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About BanG Dream! Poppin'Dream!

Poppin'Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN's successful concert at the Budokan has passed. Kasumi and the others, who have left a lingering sound on the stage of their dreams, are approached by a mysterious woman. Their next stage is overseas?! Poppin'Party's music isn't stopping yet!

Full Cast of BanG Dream! Poppin'Dream!

plays Kasumi Toyama (voice)

Aimi as Kasumi Toyama (voice)

Aimi Terakawa, professionally known under the mononym Aimi (愛美 Aimi), is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Hy...

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Sae Otsuka
plays Tae Hanazono (voice)

Rimi Nishimoto
plays Rimi Ushigome (voice)

Ayaka Ohashi
plays Saaya Yamabuki (voice)

Ayasa Ito
plays Arisa Ichigaya (voice)

Amane Shindo
plays Mashiro Kurata (voice)

Hina Suguta
plays Toko Kirigaya (voice)

Yuka Nishio
plays Nanami Hiromachi (voice)

plays Tsukushi Futaba (voice)

plays Rui Yashio (voice)

plays Rei Wakana (voice)

Riko Kohara
plays Rokka Asahi (voice)

plays Masuki Satou (voice)

Risa Tsumugi
plays Chiyu Tamade (voice)

Reo Kurachi
plays Reona Nyubara (voice)

Aina Aiba
plays Yukina Minato (voice)

Haruka Kudou
plays Sayo Hikawa (voice)

Haruka Kudou as Sayo Hikawa (voice)

Haruka Kudou is a Japanese voice actress and model, not to be confused with the pop idol with the same romanised name.

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Yuki Nakashima
plays Lisa Imai (voice)

Megu Sakuragawa
plays Ako Udagawa (voice)

Kanon Shizaki
plays Rinko Shirokane (voice)

Ayane Sakura
plays Ran Mitake (voice)

Ayane Sakura as Ran Mitake (voice)

Ayane Sakura is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production. She was previously affiliated with I'm Ente...

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Sachika Misawa
plays Moca Aoba (voice)

Emiri Kato
plays Himari Uehara (voice)

Emiri Kato as Himari Uehara (voice)

Emiri Kato (加藤 英美里, Katō Emiri, November 26, 1983) is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Fussa, Tokyo. She is a...

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Yoko Hikasa
plays Tomoe Udagawa (voice)

Yoko Hikasa as Tomoe Udagawa (voice)

Yoko Hikasa is a Japanese voice actress and singer, currently affiliated with I'm Enterprise. She aspired to become a...

See Yoko Hikasa's other roles

Hisako Kanemoto
plays Tsugumi Hazawa (voice)

Hisako Kanemoto as Tsugumi Hazawa (voice)

Hisako Kanemoto, also known as Juri Aikawa, is a Japanese voice actress from Okayama Prefecture, Japan. She is affil...

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Ami Maeshima
plays Aya Maruyama (voice)

Ari Ozawa
plays Hina Hikawa (voice)

Ari Ozawa as Hina Hikawa (voice)

Ari Ozawa was born on August 10, 1992 and is currently 31 years old.

See Ari Ozawa's other roles

Sumire Uesaka
plays Chisato Shirasagi (voice)

Ikumi Nakagami
plays Maya Yamato (voice)

Sawako Hata
plays Eve Wakamiya (voice)

Miku Ito
plays Kokoro Tsurumaki (voice)

Miku Ito as Kokoro Tsurumaki (voice)

Miku Ito is a Japanese voice actress and pop idol, affiliated with Style Cube.

See Miku Ito's other roles

Azusa Tadokoro
plays Kaoru Seta (voice)

Yuri Yoshida
plays Hagumi Kitazawa (voice)

Moe Toyota
plays Kanon Matsubara (voice)

Tomoyo Kurosawa
plays Misaki Okusawa (voice)

Tomoyo Kurosawa as Misaki Okusawa (voice)

Tomoyo Kurosawa (黒沢 ともよ, born April 10, 1996) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer from Chichibu, Saitama ...

See Tomoyo Kurosawa's other roles

Romi Park
plays Sora Uzaki (voice)

Romi Park as Sora Uzaki (voice)

Romi Park is a Japanese actress and voice actress of Korean descent. At the first Seiyuu Awards, she won an award for...

See Romi Park's other roles

Hikaru Tono
plays Yoshiko Nono (voice)

Yuka Ozaki
plays Asuka Toyama (voice)

Aya Hisakawa
plays Nonoe Hanazono (voice)

Aya Hisakawa as Nonoe Hanazono (voice)

Aya Hisakawa is a Japanese voice actress and singer affiliated with Aoni Production. She voices some of her roles in...

See Aya Hisakawa's other roles

plays Miki Ushigome (voice)

Suzuko Mimori
plays Yuri Ushigome (voice)

Mami Yamashita
plays Chihiro Yamabuki (voice)

Mari Okamoto
plays Mami Ichigaya (voice)

Mitsuko Nakamura
plays Flight Attendant Announcer (voice)

Tomomi Jiena Sumi
plays Cabin Attendant (voice)

Daniel Duncan
plays Immigration Inspector (voice)

Kelly Haavaldsrud
plays Bus Driver (voice)

Misaki Suzuki
plays Traveler (voice)

Arisa Nakada
plays Traveler (voice)

Patrick Creagh
plays Audience (voice)

Jamal Hariri Fawaz
plays Audience (voice)

Adina Dehezas
plays Audience (voice)

Naomi Arifin
plays Audience (voice)

Liu Shao Ting
plays Audience (voice)

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