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5 Headed Shark Attack

About 5 Headed Shark Attack

A beautiful island is home to thousands of species of aquatic life. Now there is a new species: the 5-Headed Shark is all heads and teeth. Shaped like a demented starfish, this monster terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise.

Full Cast of 5 Headed Shark Attack

Chris Bruno
plays Red

Chris Bruno as Red

Chris Bruno (born March 15, 1966, Milford, Connecticut) is an American film and television actor best known for his r...

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Nikki Alexis Howard
plays Dr. Angie Yost

Lindsay Sawyer
plays Cait

Jeffrey Holsman
plays Thaddeus Marshall

Chris Costanzo
plays Ram

Amanda Méndez
plays Kathy

Ian Daryk
plays Juan

Jorge Navarro
plays Sean

Lorna Hernandez
plays Julia

Michelle Cortés
plays Lindsay

Nicolas Nene
plays Sterling

Radamés Medina
plays Photographer

Stephanie Cruz
plays Model

Yinoelle Colon
plays Angie Black

Brent Roske
plays Captain Jack Morgan

Carlos Marchand
plays Young Sterling

Crew of 5 Headed Shark Attack

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