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Following the death of his employer and mentor, Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas establishes himself as the number one importer of heroin in the Harlem district of Manhattan. He does so by buying heroin directly from the source in South East Asia and he comes up with a unique way of importing the drugs into the United States. Partly based on a true story.

Full Cast of American Gangster

Russell Crowe
plays Richie Roberts

Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts

Russell Ira Crowe (born 7 April 1964) is an actor. He was born in New Zealand, spent ten years of his childhood in Au...

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Denzel Washington
plays Frank Lucas

Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. is an American actor, screenwriter, director and film producer. He first rose to promine...

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Chiwetel Ejiofor
plays Huey Lucas

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Huey Lucas

Chiwetelu Umeadi "Chiwetel" Ejiofor (born on 10 July 1977) is an English actor. He attended London Academy of Music a...

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Cuba Gooding Jr.
plays Nicky Barnes

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Nicky Barnes

Cuba Mark Gooding Jr. (born January 2, 1968) is an American actor. He is the recipient of an Academy Award, a Screen ...

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Josh Brolin
plays Detective Trupo

Josh Brolin as Detective Trupo

Joshua James Brolin (born February 12, 1968) is an American actor. He has appeared in films such as The Goonies (1985...

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Ted Levine
plays Lou Toback

Ted Levine as Lou Toback

Frank Theodore "Ted" Levine (born May 29, 1957) is an American actor. He is known for his roles as Buffalo Bill in Th...

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Armand Assante
plays Dominic Cattano

Armand Assante as Dominic Cattano

Armand Anthony Assante is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as mobster John Gotti in the 1996 HBO tel...

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John Ortiz
plays Javier J. Rivera

John Ortiz as Javier J. Rivera

John Ortiz (born November 21, 1969) is an American actor and Artistic Director/Co-Founder of LAByrinth Theater Compan...

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John Hawkes
plays Freddie Spearman

John Hawkes as Freddie Spearman

John Hawkes was born John Marvin Perkins in Alexandria, Minnesota, to Patricia Jeanne (Olson) and Peter John Perkins,...

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plays Moses Jones

RZA as Moses Jones

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, better known by his stage name RZA or The RZA ( /ˈrɪzə/; born July 5, 1969), is an American ...

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Lymari Nadal
plays Eva

Yul Vazquez
plays Alfonso Abruzzo

Yul Vazquez as Alfonso Abruzzo

Yul Vázquez was born in Cuba. He is an actor and he is married to Linda Larkin. He has appeared as “Bob” in the Seinf...

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Ruby Dee
plays Mama Lucas

Idris Elba
plays Tango

Idris Elba as Tango

Idris Elba (born 6 September 1972) is a British television, theatre, and film actor who has starred in both British a...

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Carla Gugino
plays Laurie Roberts

Carla Gugino as Laurie Roberts

Carla Gugino (born August 29, 1971) is an American actress. After appearing in Troop Beverly Hills (1989) and This Bo...

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Joe Morton
plays Charlie Williams

Joe Morton as Charlie Williams

Joe Morton is an American stage, television, and film actor. He is best known for his Emmy awarded role as Eli Pope i...

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plays Turner Lucas

Common as Turner Lucas

Lonnie Rashid Lynn (born March 13, 1972), known by his stage name Common (formerly Common Sense), is an American rapp...

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Ritchie Coster
plays Joey Sadano

Ritchie Coster as Joey Sadano

Ritchie Coster (born 1 July 1967) is an English actor. He is best known for playing the roles of Dietrich Banning in ...

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Jon Polito
plays Rossi

Jon Polito as Rossi

Jon Polito (born December 29, 1950 — September 1, 2016) was an American actor. In a career spanning 35 years and over...

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Kevin Corrigan
plays Campizi

Roger Guenveur Smith
plays Nate

Malcolm Goodwin
plays Jimmy Zee

Ric Young
plays Chinese General

Roger Bart
plays US Attorney

Roger Bart as US Attorney

Roger Bart was born on September 29, 1962 in. He is an actor.

