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A Dangerous Summer

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  • Released on October 22, 1982

Building is Howard's passion, and he is so absorbed in his plans to build an elaborate resort in the Blue Mountains of Australia that he ignores certain obvious signals that his business partner is not entirely on the up-and-up. After a brush fire destroys the resort, an insurance investigator comes nosing around, whom Howard's partner deals with in a drastic manner. By the time Lloyds of London's senior investigator George Engels (James Mason in one of his last roles) arrives on the scene, Howard (Tom Skerritt) is anxious to set things to rights.

Full Cast of A Dangerous Summer

Tom Skerritt
plays Howard Anderson

Tom Skerritt as Howard Anderson

Thomas Roy Skerritt (born August 25, 1933) is an American actor who has appeared in more than forty films and more th...

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James Mason
plays George Engels

Ian Gilmour
plays Steve Adams

Giselle Morgan
plays Girl in Van

Shane Porteous
plays Sgt. Goodwin

Ray Barrett
plays F.C.O. Webster

Peter Lawless
plays Webster's Driver

Wendy Hughes
plays Sophie McCann

Ron Falk
plays Clive Bennett

Stephen Leeder
plays Construction Foreman

Guy Doleman
plays Julian Fane

Ian Mortimer
plays Joe

Kim Deacon
plays Maggie Anderson

Michael Petrovitch
plays Joe Laliniei

Peter Rowley
plays Immigration Officer

Geraldine Ward
plays Sarah Hart

Norman Kaye
plays Percy Farley

Mary-Lou Stewart
plays Ann Hendricks

Martin Harris
plays Curly Chester

Gemma Masters
plays Fane's Daughter

Lyn Collingwood
plays Woman in Van

Phillip De Carle
plays Man in Van

Charlie Masters
plays Boy on Beach

Crew of A Dangerous Summer

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