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A Woman Named Jackie

About A Woman Named Jackie

This biographical miniseries, based on the best seller by C. David Heymann, starts when Jackie Kennedy was working after college; and spans her life through the Presidency of John F. Kennedy and her marriage to Aristotle Onassis after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Full Cast of A Woman Named Jackie

Roma Downey
plays Jacqueline Bouvier (3 episodes)

Josef Sommer
plays Joseph Kennedy Sr. (3 episodes)

Rosemary Murphy
plays Rose Kennedy (3 episodes)

Wendy Hughes
plays Janet Lee Bouvier (3 episodes)

Tim Ransom
plays Robert Kennedy (3 episodes)

Dylan Price
plays Edward 'Teddy' Kennedy (3 episodes)

Boyd Gaines
plays Yusha Auchincloss (3 episodes)

Anna Levine Thomson
plays Ilona (3 episodes)

Nick Gregory
plays Clay Holmby (3 episodes)

Lisa Eichhorn
plays Dr. Jordan (3 episodes)

Mary McMillan
plays Martha Bartlett (3 episodes)

David Petersen
plays James Lee (3 episodes)

Carolyn McCandlish
plays Younger Lee Bouvier (3 episodes)

Bonnie Gagnon
plays Young Lee Bouvier (3 episodes)

Marianna Bishop
plays Young Jacqueline Bouvier (3 episodes)

Richard Springle
plays Charles Bartlett (3 episodes)

Ralph Cosham
plays Dr. Wilson (3 episodes)

Ann Buckles
plays Gossip Columnist (3 episodes)

Kate Skinner
plays Woman Reporter (3 episodes)

Stephen Pearlman
plays City Editor (3 episodes)

Walt MacPherson
plays Man on Street (3 episodes)

Kathleen Goldpaugh
plays Woman on Street (3 episodes)

Gene Bouscher
plays Motorcycle Police Officer (3 episodes)

Nadia Dajani
plays Christina Onassis (2 episodes)

Jad Mager
plays Alex Onassis (2 episodes)

Brian Smiar
plays Lyndon B. Johnson (2 episodes)

Carlin Glynn
plays Lady Bird Johnson (2 episodes)

Nan Martin
plays Diana Vreeland (2 episodes)

Mark Metcalf
plays George Smathers (2 episodes)

Michael O'Gorman
plays Coleman (2 episodes)

Jack Ryland
plays Larry O'Brien (2 episodes)

Sam Stoneburner
plays Andre Meyer (2 episodes)

Ted van Griethuysen
plays JB Smith (1 episode)

Nicholas Walker
plays Peter Lawford (2 episodes)

Tom Todoroff
plays Mr. Kenneth (2 episodes)

Cas Schwabe
plays Preppy Schoolgirl (3 episodes)

John Leonard Thompson
plays Ex-boyfriend (3 episodes)

Paul D'Elia
plays Reception Guest (1 episode)

Joss Ackland
plays Aristotle Onassis (1 episode)

Robin Morse
plays Adult Caroline Kennedy (2 episodes)

Gary Wade Morton
plays N Street Photographer (2 episodes)

David Gibbs
plays Waiter (uncredited) (1 episode)

Crew of A Woman Named Jackie