warehouse Employee

Asim Chaudhry as Warehouse Employee

Asim Chaudhry was born on November 24, 1987 and is currently 36 years old.

See Asim Chaudhry's other roles

Ray Fearon
plays Dan at the FBI

Ray Fearon as Dan at the FBI

Raymond Fearon (born 5 August 1973) is a British actor, versed in television, film and the theatre. He has had roles ...

See Ray Fearon's other roles

McKenna Roberts
plays Girl #1 , Junior High Friend

McKenna Roberts as Girl #1

Born McKenna Rae Roberts, an American actress and model. At a very young age she landed her first modeling job chosen...

See McKenna Roberts's other roles

Erica Ford
plays Skipper

Jasmine Clark

Luke Mullen

Luke Mullen

Actor best known for playing TJ on the Disney show Andi Mack.

See Luke Mullen's other roles

plays Barbie Video Girl

Marisa Abela
plays Teen Talk Barbie

Marisa Abela as Teen Talk Barbie

Marisa Abela was born on December 8, 1996 and is currently 27 years old.

See Marisa Abela's other roles

Lucy Boynton
plays Proust Barbie

Rob Brydon
plays Sugar Daddy Ken

Tom Stourton
plays Earring Magic Ken

Tom Stourton as Earring Magic Ken

Tom Stourton was born on January 1, 1987 and is currently 37 years old.

See Tom Stourton's other roles

Chris Taylor
plays Ken Emcee

David Mumeni
plays Footrub Ken

Olivia Brody
plays 2001 Girl

Isla Ashworth
plays 2001 Girl

Eire Farrell
plays 2001 Girl

Daisy Duczmal
plays 2001 Girl

Genvieve Toussaint
plays Young Sasha

Isabella Nightingale
plays Girl Making Weird Barbie

Isabella Nightingale-Mercado
plays Girl Making Weird Barbie

Manuela Mora
plays Girl with Barbies

Manuela Mora as Girl with Barbies

Manuela Mora was born on May 8, 2010 and is currently 14 years old.

See Manuela Mora's other roles

Millie-Rose Crossley
plays Advertisement Girl

Anvita Nehru
plays Advertisement Girl

Aida Sexton
plays Girl with Barbies

Kayla-Mai Alvares
plays Advertisement Girl

Patrick Luwis
plays Guy at the Beach

Mac Brandt
plays Construction Worker

Mac Brandt as Construction Worker

Born 1980, Mac Brandt is an American actor best known for his roles as C.O. Mack Andrews on the Fox crime drama Priso...

See Mac Brandt's other roles

Paul Jurewicz
plays Construction Worker

Oraldo Austin
plays Construction Worker

Benjamin Arthur
plays Construction Worker

Carlos Jacott
plays Policeman

Adam Ray
plays Policeman

George Basil
plays Boutique Owner

Ptolemy Slocum
plays Corporate Man

Deb Hiett
plays Doctor

James Leon
plays Life-Guard

Oliver Vaquer
plays Businessman

Tony Noto
plays Businessman

Christopher T. Wood
plays Businessman

Ann Roth
plays The Woman on the Bench

Ann Roth as The Woman on the Bench

Ann Bishop Roth (born October 30, 1931) is an American costume designer. She has designed the costumes of various pro...

See Ann Roth's other roles

Annie Mumolo
plays Anxiety Mom

Annie Mumolo as Anxiety Mom

Anne Marie Mumolo (born July 10, 1973) is an American actress, screenwriter, comedian and producer, known for co-writ...

See Annie Mumolo's other roles

Elise Gallup
plays Warning Girl

Brylee Hsu
plays Junior High Friend

Sasha Milstein
plays Junior High Friend

Lauren Holt
plays Time Mom

Sterling Jones
plays Mattel Agent

Ryan Piers Williams
plays El Esposo de Gloria

Jamaal Lewis
plays Muscle Beach Guy

Kathryn Akin
plays Doctor Receptionist

Grace Jabbari
plays Dancer

Ira Mandela Siobhan
plays Dancer

Lisa Spencer
plays Dancer

Naomi Weijand
plays Dancer

Tom Clark
plays Dancer

Tom Clark as Dancer

Tom Clark is a British dancer and photographer who has been in various films, music videos, ballets, and commercials.

