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A Ghost in Monte Carlo

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A chance meeting between British nobleman and lovely young Mistral foils a plot by her manipulating Aunt Emilie to avenge the death of her sister, Mistral's mother, who died in childbirth. But when an unscrupulous blackmailer and a rapacious Rajah enter the plot, the growing attraction between Lord and convent girl becomes yet more fraught with Danger.

Full Cast of A Ghost in Monte Carlo

Sarah Miles
plays Emilie / Mme. Bluet

Oliver Reed
plays The Rajah

Christopher Plummer
plays The Grand Duke Ivan

Lysette Anthony
plays Mistral

Samantha Eggar
plays Jeanne

Fiona Fullerton
plays Lady Violet

Marcus Gilbert
plays Lord Robert Stanford

Joanna Lumley
plays Lady Drayton

Joylon Baker
plays Prince Nicholas

Lewis Collins
plays Lord Drayton

Gareth Hunt
plays Dalton

Ron Moody
plays Alphonse

Helen Cherry
plays Mother Superior

Elizabeth Sellars
plays Countess Kissler

Maxine Audley
plays Lady Stanford

Carolyn Jones
plays Countess Lombard

Aharon Ipalé
plays Gopal

Neil Dickson
plays Dupuis

Francesca Gonshaw
plays Senorita Rodriguez

Bernard Kay
plays Police Chief Gutier

Stephan Chase
plays Dealer

John Carlin
plays Concierge

Sadie Frost
plays Alice 20 yrs

Angie Wells
plays Emilie 20 yrs

Angela Forry
plays Alice 8 yrs

Emma Amos
plays Soprano

Peter Brace
plays Potok

Peter Brace was born on August 30, 1924 and passed away 5 years ago at the age of 94 on October 29, 2018.

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