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All Quiet on the Western Front

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At the start of World War I, Paul Baumer is a young German patriot, eager to fight. Indoctrinated with propaganda at school, he and his friends eagerly sign up for the army soon after graduation. But when the horrors of war soon become too much to bear, and as his friends die or become gravely wounded, Paul questions the sanity of fighting over a few hundreds yards of war-torn countryside.

Full Cast of All Quiet on the Western Front

Richard Thomas
plays Paul Bäumer

Richard Thomas as Paul Bäumer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Earl Thomas (born June 13, 1951 height 5' 8½" (1,74 m)) is an America...

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Ernest Borgnine
plays Stanislaus Katczinsky

Ernest Borgnine as Stanislaus Katczinsky

Ernest Borgnine (born Ermes Effron Borgnino; January 24, 1917 – July 8, 2012) was an American actor whose career span...

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Donald Pleasence
plays Kantorek

Ian Holm
plays Himmelstoss

Ian Holm as Himmelstoss

Sir Ian Holm Cuthbert CBE (12 September 1931 – 19 June 2020) was an English actor. After beginning his career on the ...

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Patricia Neal
plays Paul's Mother

Paul Mark Elliott
plays Josef Behm

David Bradley
plays Albert Kropp

Matthew Evans
plays Friedrich Muller

George Winter
plays Franz Kemmerich

Dominic Jephcott
plays Peter Leer

Mark Drewry
plays Tjaden

Colin Mayes
plays Westhus

Ewan Stewart
plays Detering

Ewan Stewart as Detering

Ewan Stewart (born 8 August 1957) is a Scottish film, television and stage actor. Description above from the Wikiped...

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Michael Sheard
plays Peter's Father

Michael Sheard as Peter's Father

Michael Sheard (18 June 1938 – 31 August 2005) was a Scottish actor who featured in a large number of films and telev...

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Kateřina Lírová
plays Paul's Sister

Mary Miller
plays Mrs. Kemmerich

Denys Graham
plays Kaiser Wilhelm II

Marie-Noëlle Barre
plays French Brunette

Dominique Varda
plays French Blonde

Arda Brokmann
plays 3rd French Girl

Mark Roemmich
plays Gerard Duval

Andrew Burleigh
plays Young Recruit

Tomáš Juřička
plays 2nd Recruit

Drahomíra Fialková
plays Sister Libertine

Veronika Jeníková
plays Anna

Ken Hutchison
plays Hammacher

Stephen Reynolds
plays Franz

Ian Hastings
plays Lewandowski

David de Keyser
plays Cook (voice)

David de Keyser as Cook (voice)

Actor and voice artist.

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Simon Hayword
plays Gessler

Bruce Purchase
plays Cook (uncredited)

Paul Shearer
plays 3rd Injured Soldier in Ward (uncredited)

Kevin Stoney
plays Hollerstein (uncredited)

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