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plays Stevie Lucas

T.I. as Stevie Lucas

Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. (born September 25, 1980), better known by his stage name T.I. or T.I.P., is an American ...

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KaDee Strickland
plays Richie's Attorney

KaDee Strickland as Richie's Attorney

Katherine Dee "KaDee" Strickland (born December 14, 1975) is an American actress currently known for her role as Char...

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Ruben Santiago-Hudson
plays Doc

Norman Reedus
plays Detective in Morgue

Norman Reedus as Detective in Morgue

Norman Mark Reedus (born January 6, 1969) is an American actor, voice actor, television host, and model. Reedus is kn...

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Kathleen Garrett
plays Mrs. Dominic Cattano

Albert Jones
plays Terrence Lucas

Albert Jones as Terrence Lucas

Albert Jones is an actor.

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J. Kyle Manzay
plays Dexter Lucas

Melissia Hill
plays Redtop

Skyler Fortgang
plays Michael Roberts

Bari K. Willerford
plays Joe Louis

Warner Miller
plays Melvin Lucas

Quisha Saunders
plays Darlynn

Robert Funaro
plays McCann

Tom O'Rourke
plays Banker

Robert C. Kirk
plays Police Captain

Robert C. Kirk as Police Captain

Robert C. Kirk is an American actor. He plays Mr. Johansen in Boardwalk Empire. He is a co-star in the third season e...

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Tom Stearns
plays 2-Star General

Jon DeVries
plays Judge James Racine

Jon DeVries as Judge James Racine

Jon DeVries is an actor.

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Jim R. Coleman
plays Bailiff

Jim R. Coleman as Bailiff

Jim R. Coleman was born on February 9 1961 in Dallas Texas, to James and Ira Coleman. After graduating high school Ji...

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Lee Shepherd
plays Laurie's Attorney

Gavin Grazer
plays Mike Sobota

Linda Powell
plays Social Worker

Linda Powell as Social Worker

Linda Powell is an American stage and screen actress who studied acting at Michael Howard Studios and at Circle in th...

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Roxanne Amandez
plays Paramedic

Pierra Francesca
plays Stewardess

Eddie Rouse
plays Detective at Party

Maryann Urbano
plays Real Estate Broker

Cedric Sanders
plays Serviceman in Cafe

Cedric Sanders as Serviceman in Cafe

Cedric Sanders was born on April 26, 1982 in. He is an actor.

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Jason Veasey
plays Serviceman in Cafe

Roosevelt Davis
plays Army Captain

Eric Silver
plays White Kid

Saycon Sengbloh
plays Tango's Woman

Conor Romero
plays Tough Teenager

Daniel Hilt
plays Tough Teenager

Daniel Farcher
plays Tough Teenager

David Spearman
plays Civilian Cleaning Staff

Maurice Ballard
plays Civilian Cleaning Staff

Paul Doherty
plays Newscaster

William C. Tate
plays Baptist Minister

George Lee Miles
plays Frank's Lawyer

Jason Furlani
plays Bailiff

Chris McKinney
plays Reporter on TV

David Wayne Britton
plays Army Colonel

Tommy Guiffre
plays Medical Examiner

Laurence Lowry
plays Paramedic

Dan Moran
plays Army Captain

Marjorie Johnson
plays Charlene

Larry Mitchell
plays FBI Agent

Larry Mitchell as FBI Agent

Larry Mitchell is an actor and producer.

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Chuck Cooper
plays Private Doctor

Chuck Cooper as Private Doctor

Won the 1996 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor for his portrayal of Memphis in The Life. His other Broadway credits ...

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Kevin Geer
plays Law School Professor

Chance Kelly
plays MP

Chance Kelly as MP

Chance Kelly (height 6' 3" (1,91 m)) is a film and television character actor. He is known for starring as Lt. Col. "...

