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Asako I & II

About Asako I & II

  • Released on September 01, 2018

College student Asako falls in love at first sight with Baku after meeting at a photography exhibit. Romance sparks between the two but doesn't last long when Baku suddenly disappears from her life. Two years later, she spots a man that bears a striking resemblance to him. Even though it is only his physical similarities to Baku that attracted her to him, she doesn't say so and starts dating the soft-spoken young man called Ryohei.

Full Cast of Asako I & II

Erika Karata
plays Asako

Masahiro Higashide
plays Baku / Ryohei

Rio Yamashita
plays Maya

Sairi Ito
plays Haruyo

Sairi Ito as Haruyo

Sairi Ito is a Japanese actress who is represented by the talent agency Alpha Agency.

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Koji Seto
plays Kushihashi

Daichi Watanabe
plays Okazaki

Kôji Nakamoto
plays Hirakawa

Misako Tanaka
plays Eiko

Takeshi Ōnishi

Ariei Umefune
plays Art Exhibition Employee

Nao Okabe

Atsushi Kaneshige

Takao Kin

Maki Nishiyama

Atsushi Honma
plays Ryohei's Colleague

Tatsuo Kobayashi
plays Theater Employee

Ryotaro Yonemura

Fusako Urabe
plays Cry Woman

Crew of Asako I & II

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