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An Indecent Obsession

About An Indecent Obsession

  • Released on May 23, 1985

Sister Honour Langtree (Wendy Hughes), is in charge of a military hospital for psychiatric patients. She however transgresses boundaries by developing a sexual attraction for a new patient.

Full Cast of An Indecent Obsession

Wendy Hughes
plays Honour Langtry

Gary Sweet
plays Michael Wilson

Richard Moir
plays Luce Daggett

Jonathan Hyde
plays Neil Parkinson

Jonathan Hyde as Neil Parkinson

Jonathan Hyde (born 21 May 1948) is an Australian-born English actor, well known for his roles as J. Bruce Ismay, the...

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Bruno Lawrence
plays Matt Sawyer

Mark Little
plays Benedict Maynard

Tony Sheldon
plays Nugget Jones

Bill Hunter
plays Colonel Chinstrap

Julia Blake
plays Matron

Caroline Gillmer
plays Sally

Crew of An Indecent Obsession

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