Cast and Crew of 36 Hours to Kill

Cast of
36 Hours to Kill

About 36 Hours to Kill

  • Released on July 24, 1936

Duke and Jeanie Benson, an outlaw couple hiding out under assumed names. Duke realizes that he has a winning sweepstake ticket and will win $150,000 if he can cash it in without getting apprehended

Full Cast of 36 Hours to Kill

Brian Donlevy
plays Frank Evers

Gloria Stuart
plays Anne Marvis

Gloria Stuart as Anne Marvis

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Douglas Fowley
plays Duke Benson

Isabel Jewell
plays Jeanie Benson

Stepin Fetchit
plays Flash - Pullman Porter

Julius Tannen
plays Dr. Borden

Warren Hymer
plays Hazy

Romaine Callender
plays William Edgar Simpkins

James Burke
plays Doyle - Process Server

Jonathan Hale
plays Mac - Train Conductor

Gloria Mitzi Carpenter
plays Gertrude

Charles Lane
plays Lawyer Rickert

James Adamson
plays Red Cap

Oscar Apfel
plays Man in Wash Room

Eddie Baker
plays Motor Officer

Lynn Bari
plays Traveler

Harry Bernard
plays Pullman Passenger

John Bleifer
plays Gangster Jerry

Margaret Brayton
plays Traveler

Spencer Charters
plays Mr. Hutchins

Russ Clark
plays G-Man

Robert Dalton
plays Airline Official

Earl Eby
plays Airline Official

Paul Fix
plays Gangster

Wesley Giraud
plays Hitchhiker

Creighton Hale
plays Ticket Agent

Sherry Hall
plays Traveler

Eddie Hart
plays G-Man

Lew Harvey
plays Gangster Driving Truck

Al Hill
plays Gangster Riding in Truck

Dickie Jones
plays Little Boy Selling The Garden Beautiful

Sam McDaniel
plays Dining Car Waiter

Paul McVey
plays G-Man

Charles R. Moore
plays Red Cap

Pat O'Malley
plays G-Man

Hal Price
plays Brakeman

Jeffrey Sayre
plays Gangster Fritz

Charles Sherlock
plays G-Man

Georgia Simmons
plays Irate Pullman Passenger

Reginald Simpson
plays Traveler

Buddy Williams
plays Porter

Charles C. Wilson
plays F.B.I. Chief

Ernest Wilson
plays Red Cap

Crew of 36 Hours to Kill

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