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Bad Mothers

About Bad Mothers

Sarah’s perfect life as a GP, wife and mother is shattered when she discovers her husband is having an affair. Then her best friend is found murdered and Sarah’s husband, Anton, is arrested. She finds unlikely sisterhood and support in a ragtag group of outsiders.

Main Cast of Bad Mothers

Jagger Serafin
plays Xavier (8 episodes)

Paityn Batchelor
plays Eve (8 episodes)

Jessica Tovey
plays Danielle (8 episodes)

Mandy McElhinney
plays Maddie (8 episodes)

Shalom Brune-Franklin
plays Bindy (8 episodes)

Tess Haubrich
plays Sarah (8 episodes)

Don Hany
plays Kyle (8 episodes)

Daniel MacPherson
plays Anton (8 episodes)

Steve Bastoni
plays Tom (7 episodes)

Harry Greenwood
plays Sam (7 episodes)

Helen Thomson
plays Liz (7 episodes)

David Roberts
plays Harry Buttle (5 episodes)

Toby Truslove
plays Detective Holland (5 episodes)

Michala Banas
plays Jesse (4 episodes)

Laila Thaker
plays Abby (4 episodes)

Blake Draper
plays Julius (7 episodes)

Maya Robinson
plays Lucy (7 episodes)

Austin Hall
plays Max (7 episodes)

Ellie Tevelis
plays Francesca (7 episodes)

Josh McKenzie
plays Luke (6 episodes)

Mina Annan
plays London (6 episodes)

Olive Weeks
plays Romy (5 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Bad Mothers

Rebecca Bower
plays Rebecca (2 episodes)

Kate Lister
plays Phoebe (3 episodes)

Melissa George
plays Charlotte (2 episodes)

Melissa George as Charlotte

Melissa Suzanne George (born 6 August 1976) is an Australian film and television actress who has worked in Australia,...

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Lee Jankowski
plays Detective Drake (3 episodes)

Max Brown
plays Troy (3 episodes)

Faye Smythe
plays Faith (3 episodes)

Michael Carman
plays Patrick Muller (2 episodes)

Keith Brockett
plays James (2 episodes)

Nelson Baker
plays JJ (2 episodes)

Ewayn Harry
plays Peter (1 episode)

Maude Davey
plays Magistrate (1 episode)

Lucia Brancatisano
plays Female Officer (1 episode)

Nikki Coghill
plays Jo (1 episode)

Craig Johnston
plays Remand Guard (1 episode)

Eddie Baroo
plays Matty (1 episode)

Rami Roma
plays Richard (1 episode)

Deone Zanotto
plays Kate (1 episode)

Geoff Paine
plays Tony (1 episode)

Nick Thomas
plays Graham (1 episode)

Ermanno Giurina
plays Nathan (1 episode)

Ante Kreso
plays Dr Munro (1 episode)

Paul Abboud
plays Constable Mirkos (1 episode)

Harriet Davies
plays Constable Ridgway (1 episode)

Lauren Xanthoulakis
plays Riley's Mum (1 episode)

Indie Xanthoulakis
plays Riley (1 episode)

Dove Elliot
plays Ingrid (1 episode)

Paul Allica
plays Constable Flynn Barr (1 episode)

Crew of Bad Mothers

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