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Bad Education

About Bad Education

  • Released on March 19, 2004
  • Drama

Two children, Ignacio and Enrique, know love, the movies and fear in a religious school at the beginning of the 1960s. Father Manolo, director of the school and its professor of literature, is witness to and part of these discoveries. The three are followed through the next few decades, their reunion marking life and death.

Full Cast of Bad Education

Gael García Bernal
plays Ángel/Juan/Zahara

Gael García Bernal as Ángel/Juan/Zahara

Gael García Bernal (born 30 November 1978) is a Mexican actor and producer. He is best known for his performances in ...

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Fele Martínez
plays Enrique Goded

Daniel Giménez Cacho
plays Padre Manolo

Lluís Homar
plays Sr. Berenguer

Francisco Maestre
plays Padre José

Francisco Boira
plays Ignacio

Juan Fernández
plays Martín

Juan Fernández as Martín

Juan Fernández was born on August 11, 1957 and is currently 66 years old.

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Nacho Pérez
plays Young Ignacio

Raúl García Forneiro
plays Young Enrique

Javier Cámara
plays Paca/Paquito

Alberto Ferreiro
plays Enrique Serrano

Petra Martínez
plays Madre

plays Transformista

Roberto Hoyas
plays Camarero

Agustín Almodóvar
plays Limpiador Piscina (uncredited)

Robert Forcadell
plays Man in Public (uncredited)

Luis Lobos Negros
plays Motero Ochentero (uncredited)

Pol Monen
plays Niño (uncredited)

Sara Montiel
plays Soledad (archive footage) (uncredited)

Pau Poch
plays Niño (uncredited)

Leonor Watling
plays Mónica (uncredited)

José María Yázpik
plays Extra (uncredited)

Crew of Bad Education

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