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Hamilton Clancy
plays Seller

Sam Freed
plays Judge

Joey Klein
plays Chemist

Scott Dillin
plays 4th Amigo

Anthony Hamilton
plays Funk Band Singer

Sarah Hudnut
plays Assistant Prosecutor

Jeff Greene
plays Metal Door Worker

Tyson Hall
plays Drug Dealer

Kirt Harding
plays Drug Dealer

Bryant Pearson
plays Drug Dealer

Al Santos
plays Mechanic

William Hudson
plays Dealer

Christopher A. Sawyer
plays Dealer

Dylan Gallagher
plays Casket Loader

Jehan-Pierre 'The Preacher' Vassau
plays Narc Officer

Dawn A. Douglas
plays Narc Officer

Robbie Neigeborn
plays Cop in Narc Headquarters

Clinton Lowe
plays Man Arrested in Elevator

Wilhelm Lewis
plays Head Wedding Photographer

James Hunter
plays Deacon

Neville White
plays Deacon

Lonnie Gaetano
plays Prison Guard

Jeff Mantel
plays Officer Walsh

Serena Joan Springle
plays The Proctor

Ron Piretti
plays Judge

Nino Del Buono
plays Announcer

Panama Redd
plays Policeman

Arthur M. Mercante
plays Referee

Fab 5 Freddy
plays Smalls Patron

Jonah Denizard
plays Store Manager

Steve McAuliff
plays Mounted Policeman

Bill Richards
plays Helicopter Pilot

Fatima Robinson
plays Dancer

Celestine Rae
plays Dancer

Monique Lea-Gall
plays Dancer

Shannon MacMillan
plays Dancer

Latonya Tolbert
plays Dancer

Cicily Daniels
plays Dancer

Sandra Park
plays Singer

Yuri Kamino-Fennell
plays Singer

Brian Albanese
plays Spectator (uncredited)

Brian Keith Allen
plays Narc Squad Detective (uncredited)

Ephraim Benton
plays Thug #4 (uncredited)

Myo Campbell
plays Red Carpet Walker (uncredited)

John Cenatiempo
plays Cop #1 (uncredited)

John Cenatiempo as Cop #1 (uncredited)

John Cenatiempo, born March 5, 1963 (age 59) in New York City, New York, USA, is an actor and stunt co-ordinator. He ...

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J.W. Cortes
plays Narc Officer in Hallway (uncredited)

Cris D'Annunzio
plays Frank McNamara (uncredited)

Ernest Dancy
plays Hustler (uncredited)

Michael Den Dekker
plays Undercover Cop (uncredited)

Mark DiConzo
plays Soldier (uncredited)

Kevin van Doorslaer
plays Student (uncredited)

Monique Dupree
plays Club Dancer (uncredited)

Joseph Ferrante
plays Gangster at Funeral (uncredited)

Eddie Goines
plays Hallway Guy (uncredited)

Kelvin Hale
plays Drug room door security (uncredited)

Gabriel Hansen
plays Mechanic Drug Dealer (uncredited)

Jermel Howard
plays Kid gangster #1 (uncredited)

Hristo Hristov
plays Bookie / Soldier (uncredited)

Atif Lanier
plays Frank Lucas Bodyguard (uncredited)

Tina Lorraine
plays Harlem Junkie (uncredited)

Artie Pasquale
plays Mobster (uncredited)

Nick Poltoranin
plays Mobster (uncredited)

Kevin Pinassi
plays Building Maintenance Guy (uncredited)

Louis Rosario
plays Teenage Vandal (uncredited)

Paula Rittie
plays Maid of Honor (uncredited)

Billy Smith
plays Bookkeeper (uncredited)

Aija Terauda
plays Nicky's Girl (uncredited)

Tammy Vaughn
plays Diana Ross (uncredited)

Philippe Vonlanthen
plays Skeet Shoot Handler (uncredited)

Clarence Williams III
plays Bumpy Johnson (uncredited)

Brad Lee Wind
plays Trupo's detective in library (uncredited)

Brad Lee Wind as Trupo's detective in library (uncredited)

Brad Lee Wind was born on April 10, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

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Ray Wineteer
plays Photographer (uncredited)

Ray Wineteer was born on September 27, 1957 and is currently 66 years old.

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Frances Mignano
plays Marie Saldano (uncredited)

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