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After escaping with Newt and Hicks from the alien planet, Ripley crash lands on Fiorina 161, a prison planet and host to a correctional facility. Unfortunately, although Newt and Hicks do not survive the crash, a more unwelcome visitor does. The prison does not allow weapons of any kind, and with aid being a long time away, the prisoners must simply survive in any way they can.

Alien³ is part of the Alien Collection, together with Alien, Aliens and Alien Resurrection .

Full Cast of Alien³

Sigourney Weaver
plays Ripley

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley
Sigourney Weaver delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as Ripley in 'Alien³'. Despite being the only female character in a male-dominated environment, Weaver portrays Ripley with unwavering strength and determination, making her a compelling and relatable protagonist. Her performance is characterized by a deep sense of vulnerability and resilience, as she grapples with the physical and emotional trauma of her experiences with the alien creatures. Weaver's portrayal of Ripley in 'Alien³' is a testament to her talent as an actress, and further solidifies her status as one of the most iconic female characters in science fiction cinema. See Sigourney Weaver's other roles

Charles S. Dutton
plays Dillon

Charles S. Dutton as Dillon
Charles S. Dutton's portrayal of Dillon in 'Alien³' is a standout performance, as he brings a sense of strength and vulnerability to the character. Dillon, a religious convict, is initially skeptical of the existence of the alien, but as the film progresses, he becomes a crucial ally in the fight against it. Dutton's powerful presence and commanding voice lend an air of authority to the character, making him a believable leader among the prisoners. However, it's his ability to convey Dillon's inner turmoil and fear that truly sets his performance apart, adding depth and nuance to the character. See Charles S. Dutton's other roles

Charles Dance
plays Clemens

Charles Dance as Clemens
In the movie 'Alien³', Charles Dance delivers a compelling performance as Clemens, the prison doctor with a mysterious past. His portrayal of the character is nuanced and layered, as he brings a sense of weariness and world-weariness to the role. Dance's performance is particularly noteworthy for the way he is able to convey Clemens' inner turmoil and conflict, as he struggles to come to terms with his own demons while also trying to help the other characters navigate the dangerous situation they find themselves in. Overall, Dance's performance is a standout in the film, and he brings a level of depth and complexity to the character that is truly impressive. See Charles Dance's other roles

Lance Henriksen
plays Bishop II

Lance Henriksen as Bishop II
Lance Henriksen's portrayal of Bishop II in 'Alien³' is a standout performance that adds depth to the already complex universe of the 'Alien' franchise. As a human character who shares the same physical appearance as the original synthetic Bishop, Henriksen brings a unique blend of humanity and artificiality to the role. His performance is marked by a subtle vulnerability and anguish, as Bishop II grapples with his own existence and purpose. Despite being a non-synthetic character, Henriksen manages to maintain the eerie, otherworldly quality that made the original Bishop so intriguing, while also bringing a new layer of emotional complexity to the character. Overall, Henriksen's performance in 'Alien³' is a testament to his versatility as an actor and his ability to breathe life into even the most enigmatic of characters. See Lance Henriksen's other roles

Paul McGann
plays Golic

Paul McGann as Golic
Paul McGann delivers a chilling performance as Golic in 'Alien³'. His portrayal of the character's descent into madness is both unsettling and captivating. McGann's ability to switch between moments of calm and manic intensity adds a layer of unpredictability to Golic, making him one of the most memorable characters in the film. His performance is a testament to his talent as an actor and serves as a highlight in the 'Alien' franchise. See Paul McGann's other roles

Brian Glover
plays Andrews

Brian Glover as Andrews
Brian Glover's portrayal of Andrews in 'Alien³' is a standout performance that adds depth to the film. As the prison warden, Glover brings a commanding presence to the role, exuding authority and a no-nonsense attitude. His character's struggle to maintain order in the chaotic environment of the prison colony is palpable, and his eventual confrontation with the alien creature is a tense and memorable moment. Glover's performance is a testament to his talent as an actor, and his character's arc is a compelling addition to the 'Alien' franchise. See Brian Glover's other roles

Ralph Brown
plays Aaron

Danny Webb
plays Morse

Danny Webb as Morse

Danny Webb is a British stage, film and television actor.

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Christopher John Fields
plays Rains

Christopher John Fields as Rains

Christopher John Fields (born September 23, 1968) is a Los Angeles-based director, teacher, and actor. He is the arti...

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Holt McCallany
plays Junior

Holt McCallany as Junior

Holt McCallany (born Holt Quinn McAloney; September 3, 1963) is an American actor, writer, and producer. He is known ...

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Christopher Fairbank
plays Murphy

Christopher Fairbank as Murphy

Christopher Fairbank (sometimes credited as Chris Fairbank; born 4 October 1953) is an English actor best known for h...

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Carl Chase
plays Frank

Leon Herbert
plays Boggs

Vincenzo Nicoli
plays Jude

Peter Postlethwaite
plays David

Peter Postlethwaite as David

Pete Postlethwaite was an English stage, film and television actor. After minor television appearances including in T...

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Paul Brennen
plays Troy

Clive Mantle
plays William

Clive Mantle as William

Clive Andrew Mantle (born 3 June 1957) is an English actor. He played general surgeon Mike Barratt in the BBC hospita...

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Peter Guinness
plays Gregor

Peter Guinness as Gregor

Peter Guinness (born 14 August 1950) is an English film, television, and theatre actor. He has appeared in over fift...

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Deobia Oparei
plays Arthur

Deobia Oparei as Arthur

DeObia Oparei (born 7 December 1971) is a British actor and playwright. He is best known for his roles as the Gunner ...

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Phil Davis
plays Kevin

Phil Davis as Kevin

Philip Davis (born 30 July 1953) is an English actor, writer, director and narrator.

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Niall Buggy
plays Eric

Hi Ching
plays Company Man

Danielle Edmond
plays Newt

Tom Woodruff Jr.
plays Lead Alien (uncredited)

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