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  • Released on July 07, 2023

An unadorned perspective on impoverished life in Okinawa, an island in southern Japan whose modern history was tainted by the bloody battle for the Pacific. 17-year-old Aoi works as a nightclub hostess in order to earn rent money and to provide for her little boy. She also supports her lazy husband Masaya, who has no qualms about giving her a few slaps, particularly after he loses his job. What chance does this young family have to scrape their way out of the social mire, where they were driven by poverty and the imprudence of youth? How dark does reality have to get before it stifles the rays of hope that filter through? An intimate story that presents a less glitzy picture of Japan than is customary, demonstrating that social inequality impacts all corners of the globe.

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Kotone Hanase
plays Aoi

Kotone Hanase as Aoi

Kotone Hanase was born on April 22, 2002 and is currently 22 years old.

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Yumemi Ishida

Yoshiro Sakuma

Ayano Ogura

Shinsuke Kato


Shohei Uno

Kah-Wai Lim

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