See Tom Clark's other roles

Ireanne Abenoja
plays Dancer

Davide Albonetti
plays Dancer

Charlotte Anderson
plays Dancer

Michael Anderson
plays Dancer

Rico Bakker
plays Dancer

James Bamford
plays Dancer

William John Banks
plays Dancer

Callum Bell
plays Dancer

Adam Blaug
plays Dancer

Mason Boyce
plays Dancer

Taylor Bradshaw
plays Dancer

Alex Brown
plays Dancer

Miekaile Browne
plays Dancer

Lewis Calcutt
plays Dancer

Nikkita Chadha
plays Dancer

Nikkita Chadha as Dancer

Nikkita Chadha is a British actress and dancer from London, UK. Her heritage is Indian.

See Nikkita Chadha's other roles

Oliver Chapman
plays Dancer

Megan Charles
plays Dancer

Callum Clack
plays Dancer

Danny Coburn
plays Dancer

Kat Collings
plays Dancer

Adam Crossley
plays Dancer

Sia Dauda
plays Dancer

Gustave Die
plays Dancer

Grace Durkin
plays Dancer

Joelle Dyson
plays Dancer

Lewis Easter
plays Dancer

Onyemachi Ejimofor
plays Dancer

Cameron Everitt
plays Dancer

Luke Field-Wright
plays Dancer

Sasha Flesch
plays Dancer

Adam Fogarty
plays Dancer

Michael John French
plays Dancer

Anna-Kay Gayle
plays Dancer

Charlie Goddard
plays Dancer

Marlie Goddard
plays Dancer

Ellis Harman
plays Dancer

Yasmin Harrison
plays Dancer

Josh Hawkins
plays Dancer

James Healy
plays Dancer

Tim Hodges
plays Dancer

Mira Jebari
plays Dancer

Beccy Jones
plays Dancer

Thomas Kalek
plays Dancer

Lily Laight
plays Dancer

Maiya Leeke
plays Dancer

Cristian Liberti
plays Dancer

Prodromos Marneros
plays Dancer

Nahum McLean
plays Dancer

Jordan Melchor
plays Dancer

Ramzan Miah
plays Dancer

Andy Monaghan
plays Dancer

Florivaldo Mossi
plays Dancer

Hannah Nazareth
plays Dancer

Grant Neal
plays Dancer

Freja Nicole
plays Dancer

Shaun Niles
plays Dancer

Ella Nonini
plays Dancer

Jack William Parry
plays Dancer

Josie Pocock
plays Dancer

Barnaby Quarendon
plays Dancer

Redmand Rance
plays Dancer

Zara Richards
plays Dancer

Liam Riddick
plays Dancer

Alana Rixon
plays Dancer

Adam Paul Robertson
plays Dancer

Kingdom Sibanda
plays Dancer

Sebastian Skov
plays Dancer

Aaron J. Smith
plays Dancer

Joshua Smith
plays Dancer

Lucia-Rose Sokolowski
plays Dancer

Janine Somcio
plays Dancer

Alex Sturman
plays Dancer

Alex Sturman as Dancer

Alexandra Diana "Alex" Sturman was born and raised in New York City. Sturman made her New York Theater stage debut in...

See Alex Sturman's other roles

Callum Sterling
plays Dancer

Todd Talbot
plays Dancer

Charles Tatman
plays Dancer

Grant Thresh
plays Dancer

Connor Tidman
plays Dancer

Wahchi Vong
plays Dancer

Jerry Wan
plays Dancer

Sasha Wareham
plays Dancer

Stan West
plays Dancer

Oliver Wheeler
plays Dancer

Josh Wild
plays Dancer

Joe Wolstenholme
plays Dancer

Richard Womersley
plays Dancer

Ashley Young
plays Dancer

Naomi Watts
plays Barbie

Naomi Watts as Barbie

Naomi Ellen Watts (born 28 September 1968) is a British actress. After her family moved to Australia, she made her fi...

See Naomi Watts's other roles

Alex Sturman
plays Dancer

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